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This Physician-Endorsed 6 Week Exclusive Jade Egg program is a must for any woman who desires to master the art of using a Jade Egg and reaping a life-time of sexual-health, sensual-aliveness, and limitless pleasure.

This is a Step-By-Step Video course created to reset both your mind-set and body so you can activate and access the fullness of your Femininity and pleasure.

Sensual Wisdom Day-Long Immersion Series

Join Saida and a featured guest for 5 unique LIVE day-long IMMERSION trainings where we’ll spend a full day together exploring our sensual selves. A variety of essential feminine topics will be offered to give each woman the opportunity to touch the edges of her own untapped erotic wisdom while providing her with the safe, loving, and embodied instruction needed for real transformation to take placeEach one is listed below:

Melting Deeply Into Pleasure

This 6 hour immersion into exploring shame, shamelessness and the power of surrender. Essential for any woman who desires to let go more fully into her desire, pleasure, and receptive nature.

Full of powerful practices and insights that create lasting transformation, inviting you to deeply enjoy the fullness of your Feminine nature.

Claiming The Power Stage Of Your Life

This 6 hour day-long immersion looks deeply at the current myths and facts of menopause and how to handle ‘the changes’ that may occur with ease, grace and pleasure.

Dr. Saida & Dr. Wickman, a leading Ob-Gyn, address: vaginal dryness, loss of libido, loss of energy, vaginal wall-thinning & what to do to transform these symptoms. THIS IS FOR ALL AGES.

Unlocking Your Deep Feminine Wisdom

This 6 hour day-long immersion delves into how your yoni never lies, how you can decipher her messages and how to take appropriate action to ensure that you are living at your fullest pleasure and potential.

Dr. Saida and Dr. Debra, a leading Ob-Gyn, share their depth of wisdom about sexual imbalances, prolapses, and the intimate nature of your sexuality and heart.

Living A Life Of Sensual Confidence

This 6 hour day-long series explores the taboo topic of being sexy and feeling sexy, no matter your size or your current relationship to your body.

Practices to feel at home in your skin, how to love and enjoy your body, and how to “turn on” your metabolism to pleasurably transform your body and your relationship with food.

The Sensual Imperative In Life

This 6 hour day-long immersion looks more deeply at what Oxytocin really is, why it’s important to have a daily experience of it and how you can self-induce these states to increase your pleasure and vitality.

Dr. Saida & Oxytocin expert Nekole Shapiro also address how to talk about sex with kids and how to create conscious community that is both sex-positive and emotionally mature.

Sensual Wisdom Series

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Important note: All of my publicly available products and trainings are for personal use only and in no way qualify a woman to teach any portion of my work or the Jade Egg practice.