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“Saida teaches women of all ages how to reconnect with their essential sensual energy”

Christiane Northrup, MDAuthor of Women‘s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom

“Saida’s work is an extraordinary invitation for women to embrace the power of the feminine.”

Sheila Kamara HayCreatrix & Consultant of Ecstatic Birth

“Saida is a truly inspirational instructor and writer who lives what she teaches.”

Rachel Carlton Abrams MDCo-Author of The Multi-Orgasmic Woman

“Saida’s book is a foundational text for enhancing all women’s lives,”

Jenny Wade, Ph.DAuthor of Transcendent Sex

Helping Women World-wide to Reclaim, Enliven & Ignite their Erotic Genius

Pleasure is a choice, it’s non-negotiable, and it changes the World.

Its cultivation is your invitation to discover your own unique brand of femininity while becoming more artful with your sensual/sexual self.

Do you believe there’s a limit to your pleasure? Have you ever bargained for love? Do you wonder how much of your own wildness and sensuality is appropriate (and safe) to express?

In my 3 Myths That Are Killing Your Pleasure (& What To Do About It) Video Training series I will show you how predetermined ideas about your sensual/sexual self can be harmful your orgasmic potential.

I will also share with you some easy-to-do, tried & true practices that will give you an immediate sense of well-being and delight in your own body.

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In my 32-page guide, Ignite Your Erotic Genius – 5 Steps For Living A Life-Time Of Pleasure, I take you through what your Erotic Genius is, what the top five road blocks to your pleasure are and reveal to you simple and transformational tips that you can use immediately to begin igniting your sensual/sexual life.

If coming home to your erotic self, understanding your pelvic health and sensual/sexual self, and expanding your pleasure is something you value and desire in your life, then this impactful, fun, and transformational guide book is a great place to start.

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