• Inner Marriage Advanced Retreat

    Big Island, Hawaii
    April 22 – 30, 2018

A 6 Month Immersion With An Exclusive 1 Week Retreat Inviting Women Into Profound Intimacy

Let’s go on a journey…

Into your deep, feline wildness…

Into your Feminine Intelligence…

Into the place within you that where pleasure, self-love, & erotic wisdom live…

Let’s dance, pray, meditate, receive, reflect, taste, smell, & delight the beauty of life itself.

Where the choiceless choice becomes to live in resonance with our deepest self.

Let Me Ask You…

Do you desire to live more fully embodied & expressed as a sensual woman?

Are you curious about deepening your Jade egg practice?

Have you come to understand that within you lives a profound Erotic Wisdom?

Or maybe you’d enjoy experience the exquisite fecundity of epic nature?

Would you love to experience true sisterhood, one where you are seen in your full splendor?

Are you yearning to sustain pleasure in the midst of juggling your career, relationships, & to do lists?

Perhaps you’d love to feel so surrendered, so wide open, that you experience the Divine in Sex?

If You Answered Yes…

Then Join 20 Women for an

Advanced Exploration into the

Deep & Profound Mysteries

of Womanhood

Meet Our Incredible Guests

Dr. Debra Wickman

Debra is a phenomenal M.D. who is on the leading edge of revolutionizing gynecology forever. She will be presenting the I.S.I.S (Integrating Spirit Into Sexuality) Wheel of wisdom along with giving each of you your own unique, private experience of her Yoni Expedition.

Mahealani Kuamo’o-Henry, Kumu ‘Elele o Na Kupuna

…is a kanaka maoli-native Hawaiian Aunty and Kumu from Puna, on the Big Island of Hawaii. Aunty is a teacher-messenger for the spiritual voices of the ancestors within the strong lineage of na Kumu, Kahu, & Kahuna (teachers, guardians, priests, priestess/ advisors and healers) under the leadership of her ancestral Kupuna-Kane (grandfather), named Kaiwikuamo’o kekuaokalani.” This translates as the “backbone strength of the heavenly chiefs.”

About Our Location:

Sacred Source Springs

Our unique and hand-crafted custom built spaces are situated on 30 acres of land, one mile from the ocean and feature an elegant blend of modern eco-luxury style and pristine off-the-grid natural living. Sacred Source Springs is private, serene and feels nicely nestled in the middle of nature, yet is conveniently situated only 10 minutes drive to Pahoa town.

We are 100% grid-independent, which means we’re fully practicing the principles of true sustainable living. We run our entire center on solar power and use rain catchment for our water-based needs. We provide excellent filtered water for drinking needs.

This is one of the most potent power spots on the Earth! We’re located only about 10 miles from the base of the most active volcano in the world and highly recommend people tap into the power of manifestation while they are here!

Cozy Camping will have your own private tent with luxurious bedding under a covered roof (so no getting wet).
Our bath house features 2 flush toilets, 3 private showers and 3 clawfoot bathtubs perfectly situated for star gazing while soaking in our healing hot waters. We have enough tubs for about 25 people to soak at any given time

What Other Ladies Are Saying…

The retreat gave me the smallest glimpse of who I am, I have time now to continue the process of discovering and allowing and leaning in. I am being very gentle with myself, I’m not giving myself a hard time with shoulds or coulds but am accepting that this is where I am now, knowing that there is so much more to come in the future and that I will step forward when the time is right. And that it might come in incidental baby steps and that it might come in massive aha moments, but that it is all going to open out as it needs to.

S, Australia

The most amazing part of the retreat for me was… finding & naming my divine feminine and masculine.. I was not surprised, both felt like a home coming, there is a deeper sense of wholeness for me know when i spend some time tuning in.. everything about my sacred marriage fit so well together.. sorceress & hero & relating as their relationship intent & the card of ‘insight’ as guardian angel the night of my marriage.  there is an ease here for me and it had been a long time since I have found ease when I tune in.. so often I have sat with rage and fear and grief and an unnamed darkness. I don’t doubt they may all come again yet in my wholeness I shall be more able to welcome them and let them pass. 

S, Australia

There is a strong resemblance between my inner and outer marriage: I feel strongly connected with [my husband], it is as if we are ying and yang and together we are a powerful unity. Inside myself I feel the same way now: both parts feminine and masculine are reunited and it feels so good! I’m centered and able to feel my own power. Before the retreat I was completely unconscious about my inner marriage. I feel the retreat, the inner marriage is indeed the new beginning of another journey. As you said: the seeds are planted. It is up to us to take care of them. 

A, Belgium

I can’t seem to find words into how I’m feeling.. But overwhelming Love for You… First of all I would like to give a big Thank you (hug) to You Saida for sharing All of that you are… your Knowledge, Time, Juiciness, Grace, Love, Mystery. My heart is swelling with deep gratitude for this connection of You, MYself, 17 beautiful women and All that I experienced. It was a deeply profound time for me..I almost felt this retreat was made specifically for me 🙂 it was absolutely Perfect!!! I feel my Practice, Rituals, Ceremonies, Connections getting stronger, Now that I have made a deeper connection with MY Knowing and Clarity into who ‘I am’. Wow…Thank you. 

R, Australia

Once you have paid, you’ll be invited to go through a simple application process to make sure that this advanced training is the right fit for you at this point in your journey.

If so, we’ll then give you different payment options for the remaining balance and only then will your deposit become non-refundable.

If it’s not a fit for you to attend this advanced training, we’ll gladly refund your full deposit immediately.

If you’re ready to secure your place in one of the most rewarding & evolutionary women’s events available today.


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