Real feedback from some truly delicious people…

“Emergence of the Sensual Woman teaches women of all ages how to reconnect with their essential sensual energy and utilize it for healing and enhanced pleasure and well-being.”

Christiane Northrup, MDAuthor of Women‘s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom

Through the Jade Egg practice, Saida demonstrates her genius for facilitating a rebuilding of that connection (between our body, mind, heart and spirit). Saida is both masterful educator and trusted counselor in bringing forth a brilliant method to both learn about and connect with one’s inner wisdom and consciousness. Moving far beyond simply toning the pelvic floor or stimulating arousable tissues, The Jade Egg practice is a powerful pathway toward self-understanding, self-acceptance and self-love.

Debra Wickman, MD, FACOG

“Saida Désilets is a rare gem. Where else do you find a woman, who has been a mentor to other women on erotic intelligence since she was 5? Saida is a gift: someone who has dedicated her life to sharing the wisdom she embodies. I strongly recommend Saidas thorough book, and following her work if you are a woman who desires to open up to all of your extraordinary female potential.”

Kirsten StendevadFounder of the International Feminine Leadership Academy

“Saida is a truly inspirational instructor and writer who lives what she teaches. You can’t help but feel your own sense of joy and self-love expand in her presence. She has an extraordinary ability to assist other women in finding their own passion and spiritual paths. She is a gift to us all.”

Rachel Carlton Abrams MDCo-Author of The Multi-Orgasmic Woman

“One of the most delicious things about Saida is her incredible life force and beauty. All of this passion pours from the pages of her book, inspiring her readers to open up to more and more of their own divine beauty. I love Saida and her incredible commitment to expanding pleasure on the planet!”

Regena Thomashauer (aka Mama Gena)Author of Mama Gena’s School of Womanly Arts, Creatrix & CEO of the School of Womanly Arts

“The moment I met Saida, I knew she was the real deal. A river of deep feminine love flows through her. She is the living embodiment of what she teaches: sensual, alive, full of light, and profoundly, joyfully wise. I knew in that moment that she is my teacher in cultivating my own aliveness as a woman. I highly recommend she be yours too.”

KC BakerFounder, The Women’s Thought Leadership Society & The School for The Well Spoken Woman

“Saida has a classy, well-researched approached to the subject of sexuality and relationship which makes her work approachable for everyone who’s interested in exploring and embodying their Erotic Genius.”

Joe PolishCreator of the Genius Network

“What to say about Saida??? She is simply succulent and just listening to her inspires my own succulence! Her sessions during the Ecstatic Birth Tele-Summit were informative, directive and inspiring. I very much look forward to working with her more”

Nekole ShapiroPrincipal at Holistic Peer Counseling

“Saida is a gifted and inspirational group leader, author, and teacher. She is a true embodiment of what she teaches and her mere presence brings up the energy of those around her. Saida is a gift to the planet.”

Catherine Auman, LMFT Psychotherapist

“I have known Saida Désilets for many years. I originally met her through my work as a sex therapist and then participated in a Jade Goddess series myself. Saida was very knowledgeable about the integration of mind and body, in particular in the domain of sexuality. Her positive spirit makes it a delight to work with her, whether collaborating or as a student. And indeed, she is a wonderful teacher!”

Bianca Rucker, Ph.DSex & Relationship Therapist

“I read Saida’s book and loved it so much—one of the most beautiful book I have ever read about women. After that, I invited her to Copenhagen where she had a beautiful workshop for 30 women. Saida also has amazing online programs so you can do her exercises at home and benefit from it. I highly recommend Saida to all women who want a juicy, feminine, and lovely life.”

Katrine BerlingSexologist

“Saida Désilets is a pioneer in the essential area of the feminine sexuality, personal growth and spirituality, who has devoted herself and her work to expanding the consciousness of all who wish to love well. I whole-heartedly recommend her work.”

Johanina Wikoff, Ph.D Psychologist

“The Emergence of the Sensual Woman is a foundational text for enhancing women’s lives, whether partnered or single. It is built on principles of love, spirituality, full embodiment, an accessible text from a deep wisdom tradition. It’s not just a book about sexual technique. It’s a manual for life.”

Jenny Wade, Ph.DAuthor of Transcendent Sex

“Saida is the kind of powerhouse-sensual-no-excuses-bares-it-all kind of woman that will both seduce your senses while building you into the empowered leader and confident being that you are. I love Saida for her transparency and authenticity. She empowers by speaking truth, laying it all out there and giving people the tools to make powerful choices in life.”

Rodolfo YoungHeart Coach Author of "Soulful Relationships" & "Who are You? A guide to self-discovery in 9 Simple Steps", Founder & CEO of Inspire 1 Million Hearts

“Saida’s Jade Goddess teachings are a powerful contribution to the flowering of the true feminine. Through her extensive study of Taoist wisdom, modern sexuality and her deep reverence for the feminine, Saida offers empowering methods for women to liberate the beauty of their sexuality and discover newfound wholeness and vitality”

Miranda Macpherson, Rev Author of Boundless Love, Director of The Feminine Wisdom School

“A woman who is in sync with her own sexuality walks to the beat of her own drum…however sadly so few of us are. In a culture that systematically alienates women from the own erotic nature, Saida’s teachings on how to be a succulent, sensual woman are not only revolutionary, but desperately needed by women far and wide. Having combed the planet for the finest teachers on the art of pleasure, Saida is among the world’s best.”

