• Body Confidence

    With Dr. Saida Désilets & Jena la Flamme

Living A Life Of Sensual Confidence

Are you madly in-love with your own body or is this difficult for you?

Do you hold extra weight in order to keep yourself safe and unseen?

Are you curious about how to trust your female body in such a way that you experience peak wellness and aliveness?

Together with Jena la Flamme, author of Pleasurable Weightloss, we’ll explore how powerful your female body really is.

We’ll also look at how self-image, self-love, erotic innocence, & pleasure all play a crucial role in living a life rich with sensual and sexual confidence.


Why we gain weight, how stress and ‘have-tos’ keep us from experiencing true pleasure & vitality.

How to eat and live according to your Female body wisdom.

Instruction on erotic innocence and how this particular state influences all areas of your life, not just your sensual/sexual life.

We’ll be alternating between sharing deep wisdom about your female body, learning and doing practices to empower our vitality and self-love, giving you very specific Jade egg exercises for different results, and you’ll get to hear us give direct coaching to women just like yourself.

I believe that being at home in our own body is KEY for not only full empowerment, but also for feeling safe while enjoying maximum pleasure in all areas of our life.

This means coming home to ourself, relearning to trust our instinctual wisdom, & finally truly embodying who we are.

Easier said than done, right?

This is why I created 6 hour VIDEO Immersion training so that you could get all our nuggets in one place!

By connecting together, in community, we get to reconfigure what it means to be a beautiful, sensual, expressed and healthy woman. Sisterhood of this kind is priceless and core to breaking free of the negative inertia of modern-day living.

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