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Jade Egg Essentials – Your Step-By-Step Guide

What’s Included:

Saida’s book, The Emergence of the Sensual Woman, A GENUINE GIA certified Canadian Nephrite Jade Egg & The Jade Goddess Practice Mp3 – 9 Easy-to-Follow tracks.


A 2 week step-by-step Playbook that leads you through a daily, 10 minute (minimum) practice along with a sample PDF of Saida’s book to get you started while you wait for your physical book to arrive.

Along with 13 Practice Videos that show you exactly how-to do each practice so you gain instant success.

It’s the perfect mini-immersion program to get you successfully started.

The program itself held in a Password Protected Membership Site where you can watch the training online.

(Normally $197.00 USD with S/H )

$147 + S/H

Little Note: There are no returns on the Jade Egg due to their intimate nature. Thank you.

The Illustrious Jade Egg!

Here we pride ourselves in offering you the rare and pure form of Canadian Nephrite Jade, supplied by a GIA certified Jade Mine.

Each unique Jade Egg comes with its own satin pouch as well as a step-by-step brochure on how to prepare your egg along with some exercises to get you started. The eggs are approx. 1 & 3/4 inch long and 1 inch wide (4.4 cm long x 2.5cm wide).

$67 + S/H

Little Note: There are no returns on the Jade Egg due to their intimate nature. Thank you.

Jade Egg Mastery – Online Program

This 6 Week program is designed to bring you into a richer, fuller experience of your orgasmic potential and is the only physician-endorsed Jade Egg program on the market.

This private online program includes my latest videos, audios, and written instructions in a step-by-step process that awakens your body, heart, and sensual/sexual self. (The program includes never before released meditations and easy to understand Jade Egg practices).

Hundreds of women world-wide love are raving about this leading-edge program and have made lasting transformation in their sensual lives.

Be warned: This will open you to a WHOLE NEW WORLD OF PLEASURE!

BONUS: Included with the program are two extra bonus weeks of instruction: Gourmet Relationships & Relaxed Arousal!

Enrollment Is Now Open!


A New Book by Dr. Saida Désilets Explores this Daring Topic

What really is DESIRE? This fundamental human element has a bad reputation, yet it still remains a titillating and edgy subject. The recent rise of the #MeToo movement and the outing of influential leaders points to the breakdown of our old paradigm of desire and invites us into new possibilities, if we are willing enough to dare.

In her exciting new book entitled Desire, Dr. Saida Désilets shines light on the fundamental yearnings of being human and offers inspiration on how to listen to the hidden truth of our desire.

Desire is a power-house book of inspiration, setting a new standard to find our yearnings on a lifelong path of learning, discovery, and freedom.


The Book – Emergence Of The Sensual Woman

“Emergence of the Sensual Woman teaches women of all ages how to reconnect with their essential sensual energy and utilize it for healing and enhanced pleasure and well-being.”Christiane Northrup, M.D., Author of The Secret Pleasures of Menopause & Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom

“The Emergence of the Sensual Woman is a foundational text for enhancing women’s lives, whether partnered or single. It is built on principles of love, spirituality, full embodiment, an accessible text from a deep wisdom tradition. It’s not just a book about sexual technique. It’s a manual for life.”Jenny Wade, Ph.D, Author of Transcendent Sex

The book, The Emergence of the Sensual Woman – Awakening our Erotic Innocence, looks deeply at what it means to be a vibrantly alive and sexually/sensually integrated and expressed woman living in these times.

The first half of the book is dedicated to Saida’s living philosophy The Art of Succulent Living, while the second half of the book is a very thorough practice guide with over 60 Jade Egg practices, foundational and sexual foundational practice, yoni & breast care, and a bonus chapter on Amrita (Female Ejaculation).

$25USD + S/H

Or, if you wish to purchase an electronic version…

The DARING Project Secret Facebook Group

Join Saida in the discovery, discussion & exploration of your unique brand of Sensual Genius. This Facebook group is “secret” and only those with the monthly membership will be able to participate.

Here you can ask Saida any question about the Jade Egg, about sexuality, sensuality, relationship, or anything else that comes up for you.

Saida also leads you through a ‘sensuality book club’ where we read books together and answer questions and expand our knowledge through candid sharing.

Get Started with 30 days free, then just $37.00 per month or get 2 months free with our annual subscription for $370 per year. 

Please note Facebook subscriptions can be cancelled at any time, however there are NO refunds.