• Your Yoni Never Lies

    With Dr. Saida Désilets & Dr. Debra Wickman

Heal Yourself By Unlocking Your Deep Feminine Wisdom

Have you ever wondered why your sexual and sensual health is the way it is?

Do you currently suffer from an imbalance that you’re not sure how to heal?

Are you curious about creating a life-time of vitality and sexual health, without having to take drugs or going through surgery?

Together with Dr. Debra Wickman, we’ll explore how your yoni never lies. We look closely at how you can decipher her messages and how to take appropriate action to ensure that you are living at your fullest pleasure potential and sexual vitality.


Why you should take charge of your sexual response and become intentional about your desire.

How to condition your arousal response, using techniques that awaken your senses and launch your pleasure to new heights.

Instruction on connecting with your pleasure anatomy – how it works, how to know if something is wrong, and what to do about it (prolapse, hormone imbalances, irritation, pain).

Journey into the four ‘quadrants’ of your yoni & unlock more vitality and pleasure.

We’ll be alternating between sharing deep wisdom about your female body, learning and doing practices to enliven and heal her, giving you very specific Jade egg exercises for different results, and directly answering your questions and giving you one-on-one coaching.

I believe that hearing and listening to our yoni is essential for our health & a life well-lived.

It requires dedication and the desire to trust our own body.

Easier said than done, right?

This is why I’ve created this 6 hour Video Immersion training so you can access the best information in the comfort of your own home.

By exploring what we don’t know, together, we heal and transform any misunderstandings we may have about our own lady-parts while exploring what living in alignment with ourselves looks and feels like.

Full Video Replay

This 6 hour Day-long training was filmed LIVE.

The entire Day-long is segmented into 4 Videos for your convenience.

Feel free to view and study the material at your leisure.

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