About Saida & The Succulence Revolution

Aloha! I’m Saida Désilets.

My intention is to inspire more succulence in your life than you ever imagined!

Everything I share with you can be used immediately to transform your life into more vitality, beauty, and pleasure.

I’m here to make you more Succulent & connect you with your own innate Erotic Genius!

But what is Succulence? It is the abundance of natural aliveness that permeates every fiber of your being, giving you that irresistible glow from the inside out.

This glow emanates from your Erotic Genius—your guiding essence that is directly connected to what uniquely enlivens you.

guiding essence which is directly linked to enlivening us. – See more at: http://www.thesucculencerevolution.com/eroticgenius#sthash.YHfiUoZT.dpuf
guiding essence which is directly linked to enlivening us. – See more at: http://www.thesucculencerevolution.com/eroticgenius#sthash.YHfiUoZT.dpuf

Connecting with your Erotic Genius & your natural Succulence doesn’t just mean more beauty, but also means more aliveness in your heart, more inspiration in your mind, and more freedom in your essential nature.

My desire is that you meet, understand, and trust your Erotic Genius.

I am often considered to be a muse: a source of creative, juicy inspiration on your journey.

I will be your cheer-leader as well as your mid-wife & guide on this path into deep pleasure.

As a French-Canadian farm girl, I had the honor to learn about the potency of being a woman and of our innate erotic/sensual connection with nature.

I was free to express my erotic innocence while developing my fierce passion for truth and pleasure. This led to the birth of my Désilets Method and Jade Goddess programs.

My book and articles have a world-wide readership, igniting thousands of women around the world to transform their lives in ways they never dreamed of.

I invite women to claim what is already theirs so they can reap the bounty of being fully expressed women.

In fact, my message has contributed to both of Dr. Christiane Northrup’s books, Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom & The Secret Pleasures of Menopause as well as has been an essential part of the Ecstatic Birth forum,  and many Women’s Sexual Empowerment conferences.

In 1994, after a traumatic sexual experience, I was told I had 2 weeks to live.

Since then I have made the most of this ‘extra time’ I’ve inherited!

I have performed thousands of shows as a professional ‘solo’ belly dancer, created and successfully ran both a holistic healing business along with a creating a regular ‘Jade Goddess’ school, wrote and published my first book, received a PhD in Trans-personal Psychology and expanded my live seminars to reach women in over 13 countries around the World! This lead to me becoming the world’s foremost authority in the Jade Egg practice.

I am a living example of the amazing healing and creativity that occurs when we align ourselves with the totality of our essential nature as women.

I believe that our sexuality is a natural, powerful, and amazing resource.

Through bringing our consciousness and heart back into connection with our essential nature, we not only heal our past, but also create more beauty and deliciousness in all areas of our life.

I am known to share real, insightful tools that create lasting transformation both emotionally and sexually.

My team and I hold you with utmost reverence and are dedicated to giving you the best possible skills to living a delicious life successfully while making it light-hearted, inspiring, and fun!

Through my free offerings, book, Jade Egg techniques, CD, Online courses and exquisite live events, you will receive practical wisdom and rich experience that will reset your pleasure potential and awaken the core of who you are as a woman.

I love to share my weekly inspirations (aka Succulent Thoughts), my monthly Delicious Tip Videos, as well as up-to-date insights and offerings, which only those on my list are privy to.

As you know, we all continue to evolve and grow, so as I continue to deepen my understanding and study, I may not have all the answers, but promise to always be transparent with you in what I share.

I expect you to be daring, curious, and intelligent and to not believe a word I say! I also expect that your sense of humor and compassion will enliven in our journey together.


Creative Collaborations:

Creative collaborations with women who are in positions to greatly enhance women’s lives is another passion of mine that was realized through contributing to Dr. Christiane Northrup’s books; ‘The Secret Pleasures of Menopause’ along with the revised edition of ‘Women’s bodies, Women’s wisdom‘ as well as Dr. Rachel Abrams’ book: ‘The Multi-Orgasmic Woman’.

