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What Is the Jade Egg Mastery Course?

It’s An Exclusive 6 Week Course In Trusting Your Deepest Desires.

Let Me Ask You…

Do you find it difficult to surrender deeply to pleasure?

Are you curious, or possibly even confused, about how to effectively use a Jade egg?

Have you never truly felt your own orgasmic joy before?

Do you find that sex with a partner rarely results in orgasm for you?

Maybe you have tried fancy sex toys or even explored some sexual techniques with your partner, but still feel frustrated with your experience? 

Or perhaps you already feel orgasmic, but just want to expand that into feeling Multi-Orgasmic?

You can change this!

IMAGINE delighting in your body while having let go of the need for your orgasm to look and feel a certain way.

IMAGINE discovering new nuances in your pleasure that you never thought existed before.

IMAGINE deepening your mastery with the illustrious Jade Egg.

IMAGINE feeling confident and creative sexually and enjoying all of your sexual experiences.

IMAGINE how amazing it feels to be orgasmically liberated and alive.

IMAGINE having a guided step-by-step program that allows you to naturally, gently, and delightfully explore and activate your orgasmic potential.

IMAGINE the delight in having an incredible community of women who are excited, dedicated, and revealed in what it takes to be a sexually and sensually integrated woman.

What is the Jade Egg Mastery Program exactly?

This program is based both on my book, “The Emergence of the Sensual Woman – Awakening Our Erotic Innocence,” and on my latest research and in-field work.

The core of this program is based on my tried & true Désilets Method of doing the Jade Egg Practices and provides in-depth Jade Egg training.

Details of the ENTIRE PROGRAM are listed below.

Powerful Reasons Why Physicians Are Endorsing This Course:

“As the author of the Multi-Orgasmic Woman, I constantly refer women to Saida’s gentle and empowering teaching methods. 

As a physician, I’ve treated women with chronic pelvic pain, sexual trauma, low libido and other gynecologic issues for two decades. The process of helping women fully inhabit their bodies and experience their pleasure again is a beautiful miracle to behold.

And I have never met a teacher better able to help women on this journey than Saida Désilets. She’s a true master and her jade egg and energy practices are like gold for the clients that we both see.

She is the real deal and an enormous gift to the planet.”

– Rachel Carlton Abrams, MD, MHS

“Saida invites us to reconnect to a part of ourselves that many of us are totally out of touch with, and I can see how this connection has a HUGE impact on our overall vitality and well-being as women. 

I was first introduced to her work through someone I greatly admire, Dr. Christiane Northrup. At first I was curious, then intrigued.

And when I myself participated in the practices Saida so skillfully teaches, I was and continue to be blown away. Her programs are of the highest quality that I have seen or experienced- tasteful, beautifully done, gentle, and full of compassion, while always emphasizing the need for women to listen to their own inner voice and go at their own pace. The vast knowledge she possesses and shares in a way so easy to understand and follow is truly a gift for us all.

Her program and practices are simple and gentle yet extremely powerful. As a physician working with women who come to me with a variety of health challenges, I can see firsthand that Saida’s work is so needed. 

I will continue to be a student of Saida’s work and recommend it to patients as I have seen and experienced the immense power of this vital connection.”

Kendall Ritz, MD

“Moving far beyond simply toning the pelvic floor or stimulating arousable tissues, The Jade Egg practice is a powerful pathway toward self-understanding, self-acceptance and self-love.

When women have barriers in one or more of these areas, the consequence is manifested in a disconnection—most often shutting off the mind from the body.

Through the Jade Egg practice, Saida demonstrates her genius for facilitating a rebuilding of that connection. Saida is both masterful educator and trusted counselor in bringing forth a brilliant method to both learn about and connect with one’s inner wisdom and consciousness.

It’s vital for a woman to connect with herself and understand what is happening in her sexual anatomy in order to heal and progress.

Debra Wickman, MD, FACOG

What’s Included In The Jade Egg Mastery Program:

  • 6 Cutting-Edge, Content Rich Modules

    • Each week you’ll receive a new module that can be viewed as often as you wish. This allows you to set your own learning pace and practice schedule. (Details on each module below.)
    • Includes step-by-step practices delivered through videos, audios, PDFs and more

    • All the materials are housed in a user-friendly membership site where you can watch the training online or download it to your own computer, iPad or iPhone
  • Access To Our Private Jade Egg Facebook Group

    • Stay connected 24/7

    • Share your questions, struggles, celebrations and musings

    • Get support, get inspired and stay accountable to prioritizing your pleasure
  • Additional Perks Of The Program

    • Access to Saida’s latest and greatest research and information (You also get access to her high energy, succulence and joy, which is infectious!)

