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Post The 16 Days Of Activism Against Gender-based Violence – Now What?

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Transforming GBV Belongs To Everyone Of Us

My Name is Dr. Saida Desilets and it’s a great honor to have been chosen to help facilitate this amazing event.

This trip signifies the beginning of my Global Sovereignty Initiative: establishing the right to one’s own body and what it means to be responsible for one’s own personal space. I will be doing this both with researching local initiatives and also sharing my tried & true “trauma to thriving” method in the desire to bring it to those who could most benefit from it.

My role is to research and discover why, after 30 years of activism, is GBV still on the rise? It’s crucial to determine the factors that are preventing change and to leverage those factors to work in favor of our desired outcome: transforming GBV into respect of oneself and others.  We must better understand the impact of GBV on the wellbeing of every single member of a community and what that impact actually is. My visit to South Africa is an opportunity to identify where the intersection of the Zulu culture and new ideas can meet to create a supportive space for healing, growth and transformation.

My intent is to support the initial healing required to move towards thriving while also establishing a strong solidarity amongst the women so that they no longer feel like they are alone or need to remain alone if they feel threatened.

Opportunity To Influence Leadership…

November 27th I had the privilege to meet the Queen, a woman chieftan and many influential leaders of this area to share the economic impact of GBV in South Africa and possible strategies that can be implemented immediately for assuring actual change.

Purpose of Event: To increase the empowerment of women to reduce the gender bias violence. You can watch the replay here. I’m posting a video with the points I brought up in the first 20 mins of the event as those were not part of the LIVESTREAM (see video below).

What is the event’s Title: The Application for the Socio-Econmic Empowerment of Women in the Prevention of GBV.

Follow Up VIDEO On SABC – WIIN Women Event

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What Is The Global Sovereignty Initiative?

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