I also had the pleasure to collaborate with Dr. Northrup, Ina May Gaskin, Elena Tonetti-Vladimirova & other birth professionals in both the Foundation Series and the Body Series of the ‘Ecstatic Birth Tele-Summit’, a program dedicated to educating women on how to have ecstatic birth experiences.

Important note: All of my publicly available products and trainings are for personal use only and in no way qualify a woman to teach any portion of my work or the Jade Egg practice. 

Eve Ensler & 1 Billion Rising:

An ongoing love of mine is the work of Eve Ensler with her Vagina Monologues, her City of Joy project in the Congo, and 1 Billion Rising. After traveling to 23 countries World wide, I’ve come to understand the privilege of living in the Western World and my responsibility to do what I can to support those in need of protection, education and healing so that they can equally enjoy the freedom of being an expressed human being. Below are my most recent video contributions (for 2014 & 2013) in support of the Global event known as 1 Billion Rising:

Short Media Bio 1:

Saida Désilets, PhD is a thought-leader, speaker, and ‘Succulence Revolutionary’ on the growing edge of researching how women can use their minds, bodies, and spirits to create richer lives through their sensual selves. She’s the world leading authority in the Jade Egg practice and founder of the Désilets Method, a system that creates more pleasure, sexual aliveness, and deep self-love. She is a co-contributor to the best-selling books of Dr. Christiane Northrup and Dr. Rachel Abrams and has led transformational workshops and seminars for women around the globe for the past 13 years. She is the author of the Emergence of the Sensual Woman: Awakening Our Erotic Innocence, and serves as a guide to women who believe in transformation as a lifelong path of learning, discovery, and walk to freedom.

Short Media Bio 2:

Saida Désilets, Ph.D is an international advocate for conscious, integrated sexuality through the understanding of our Erotic Genius. She has spoken in over 13 countries world-wide, including at the Kripalu Institute, Mama Gena’s School of Womanly Arts, and the St. James Church in London. She has guested on a variety of radio shows where she has talked passionately about her ‘Art of Succulent Living’ philosophy. Also, she has been featured in such prominent magazines as NEXUS and Réves De Femmes. She was a co-contributor to the best-selling books of Dr. Christiane Northrup and Dr. Rachel Abrams. Saida supports women to deeply understand their sensual/sexual nature and encourages them to self-define what sexuality is for themselves.

Booking Saida For Guest Appearances & Interviews:

Saida has been extensively interviewed in magazines, radio, & TV and is also available as a speaker for Live Events & Online Conferences. For more details, please send us a request through our CONTACT page.

Delicious Feedback

“Emergence of the Sensual Woman teaches women of all ages how to reconnect with their essential sensual energy and utilize it for healing and enhanced pleasure and well-being.”

Christiane Northrup, MDAuthor of Women‘s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom

“One of the most delicious things about Saida is her incredible life force and beauty. All of this passion pours from the pages of her book, inspiring her readers to open up to more and more of their own divine beauty. I love Saida and her incredible commitment to expanding pleasure on the planet!”

Regena Thomashauer (aka Mama Gena)Author of Mama Gena’s School of Womanly Arts, Creatrix & CEO of the School of Womanly Arts

“Saida is a truly inspirational instructor and writer who lives what she teaches. You can’t help but feel your own sense of joy and self-love expand in her presence. She has an extraordinary ability to assist other women in finding their own passion and spiritual paths. She is a gift to us all.”

Rachel Carlton Abrams MDCo-Author of The Multi-Orgasmic Woman

“The moment I met Saida, I knew she was the real deal. A river of deep feminine love flows through her. She is the living embodiment of what she teaches: sensual, alive, full of light, and profoundly, joyfully wise. I knew in that moment that she is my teacher in cultivating my own aliveness as a woman. I highly recommend she be yours too.”

KC BakerFounder, The Women’s Thought Leadership Society & The School for The Well Spoken Woman

“Saida Désilets is a rare gem. Where else do you find a woman, who has been a mentor to other women on erotic intelligence since she was 5? Saida is a gift: someone who has dedicated her life to sharing the wisdom she embodies. I strongly recommend Saidas thorough book, and following her work if you are a woman who desires to open up to all of your extraordinary female potential.”

Kirsten StendevadFounder of the International Feminine Leadership Academy