    • Coaching available through membership comments area

    • Extra practices not shared in the pre-recorded course

    • Opportunities to train in more advanced programs with Saida

The Themes For Each Of The 6 Weekly Modules Are…

Breaking the Myths of Orgasm


Uncovering the Myths of Orgasm


Warm-Up Your Feminine Body

Awakening Your Subtle Sensations Meditation

Awakening Your Erotic Field Meditation

Body Love Meditation

Integrating Your Psycho-Sexual Self


Creating Life Long Libido


Kidney Breathing

Kidney Rejuvenation

Our Psycho-Sexual Map

Accessing Your Erotic Intelligence


Conscious Choices Are Sexy


Igniting Our Pelvic Breath

Enlivening Our Ovaries

Beautifying Our Breasts

The 3 Secrets of Deep Pelvic Activation


Our Hidden Treasures – Pelvic Anatomy


Preparing Your Jade Egg

Preparing Your Body For Your Jade Egg

Essential Jade Egg Practices

Discovering Your Erotic Fingerprint


Discovering What Your Erotic Fingerprint Is

The Nerves That Make The Big ‘O’ Possible


Refining previous practices

Plus: Additional Jade Egg Practices

Amplifying Your Sensuality


How We Can Amplify Our Sensuality


Our Voice, Our Orgasm

Deeper Refinement of Previous Practices

Plus: Seated & Standing Jade Egg Practices


Bonus #1: The Top 20 Transformational Challenges Of Mastering The Jade Egg Guidebook (Valued @ $197)

This guidebook is taken directly out of our LIVE calls from 2016 where we tracked the 20 most difficult questions/challenges that women faced while deepening their practice with their Jade Egg and coming home to themselves. We’ve included all the insights and coaching offered by Dr. Saida so that you can have greater ease and understanding as you immerse yourself in these profound teachings.

Bonus #2: Cultivating Gourmet Relationship (Valued @ $147)

Discover how to translate all your solo practices into intimate relationship and passionate love-making. (3 Videos)

Bonus #3: Discovering Relaxed Arousal (Valued @ $147)

Learn how to dissolve tension around sexuality so you show up in a fully relaxed and fully aroused state at the same time. (This is the key to tapping into and living from your creative, erotic genius.) (2 Videos & 1 Audio)

Bonus #6: Lifetime Access To JEM (PRICELESS!)

The best way to make pleasure your lifestyle is to have lifetime access to the JEM program and community. With this bonus you’ll have access to all of our upgrades and additions, for the rest of your life! As well as being able to join all future LIVE calls & remain part of the JEM Facebook Group.

Your Investment Today:

$597.00 or 3 payments of $225.47

What Women Are Saying About The Jade Egg Mastery Program…

“I wish for every woman to know that the secret to her happiness hides right between her legs!”

“Thanks to the Jade Egg practice and other sexuality related practices, I’ve found my inner voice and strength again and have completely transformed my life. I now dare to shine my light bright in the world, to live a turned-on and profound life, instead of the shame-driven, exhausted lifestyle I had before. I’ve dared to start my own business and now have thousands of followers worldwide. Thank you, Saida, for this incredible work!”

~ Efrat Wolfson, Conscious Couples Coach and Participant in Dr. Saida’s Ambassador Program

“I have attracted an amazing man…”

“The Jade Egg Mastery course was an incredible gift to myself. The content included everything I could have possibly wanted to know about the Jade Egg. The videos are clear and enjoyable to watch and the practices and meditations are truly transformational. I now love my whole body… even my toes!  

“The most important thing about Saida’s method is that it isn’t about becoming a better lover (although that is a delicious byproduct). It’s about coming home to yourself and learning to connect with and trust your own inner wisdom and sensuality. The connection I have with my sexuality is deepening every day. I have attracted an amazing man into my life who is sensual, loving, and our relationship is blossoming. I am sure my newfound connection with myself is at the core of the wonderful connection.  

“Beyond the course, the loving supportive community in the Facebook group is inspiring. The women in Dr. Saida’s circle truly are open to learning and personal transformation and support each other on this juicy journey. All told, the JEM program is the best gift you could possibly give yourself.”

~ Monica Butschek, North Carolina

“I have activated more pleasure pathways!”

“My love muscle has started initiating a new relationship with the rest of my pleasure anatomy and is surprising me with undreamed of possibilities. Without Saida’s multi-dimensional, truly integral and profoundly responsible teaching, these things would not be happening for me.”

“Just as a musical instrument can enable a person to develop their musicality, so the Jade Egg can facilitate sexual attunement and mastery, but only with the right attitude, information and teaching. Saida is that teacher!”

