• Dr. Saida’s Sexual Sovereignty Ambassador Program

Are You Ready To Be An Embodied Leader?

Do You Consider Yourself An Influencer Or Change-maker?

Are You A Team Player With Powerful Energy & Creativity Who’d Love To Be Part Of A Global Collective?

Are You Ready To Enjoy A Revolutionary Business Where Your Passion Is Leveraged For Maximum Transformation?

… then this is for you!

An Invitation…

Hi Beautiful,

I’m honored to meet you.

As you know, the world of women’s empowerment is edgy & capturing global attention.

In fact, now, more than ever, women’s leadership must become stronger and more cohesive.

This is why the calling in your heart to stand up and share your wisdom for empowering other women could not be more important and timely!

So thank you for being here, for following your passion and being curious about my World-Class, physician-endorsed Désilets Method of working with the Jade Egg.

If you are ready to roll up your sleeves, grow exponentially both professionally and personally, then you are in the right place.


Currently There Are NO SET STANDARDS In This Industry – no cohesive voice in regards to women’s sexual sovereignty.


A Psycho-Sexual, Somatic Based System of Women’s Empowerment

The Désilets Method is an innovative & integrative system that’s based on the premise that women are psycho-sexual beings, and therefore, for any empowerment or healing to occur and be long lasting, there must be an inclusion of both her psyche and her soma (body).

This method is the missing link in the field of women’s sexuality and is based on nearly two decades of tried-&-true practices (with the Jade Egg and other techniques) that were both personally and professionally researched and refined.

While my PhD dissertation closely examined the impact of these practices  on the psycho-sexual well-being of women, the reality of these practices was revealed through sharing them with women of all ages and backgrounds, in over 14 different countries around the world, over the past 18 years.

Countless women have been inspired and transformed by the Désilets Method, which includes the proper context and use of the Jade Egg and its accompanying practices.

What’s Involved?

This Is A One Year Intensive Immersion Program That Includes The Following:

Pre-Program Self-Study:

Before we meet up in person at the start of October 2020, we want you to be well oriented and ready to jump in ready to make this the most epic training of your life. – Over $2000 of value

To support in your preparation, we’ll give you access to all of my online programs:

Jade Egg Mastery 6 Week course (along with the archives of all past LIVE calls)

Jade Egg Essentials 2 week course

Sensual Wisdom Series – 5 Day Long immersions (Shameless Surrender, Your Yoni Never Lies, Sexy Menopause, Body Confidence, and Oxytocin in Parenting & Relationships)

And a never before released Creative Orientation mini-course (delivered over 3 months)

Monthly Group Classes:

This is where you will learn the flow structure and ‘madness’ behind my genius Désilets Method.

This will be an exploration of the psycho-sexual dynamic in women & how the practices effect transformation.

We’ll use a mastermind format so that are you not only learning directly from me, but also from one another.

Normally this equates to two 2-2.5hour calls per month, 15 calls in total. – Value $7200

One-On-One Genius Coaching:

You’ll receive six 30 min private sessions, working directly with me (over skype) so we can hone into what’s needed to bring forth your speciality in harmony with my Désilets Method. –

You’ll also receive 3 private sessions with my own coach Willow to get clear on your life-choices and how to live as the predominate creative force in your own life.

Plus, 3 break-out sessions with a qualified Ambassador Graduate who knows exactly how to navigate the intensity of this program and who’ll assist it helping you advance with success.

Get ready for epic transformation!

Total value of $4074

Three Live Events!

Live Event #1:

We begin our year with a LIVE Jade Egg weekend + Official Launch of the 2020 Ambassador group. This event is held in Sedona, Arizona, USA (exact location shared upon registration) and will be October 9th – 11th/2020

We’ll give you a direct experience of the Désilets Method and launch into meeting one another and establishing a strong foundation for our year together.* Value $2000

Live Event #2:

We’ll meet in the tropics, actual location TBA, Plan for the month of March 2021 (Actual Date TBA).

The tropics are a very fecund and beautiful natural place for us to drop in deeply & connect with one another live.

I’ll be sharing what I cannot share over Zoom calls as well as have a few surprise experiences that serve to bring us all closer to our own calling and one another.** Value $5000

Live Event #3:

Graduation event!! Location to be revealed. September 29th – October 3rd, 2021*

We’ll be meeting to finalize your graduation. You’ll be presenting your Thesis to the group. Value $2000

*You are responsible for your own accommodation, flight, food, & transport for these two events, however, we will provide catered food for our class times.

**This event is INCLUDED with your tuition, however, your flight to/from the destination is not included.

Total Value of Retreats $9000

Marketing/Business Skills

We understand that some of you will be coming into this program with already thriving businesses/practices and we will look at ways in which it works to weave in this method into your current modality. Because sexuality is still rather taboo, there are elegant ways of marketing this work that evoke trust and confidence.

