How much does shipping cost?

$9 within the United States. $25 for international orders. For Canada, shipping can be $14 if you email us to get a special discount code. For all orders, $1 is added for each additional product.

How long does it take for my order to get shipped and arrive?

Within the U.S., 3-10 business days. Outside of the U.S. it can take 12-16 business days depending on how strict customs are in your country.

Are there any locations that you don’t ship to?

We currently ship to every country. However, there have been difficulties getting packages delivered to Israel and South Africa in the past, due to strict laws about what goes into those two countries.

We currently don’t have a distributor for S. Africa, but for orders in Israel, please contact Efrat Wolfson.

For delivery in Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark, you can visit

For Australia, we have 2 distributors of our products (The Jade Egg, Emergence of the Sensual Woman and the Jade Egg Practice CD). Contact Justina Casuarina at and Naomi Harris at (in Victoria).

Is there a way to track my order?

Orders within the United States get tracking numbers. Orders outside of the U.S. do not get tracking numbers, since our carrier does not provide these. Yet we are very efficient on getting packages delivered. If you have questions about the shipping or delivery of an order you’ve already placed, you can email

Is the packaging discreet on the outside?

Absolutely. It comes in a USPS envelope, with no logo or anything indicating what is inside.

I placed an order but did not receive a confirmation email.

Check your spam/junk folder. If you still need help, please contact us.


Is there a way to buy the CD separately?

Saida’s store only sells the CD with the bundle, but if you want to buy it separately you can download the audio tracks from iTunes or Amazon.

Is the egg authentic jade?

YES! Saida’s Jade Egg is top-quality certified authentic Canadian Nephrite Jade. Unfortunately many other vendors sell “Jade” eggs that are actually made out of other stones — sometimes even color dyed. You can visit Saida’s website to learn more.

Does the Jade Egg have a hole?

Yes, there is a small hole drilled through the center of the Jade Egg. You can use it to thread string into the egg in order to be able to pull it out afterward. Unflavored, unwaxed dental floss is recommended. (If unwaxed isn’t available, then at least unflavored is essential.)

I’ve given childbirth and am concerned that the Jade Egg might be too small for me. Why do you only have one size?

The Jade Egg works for yonis of ALL sizes. Female bodies adapt. Watch this video to learn about the MYTH of size mattering. In Part 2 of this video series, Saida talks about the myth of needing several different sizes.

If I enroll in the Jade Egg Mastery program, is there a discount on the Jade Egg?

Yes, you get a $10 discount. The coupon code becomes available to you once you enroll.

Can I still use the Jade Egg while I’m pregnant?

We advise AGAINST using the Jade Egg while pregnant. With the energy/muscle work generated by the egg, there is the chance that you can have really strong contractions — and we certainly wouldn’t want anyone to risk losing their baby. Many women safely use the Jade Egg up until they have confirmation of their pregnancy. Tune into your own body and notice when it wants to stop using the egg. You can shift your mindset and still do Saida’s practices without using the egg intravaginally. Note: These are only suggestions, and you are responsible for checking with your own medical support for individual guidance. Also note: Pregnant women have used the Jade Egg, but not as an exercise tool so much as one to help feel connected to their bodies and to tune into their emotional state.

Can I use the Jade Egg if I have an intrauterine device (IUD)?

By law, we are required to say “no.” However, many women have found that the Jade Egg and an IUD can be compatible. You’ll want to be careful to not leave your egg inside of you WITH the strings for long periods of time (through the day or overnight). You may want to just use the string when doing the specific “pulling” exercises, and otherwise let her roam free. Be careful to not get the strings of the egg tangled with the strings of your IUD and pulled out, in order to avoid potential pain and loss of IUD effectiveness. Remember that everyone is different. Please use your awareness if you opt to use the Jade Egg and you have IUD. Stop as soon as you have any cramping or discomfort. Responsibility for this choice is entirely yours.

How should I clean my Jade Egg?

To see how to initially prepare your egg, watch this video. For maintenance, be sure to clean your egg after practice by removing and disposing of the floss. Blow through the hole to clear any build-up, rinse thoroughly in warm water, and let sit to dry. Do NOT use soap. You may use a few drops of tea tree or grapefruit see extract in a glass of warm water as a cleansing soak; rinse afterwards. Occasionally give your egg a salt bath to clear any build-up of energy.

Is it okay to use the Jade Egg while menstruating?

It’s generally best to hold off and not using it during your period. If you DO use it, you’ll need to make sure to boil the egg afterward for hygienic reasons.

My Jade Egg won’t come out. What should I do?

Relax and have patience! The longest an egg stayed in was 15 days without any adverse effects. Activities such as laughing, breathing, squatting, relaxing, sneezing, coughing, lying down, or pushing out can sometimes help. These can all be done without expectations/pressure — simply tuning into how your yoni feels. There’s also the option to gently use your finger to locate the egg so you know how to feel and guide muscle movements. When you are in the shower next, without forcing, see if you can squat and OPEN your vagina with one finger (pull the wall to one side to create space) WHILE you are bearing down (like having a bowel movement). You may ending peeing, and that’s ok.

Trust that your body will push it out sooner or later. Sometimes the egg will naturally drop when you’ve completely forgotten about it. If it doesn’t come out, just leave it be. You can create a deeply self-nurturing space for yourself to meditate on what it is that your yoni is having a hard time letting go of. Give your body permission to RELEASE. It can trust that it no longer needs to process your emotions for you, since you are willing to feel every feeling fully and to surrender to the letting go and transforming process.

Why does my Jade Egg fall out?

Watch this video to hear Saida address this issue.

I‘m interested in sharing Saida’s valuable resources with other women. Do you have any perks to spreading the word?

Yes! Click here to learn more about her awesome affiliate program.


Does Saida offer any teachings for men?

No, she focuses on helping women. Saida’s husband Sol Sebastian offers teachings about male sexuality, which you can see on his website:

Does Saida offer individual coaching?

If you are interested in working with Saida individually, please email us at

How can I invite Saida to participate in an interview or event?

Contact us so we can learn more!

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