“It really is impossible to overstate the degree to which this reclamation work amplifies and enhances my life. It brings love, stamina and playfulness to everything I do.”

~ Kate

“Be prepared to be transformed.”

“Dr. Saida’s Jade Egg Mastery Course is the best, most life-changing program in women’s empowerment and sexual/sensual sovereignty available today. There is no other teacher in this field that I know of who embodies this work and way of authentic living more than her. Truly!

“I can’t say enough good things about this course except to say just do it: do it for your pleasure, your radiance, your growth, your evolution; prepare to go deep, to be transformed; and know you will be supported the entire journey from Saida herself, through the amazing online forum, and from a community of incredible women who are on the journey with you. Your life will never be the same. I am forever grateful to have met Saida and for JEM!”

~ Tacara Bliss, Vancouver, BC

“A miracle happened!”

“I am in my 60’s. I reclaimed, through Saida’s kind, gentle and wise guidance, my own inner feminine sovereignty. This transformation happened effortlessly through the practices I learned. A miracle happened: I have felt whole as a woman and no longer deficient!”

~ Velvet Spirit

“I dared to challenge conventional views on sexuality and spirituality…”

“Before doing this work, I was repressing my passion, creativity, femininity and sexuality. I had a history of gynaecological issues. I was holding guilt and shame surrounding relationships, sex and sexual abuse from my ancestry.

“As I went deeper into the processes and tools in Saida’s courses and retreats, I realised that I needed to un-train myself, free up my energy and reclaim my power. I discovered the gifts of my body and my sensual self. It felt like I’d unlocked a missing piece from the yogic training that I had spent decades practising.

“Now, I feel joyful, free and energized in my body. I’m happy and confident in my own skin. I feel powerful and at choice about how I share the gifts of my sexuality and sensuality. I know, first hand, that this work is an illumined gateway to fully embodied spiritual living. It informs the work that I do as an Interfaith Minister and Guide for people of all faiths and none. I have embraced my sensual self wholeheartedly and I give thanks that my soul resides so happily within this precious vehicle. Thank you, Saida.”

~ Monica Douglas-Clark

“The results have been (and are) sensational!”

“I dared to make dedicating time to explore my sexuality and sensuality an absolute priority and to approach these rendezvous with myself in a spirit of total love, respect and open-mindedness. For all of this I had to confront my negative social conditioning in all its many forms over and over again and re-commit to being fully present to my experience and what was unfolding in the moment. The results have been (are) sensational!”

~ Kate, N.B. Canada

“My body was telling me to make some changes.”

“I came to the programme because my body was telling me to make some changes. The JEM program dared me to follow my inner voice and return to my true nature, to respect myself deeply and put love and sweetness and sensuality in my life.”

~ Mónica Fernández Delgado

This program is for you if you struggle with:

  • Specific health issues, pain and discomfort, like:

      • Vaginal Dryness
      • Pain During Sex
      • Loss of Libido
      • Post-Birth Trauma
      • Stress Incontinence
      • Prolapse and Tone Issues
      • Hormone Imbalance
      • Menstrual Cramps/PMS Symptoms
      • Depression
  • Aging and pre-/peri-/menopause:

      • Loss of Libido
      • Vaginal Dryness
      • Vaginal Wall Thinning
      • Pain in Intercourse
      • Urgency Incontinence
      • Hormone Imbalance
      • Burning
      • Depression
      • And all the other body changes that can leave you feeling UNsexy
  • Experiencing more pleasure and orgasm:

    • You aren’t orgasming
    • You have limited orgasm (it’s infrequent and not very strong)
    • You’re unable to expand your orgasm or experience multiple orgasms or ejaculatory orgasms
    • Your self-confidence has eroded which inhibits your pleasure
    • You don’t know a lot about your body and orgasm
    • You know there is more to sex yet feel lost as how to have those experiences
  • This program is also for you if you are:

    • Unable to have sex
    • Frustrated that you can’t figure this out on your own
    • Depressed that nothing you’ve tried has worked
    • Afraid your partner will leave you or that you’ll never attract a lover/partner
    • Filled with shame that never goes away

I know this is a long list. It could keep on going! Yet chances are, you can relate to one, if not more, of the items on this list.