We’ll share what has worked for us: for private clients, online courses and  LIVE events.

This includes: refining your existing Avatar, creating the story of your brand, learning how to have sales conversations that have women volunteer you as their guide, deepening your understanding of how to market before/during/after someone becomes your client, how to host/lead successful, converting webinars, how to create more engagement in Social Media, how to teach groups in-person and online, how to put together fantastic and engaging quizzes and so much more!

We’ll be encouraging you to develop your team, as the one-woman-act is passé and a rock-star team is the ONLY way to grow with delight, fun, and effectiveness.

We’ll share the dos & don’ts of team-leading. In the mastermind format, you’ll also learn from the others in the group and be able to contribute to their success as well.

AND… before you graduate, we’ll shoot a video with you and Dr. Saida where she will endorse you and your work. We normally do this at the last retreat.

Total Value of $8500

Special Guest Appearances By Renowned Professionals

These ‘to be announced’ guests are some of the top in their field.

They include a pelvic health specialist, several luminary Ob-Gyn’s, a women’s biz-savvy lawyer, & so much more!

They will be part of the program once we’ve established the foundational teachings (about 4 – 5 months into the training).

This priceless training isn’t not offered anywhere else since I’ve asked each of them to create something unique for this program.

Total Value: $6000


To graduate I must witness you in your leadership and actively teaching.

We do this in a variety of ways:

  1. How you show up in the group and in your mastermind calls.
  2. A review your teaching skills (in person) at our retreat in March.
  3. Completing 2 written exams that happen in January and May.
  4. Submitting a video of yourself leading a talk and a class.
  5. Submitting 50 Client Feedback forms.
  6. Submitting your niche projects: eBook, Vlog, articles, etc
  7. Tuition is paid in full.

You may teach in your own language. I’ll be looking for many different factors for your graduation, so I do not need to understand WHAT you are saying (I’ll witness HOW you are saying it and the response of your group).

Value of entire program $36,774

What You Graduate With:

Endorsed Qualification To Teach My Désilets Method

You will be formally endorsed and able to teach the Désilets Method. This includes the both the “WEEKEND Immersion 2.5 day flow” format & the “2hours/week over a 5 week period flow” format along with creating your own unique NICHE offering using the DM.

Remember, this is the ONLY existing Physician Endorsed Jade Egg technology.

And this qualification is currently changing how female medicine is done and will only continue to grow in it’s reach and influence as a symbol of excellence in this industry.

Co-creative, Collaborative, Referral System

I will be referring, directly to you, women from my list who require your specialty.

You will be my formal Ambassador of ALL-THINGS-AWESOME (replace that with the actual unique genius you offer).

Together we’ll support the women of the world and one another to continue to blossom and thrive.

Note: As soon as you are accepted into the Ambassador program, you’ll automatically receive 50% for all your referrals to my eProducts.

Alumni Perks:

Post your program, you will either be an ADMc or ADM, depending if you complete all requirements by the last retreat.

Post-graduation, Alumni benefits:

  1. Auditing all future Ambassador Calls and Trainings
  2. Two 30 min. private coaching sessions with Dr. Saida
  3. Free Attendance For Any Of My New Online Programs
  4. Free Attendance (minus hard costs) For Any Of My Live In-Person Retreats*
  5. Opportunities to join in our global initiatives and possibly also our team!

*Does not include my African Safari.

When Do We Formally Start?

October 2nd – 6th, 2020

This includes your attendance of the LIVE event in Sedona, Arizona where you’ll participate along with women exclusively invited to join us from around the world in learning and deepening the Jade Egg practice.

The 2 full days post the invitation-only weekend will be our formal immersive training.

How Do I Register?

This is an incredibly powerful and unique opportunity.

And… there are ONLY 20 spaces.*

Your TUITION for the year $15,000USD** & includes what was listed on the video and the text above.

*Some of these spaces are already confirmed.

**Several payment plan options are available.
**If tuition is paid in one payment, it’s only $14,000USD!

I’m insisting on qualifying you for this program and will be doing so in 2-steps: A questionnaire & a one-on-one Live Zoom interview with me.

Therefore, to secure your space, two things must happen:

  1. Act NOW. This opportunity will ONLY be open for a few weeks.
  2. Apply. Click on the button below. You’ll be asked to give a $1000USD deposit* and then taken to a thank-you page where you’ll find a link to the application questionnaire.

*If you are not accepted, you’ll be automatically and fully refunded as well as given some feedback as to what would be required for you to qualify for the next opening in 2019. AND… If you are accepted, this is your non-refundable deposit towards the full tuition.

NOTE: Once you’re accepted, we’ll give you payment plan options that you can opt into.