Jena La FlammeCreatrix of Pleasurable Weight Loss

“In one weekend with Saida I learned more about my own body than I had in almost 50 years living in it!! I now look each day to focus more on what brings me pleasure in every area of my life, not just my sexuality, because of Saida’s gentle, yet totally confident capacity to hold space and transmit vital information and experiences.”

Amethyst WyldfyreVisionary Voice Healer & Empress of Empowerment

“Saida’s work is an extraordinary invitation for women to embrace the beauty & power of the feminine. Combining the exceptional breadth of her knowledge with practical, tangible exercises, she teaches how to deepen one’s connection to the body & the power, pleasure, & wisdom that lie within. In a world where it is tremendously hard to be a girl, woman, or mother, Saida empowers us not only to understand & honor our femininity, but to regard it as sacred.”

Sheila Kamara HayCreatrix & Consultant of Ecstatic Birth

“I had the honor of having Saida among the list of hand-selected guests to interview on my recent video series. Her insights were beyond insightful and deeply heartfelt for me. As our interview unfolded, I soaked in Saida’s profound knowledge about creating business and personal success from a spiritual and authentic place, being fully in touch with and guided by your intuition and Spirit. Saida is an amazing woman inside and out and I admire her gentle confidence and soul-stirring wisdom that has impacted my life in truly unexpected ways. Thank you Saida!!”

Allison Babb PhillipsBusiness Success Coach

“Beautiful. Saida’s own fresh, dynamic and grounded Presence is reflected in her writing. She has crafted us a thorough map to journey the deep path of our sacred sexuality and beloved body temples. Ranging from straight-forward and practical to deliciously mystical, Saida unravels the hidden connection between…”the more we open our heart, the more ambrosia will flow.” Ahhhh…simpler that we thought. We only had to slow down, relax and melt deeper. Thank you for this extremely important contribution to every woman’s well-being.”

Mahara K. Brenna, Rev. Master Rebirther & International Facilitator of "SHE" The Power of the Divine Feminine

“I invited Saida to speak for my private group and was delighted with her beauty, intelligence, and relaxed delivery on the subject of Succulence and it’s role in our evolution. She’s definitely a thought-leader in the topic of Women’s Sexuality.”

Chris Howard#1 Best Selling Author Lifestyle and Wealth Strategist

“I have known Saida for some time now and her work is evolving consistently. She is paving the way for a new view on sexuality and has helped many. I am sure her leadership in the field will be more and more recognized in the world.”

Dario CampanileRenowned Artist/Painter

“Saida Désilets is a lucid writer, a tender teacher, and a beautiful human being. When you encounter Saida you know what it is to feel truly alive.”

Timothy Freke, Stand-up PhilosopherAuthor of Jesus and the Lost Goddess & How Long Is Now?, Founder of The Alliance for Lucid Living

“Saida is a gifted teacher and guide helping women to blossom in their holistic femininity and sexuality.”

Marielle CroftAstrologer

“Saida’s writing and teaching is powerful, deep and true as is her beauty and integrity. 
Saida is leading edge and trustworthy. I consider her innovative teaching to be one of the more important contributions in my life, sexuality, and healing.”

Diane GreenbergHealth Educator, Dancer, Healer

“Saida Désilets is a pro at what she does. Magnetic, professional, and international in her expertise and reach, she is very involved with helping women worldwide. Sexuality is her beat, but integrity is her scope.”

Nancy MillsPsychologist, Journalist, Writer

“Saida is a gifted leader, teacher, and mentor. She deals with intimate, and sometimes difficult, situations with love, strength and grace. She is a powerful force and her innovative work is of extreme benefit for all who have the opportunity to work with her.”

April Bosshard Visual Artist, Writer

“Saida’s approach to her work is highly professional as well as down-to-earth & fun. She is very patient in listening and responding to questions wholeheartedly & this all comes from a place of authenticity by her own experiences, which she openly shares.”

Lauren PalmerMacrobiotic Chef

“Saida is a powerful facilitator. Her authenticity and humour shine through her clear, expert guidance and presence with all participants in her groups.”

Mirella ParryPersonal Trainer, Yoga Expert

“Saida is knowledgeable, professional, and fun. She facilitates a safe and comfortable environment while giving women access to information that every female should know. The practices are profoundly life changing for many women. I recommend Saida whole-heartedly.”

Stacey RosenbergYoga Instructor

“Participating in Saida’s highly inspiring, emotionally fulfilling, and sensually uplifting seminars is like adding a great burst of juicy sunshine into your life. She really does walk her talk, and embodies the potential of who a woman can be when she is sensually, intellectually, and spiritually ALIVE to the fullest. It is truly a fantastic pleasure to be in her presence and what has struck me the most deeply about her work is how her focus on taking exquisite care of our bodies and energetic systems is desperately needed in the world.”

