A Private Invitation From Saida

Welcome to the Daring Project

Imagine for a moment a place where you feel safe, seen and heard.

A place that’s judgement and shame free; where we inherently respect ourselves and one another.

A space where ​you explore what it could mean to live ​​​yo​ur life in ​​yo​ur own way.

An environment where ​​yo​ur voice, ​​yo​ur story, and ​​yo​u matter.

Imagine exploring what it means to be sensual, sexual, intelligent, sensitive, alive, tender and all things woman without the restrictions of social mandates.

This is the Daring Project, a global experiment in what’s possible when we come together with other women with the common purpose of supporting one another to live our most expressed, tender, powerful and greatest self.


Benefits Of Being Part Of A Daring Community

 ​Being seen, heard an accepted as you are.

 Discovering sexual sovereignty for yourself and what it means to you.

 Learning that your vulnerability is your strength & your wounds are points of power.

 Enjoying the fun and empowerment of being in a like-minded sisterhood​.​

 Exploring, in an impeccable and safe space, your erotic edges and blossom into the gorgeous, wild woman that you naturally are.

 Practicing being more daring in micro-moments—how to make this real in your day to day life.

Relaxing and feeling held by my fierce protection of this safe space.


Full-Access Membership Includes

​ Weekly FB LIVE or PRE-RECORDED training video to invite us to go deeper into living as an AUDACIOUS & sexually sovereign woman in the world.

​ Monthly LIVE 30-minute Q&A sessions.

GUEST speakers who will share what Daring means for them and their top daring experience & tips.

14-day Immersive Training for Jade Egg Essentials

Complimentary ACCESS to Juicy 5- and 7-day Challenges as they arise to inspire daily daring

Access to over 200 archived videos, queries & interviews.

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