• Wild Women In The Wilderness

    12 Day Journey Into The Heart Of Africa

Would You Love To Come Home To Yourself, To Your True Nature, The Wildness Within You?

Have You Ever Dreamed Of Being Immersed In The Majesty Of Mother Africa?

Would You Enjoy Deepening Your Resonance With Animals & Life?

Does Spending Quality Time With An Intimate Group Of Other Like-Minded Women Warm Your Belly?

… then this is for you!

Hi Gorgeous, I’m touched to have you here, right now, reading these words.

What I’m about to share with you is very dear and intimate to my own heart and soul.


Wild Women In The Wilderness is an exclusively unique 12 day trip in South Africa… it’s where we get to drop in beyond words, techniques, and paradigms… and return to our own deep Source.

It’s a journey like you’ve never known. One that will remain a source of inspiration, vitality, and truth for the rest of your days.

But don’t take my word for it, feel into it… with your belly and your instinctual intelligence.

You’ll know instantly if this is a YES or not.

Introducing Anna

Part One – Dropping In

Our journey will begin truly in the birth place of humanity (and human consciousness!): The Knysna Park in the Garden of Eden (true name of the place) in South Africa.

We will spend 3 full days unwinding from our flights and dropping into the pulse of the land. We’ll do this in the company of Anna Breytenbach, world renowned Animal Communicator and close sister of mine.

Our 2016 trip with her changed everyone in ways unexpected. Those skills are still very much in service to our lives now, allowing us to feel a much more intimate connection with life than ever before.

On our last day in the Garden of Eden, we’ve been extended a special invitation by Jukani Wildlife Sanctuary to spend time with their Big Cats… one of which is Spirit, a very beautiful black leopard that I feel personally very connected with.

This will be where we get to notice how much we can communicate with animals and how profound this communication can be, for both parties.

Although this journey isn’t solely about animal communication, I consider it essential as part of the re-membering of our own wildness.

And it will serve us when we enter the deep wilderness of Imfolozi Park.

Part Two – Transitioning

We then have a bit of a travel day where we drive back to George and fly together to Durban, South Africa where we meet up with our guides, Zondi & Vuyani.

We’ll grab our pre-ordered, take-away lunch from a very healthy restaurant at the airport & head straight out to Zulu land.

We then will check into our lodge and have a gorgeous, privately catered dinner with our chef Tarnah and then settle in for well-deserved rest.

The next morning, after an amazing, gourmet breakfast, we’ll have an orientation with Zondi & Vuyani and prepare our backpacks for our walk-in journey.

Part Three – The Wilderness

This is where everything you’ve ever done in your life will come to a fore.

We let go of everything we know and open our hearts to the wonderment of the Wilderness.

All of our connection with the domestic world is released (no watches, cellphones, etc) & we open ourselves to the timelessness of living moment to moment.

We’ll meet ourselves & life in unexpected & refreshing ways.

It’s a full 5 nights & 6 days in DEEP communion with the very Fabric of Life.

(The following pictures were all taken from both my 2014 & our 2016 Imfolozi trips).

Pictures Say More Than Words…

More Details Please!

What you don’t see are all the Lions, Hyenas, Elephants, Buffalo, Impala, Kudo, Baboons, Hadidas, etc that we got to either see and/or hear.

We will be with professional trackers/wilderness guides who carry with them guns (but have rarely had to use them because of their skills with understanding animals).

They share wonderful stories of the Zulu and other local clans as well as animal behavior insights & how to identify the tracks we come across.

These trackers will keep us safe and take us on beautiful hikes. Imagine them like the guardians of a sacred women’s gathering, they won’t be interfering with what we are doing, but present so that we can have a best ever experience.

We will be sleeping under the stars, each of us keeping watch for 2 hour cycles, counted by the movement of the stars.

This was one of my favorite parts of the journey as it allowed me to be present to a different kind of quiet beauty.

To be clear, we don’t sleep in tents, just on mats under the Nuit, the night goddess.

We carry in all of our food and purify water along the way.

We bath in shallow rivers and rest under the shade of trees.

Because it’s winter, there are no mosquitoes to worry about, although being on point with checking for ticks is a good idea.

When Is it?

The DATES are July 21 – August 1st


How Do I Register?

This is an very UNIQUE, once-in-a-lifetime journey.

And… there are ONLY 7 spaces.

The cost is ALL-INCLUSIVE*: Entire 12 days includes internal flight, travel, lodging, food, entry into parks, gear, & facilitation.

PLUS: We’ll meet 3 months BEFORE the event via VIDEO conference call to meet and to start setting the tone for coming together.

Total cost is $7500USD.

*Does not include your flight to and from South Africa.

Because of the depth I wish to invite us all into, I’m insisting on interviewing every woman who would love to attend.

Therefore, to secure your space, two things must happen:

  1. Act NOW. This invitation will ONLY be open for a couple of weeks.
  2. Apply. Click on the button below. You’ll be asked to give a $1000USD deposit* and to answer a questionnaire.

*If you are not accepted, you’ll be automatically and fully refunded. If you are accepted, this is your non-refundable deposit.

NOTE: After you pay your deposit, it’s possible to be on a payment plan of $596/month over 12 months. If you pay in full BEFORE July 15th, 2017 I will waive the 10% financing surcharge. Once you are accepted into the program, we’ll ask you to sign an agreement stating that you’re financially responsible for the full amount, whether or not you end up attending.