Rachael Indra Artist

“Being with Saida is like nestling into truth, honesty, vision and caring. She writes and teaches about the sensual and sexual essence of women, teaching women to appreciate who they are physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. She is a breath of fresh air in a world too often oppressed and disconnected. Saida practices what she teaches and supports and nurtures her students to open themselves to a world of possibility. Plus, she makes it fun along the way! Both women and men benefit from the knowledge Saida so adeptly imparts.”

Sue Price Manager Planning & Portfolio Management

“Saida is a gifted, well educated, inspiring presenter, seminar leader, teacher, and personal coach. She is a powerful woman who comes totally from her heart and works effectively with men, women, and couples. 
She brings elegance, grace, wisdom, and humor to all her work and interactions.”

Fred SpanjaardEvent Productions

“Saida is one of a kind. Her approach to her work and interpersonal relations is nothing less than beautiful, authentic and passionate. Full of positive energy, her mere presence has an immediate effect on virtually everyone she meets. 

I am honored to know her and without hesitation recommend her services as both a healer and an inspiring teacher.”

Paul KamonMarketing Director

“Saida is an extraordinary woman, teacher and writer. Her teaching is powerful and so much needed in today’s world. She empowers women to claim their birthright as sensual, ecstatic and juicy women. She is a shining light fully embodying that what she teaches.”

Ute DemontisSex & Relationship Coach

“Saida has an amazing program and philosophy, and over 3 years now, it seems that I’ll go searching for answers in other places as I’ve read her book so many times, I practically know it by heart and often end up coming back to The Sensual Woman again, as it works and has alot of beauty, and represents an ideal, not just the answer to a problem at the moment…”

Mary Brainerd Music Store Owner

“I have found Saida to be a delightful lady 
with a loving and bright message around 
sexuality and how it can be used to bring 
about personal transformation. Her work 
is a beautiful combination of traditional 
Taoist practices merged with modern 
science sprinkled with with Saida’s 
sparkling presence and infectious personality. 
I highly recommend her work to anyone 
looking to explore the deeper aspects of 

Wade LightheartBody Builder

“I’ve worked with Saida for over 5 years and I can warmly recommend her as a teacher. She is world class and her teachings life changing… for the better! 
I’ve never had so many repeat students for one class, she has fans all over the world and that groups is growing every day. 
You can always read her book as an introduction to her work before you decide to hire her or take her class. 
As long as you let this beautiful teacher inspire you with her bliss, you won’t regret it!”

Arlette VanhauwTeacher, Bodyworker

“I have attended a teaching session with Saida and find her work to be of great presence and integrity. I also have stocked her book for the last several years and have found it of immeasurable help for my clients.”

Anna MartiIntimacy Coach

“Saida is an amazing educator, facilitator and therapist. She is a catalyst for emotional, physical and spiritual transformation. Her intuition and insights are only exceeded by her wisdom way beyond her years. Saida is an inspiring speaker and is an excellent role-model for women.”

Sylvia DolenaGlobal Program Manager at Hewlett Packard

“I have had the privilege of attending Saida’s workshops on numerous occasions. She is an excellent motivator, instructor, and mentor. I highly recommend her services. She is professional, inspirational, and an absolute delight to learn from.”

Charlie CantrellPresident / CEO at Cantrell Investments, Ltd.

“Saida provides futuristic idealogy – today. She has a powerful radiance that will transform your way of feeling. Her non-traditional look on life follows many world leaders ways of thinking. She has the ability to strengthen your corporate culture.”

Justin HanleyRevenue Generator

“Saida is unique and almost beyond compare. Her powerful and specialized services are effective and long lasting. The times that I spent listening and training with her provided knowledge and inspiration that is still with me today. She is very talented in her field. I highly recommend her work.”

Paul WennerCEO at GardenChef Paul Company

“I recently took some rare time out to learn & it was a great reminder about how important it is for all of us to continue our sex education, approaching it from different angles of awareness. It was one of the most unique workshops that I have attended in a very long time! Saida’s approach to women connecting to their own sexual embodiment was beautiful & deeply resonated with my own point of view. It was delightful to watch women melt safely into their own bodies. Many of Saida’s techniques were new to me, yet had hundred’s of years of practice behind them. I love that. Figure out a way to work with her, that means you dearest fellow sex educators & women of all levels of sexual exploration. There’s something here for you!”

Pamela MadsenAuthor of Shameless: How I Ditched the Diet, Got Naked, Found True Pleasure...and Somehow Got Home in Time To Cook Dinner

“Saida is a rare woman who has full access to her sexual power. She has dedicated herself to translating her vision, understanding and skill so that women can enhance their pleasure, personal power, health and sexual potential. Her teachings are not only practical and effective, they are rooted in her great love and commitment to helping women love their bodies and live full and vibrant lives. I have personally benefited greatly from her wisdom — and my husband is also grateful for what I have learned!”

Judith Ansara, MSWCoach and Consciousness Teacher

“Saida is a very bright capable person who is fun to be with and who is passionate about what she does. Best of all she has a heart and puts her soul into her life’s work.”

Peter J. NadlerLawyer, Arbitrator/Mediator