• Sexy Menopause

    With Dr. Saida Désilets & Dr. Debra Wickman

The Power Stage Of Life

Do you believe, even in a small way, that menopause is the end of your sensual/sexual life?

Are you currently suffering from vaginal dryness or loss of libido?

Would you like to know how to make menopause & beyond the juiciest time of your life?

Do you believe that you’re too young to think about menopause?

Dr. Debra Wickman is back again with Saida to explore how menopause is not the end, but the beginning of the most powerful stage in a woman’s life. We’ll be exploring (and bust) the many existing myths about menopause as well as share some tried and true practices that will support your body to be her most vivacious and turned-on self.


About the existing MYTHS about menopause that are causing you to head in a direction of shutting down your sensual/sexual self forever (and how to transform those).

How to become friends with any of your current imbalances such as vaginal dryness, loss of desire, vaginal wall-thinning while receiving practical, proven tips to heal yourself.

Instruction on your pleasure anatomy – how to rekindle desire and vitality.

We’ll be alternating between sharing deep wisdom about your beautiful body, learning and doing practices to enliven and heal her, giving you very specific Jade egg exercises for different results, and directly answering your questions and giving you one-on-one coaching.

I believe that transforming our relationship with menopause and beyond is one of the most important pieces to fully liberate ourselves as sensual women, no matter what our current age is.

It requires the capacity to die to old beliefs and to put into place essential life-style habits that guarantee a life-time of pleasure and vitality.

So where do we start? What are the harmful myths that are ruining our connection to pleasure & well-being?

This 6 hour VIDEO training was filmed LIVE with women from around the World. We invite you to immerse yourself in this program to discover what truly matters when it comes to giving our body what she needs to thrive.

By sharing together, as women, we get to heal and transform any residual shame we may have about being a woman, especially around issues of “aging” while expanding and exploring what living a life-time of turn-on really looks like.

Full Video Replay

This 6 hour Day-long training was filmed LIVE.

The entire Day-long is segmented into 4 Videos for your convenience & held in my private membership site.

Bonus: A list of amazing resources that are tried & true for supporting healthy menopause.

Feel free to view and study the material at your leisure.

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