The good news? You are not alone. And this program has already helped thousands of women to remedy, heal and transform from these issues. So you are in the right place if…

  • You desire to:

    • Be pain-free
    • Enjoy sex
    • Expand your pleasure
    • Feel desire in your body
    • Feel more confident and sexy
    • Attract a new lover/partner
    • Rekindle the passion in your relationship
  • You also desire:

    • More connected sex
    • Shamelessness
    • Deeply profound orgasm and pleasure
    • Long term sexy, hot passion with a partner
    • Self-confidence no matter what the circumstances are
    • Mind-blowing sex like you read about and see in the movies
  • And you’re going through menopause and desire to:

    • Feel deeply alive, sexy and turned on
    • Have pain free, pleasureable sex
    • Have meaning and purpose
    • Feel desired and desirable
    • Feel deeply connected with yourself, your partner and life
  • PLUS, in the Jade Egg Mastery Live Program you will get:

    • Assurance that you are not broken ~ that you are whole and beautiful
    • Answers that come from within
    • Strategies and techniques to overcome whatever issues you’ve been struggling with
    • A deepening of self-love and and connection with yourself
    • Awareness of your own needs and how to get them met
    • Greater skill and confidence
    • Activation and expansion of your pleasure pathways
    • Increase your experience of your unlimited pleasure potential
    • And so, so much more!

In the Jade Egg Mastery Program you will become juicier, which alleviates pain and increases turn on. You will become free from your wounds-story. You will develop a deeper sense of what it means to be sexually sovereign as a woman.

Be Aware: The Jade Egg Mastery Program Dares Women To Be Audacious…

“I dared to continue learning to become more sexual into my 70’s!”
~ Paulette Millis


“I’m daring to show my greatness!”
~ Anja Thorrez


“I dared to cultivate more energy, pleasure, aliveness and a richer inner life force at 63, sparking renewal and creativity in my wise woman years.”
~ Judy Little


“I dared to face my body shame fully through the Jade Egg practice and I was able to let this negative energy go.”
~ Katharine Kane


“I dare to explore more self love through my practices and share this in the world.”
~ Christina Meijer


“I dared to say “No Way!” to post-menopausal libido inertia. I dared to practice a rich, satisfying, vibrant sexual life even when postmenopausal, single, gray-haired, and not the slim young thing I once was!”
~ Pam H.


“I dared to heal my sexual woundings from birth to abuse and create my feminine pleasure.”
~ Sheryl Scherer


“I dared to stay present within my relationship and to let go the story of separation, fear and abandonment in order to experience connection, love and intimacy. I dared to hold myself accountable for my reactive limiting behaviour and to step more fully into my power as co-creator of my relationship.”
~ Peta Elmer


“I dared to release an unhealthy relationship and make right relationship with myself my #1 priority. Dr. Saida’s work supports every woman in her journey home to herself, which is a journey every woman has to take for herself. But women don’t have to find their way home alone. The community Dr. Desilets is building provides unconditional support for woman who strive to embody integrity, compassion, and the right to experience pleasure on their own terms. Free from hype, Dr. Saida embodies her work with authenticity and impeccability, and challenges every woman to discover and embody that which is her own unique truth.”
~ Monica Butschek


“I dare to care for my feminine power in a much wiser way.”
~ Kirsten Stendevad


My Guarantee

The JADE EGG MASTERY Membership Program is a top-of-the-line resource that offers non-hype and proven information and techniques that have been shown not only to activate your full pleasure potential.

This information has been PRACTICED, EMBODIED & REFINED since 2000 & has stood the test of tens of thousands of women world wide which makes this product stand in a category of its own.

Furthermore, I’m the only authority in the Jade Egg practice who received a Ph.D through directly studying the effects of this practice on the psycho-sexual health of women.

And, this is truly the ONLY Physician-Endorsed Jade Egg course on the market.

I stand behind everything that I do and therefore, offer you a 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE for up to 30 days of starting the program.

Check out Lily’s story…

“I was bombarded with feelings of shame and judgement.”

“The Jade Egg Mastery course has been absolutely essential for building a beautiful relationship with my sexuality. Before I started JEM, I believed only men could bring me the kind of pleasure and fulfillment I yearned for. I felt empty and worthless. I felt my sexuality was a burden, and I was constantly, desperately, sometimes obsessively and often compulsively, trying to get men to take care of my burden. This led to me give away my power, and to act completely out of alignment with my integrity, which led to low self esteem and tons of shame. And I was never fulfilled sexually.

“I was completely blocked in my ability to care for my yoni and my sexuality. I didn’t know how to even begin, and when I tried to approach it, I was bombarded with feelings of shame and judgement.

“Through Dr. Saida’s program, I was able to move through my blocks because I had her voice with me, giving me the countercultural positive messages about my sexuality, body, yoni, and pleasure. I absolutely need that because the cultural and family conditioning is so strong, without her messages, I still get swamped with shame. Throughout her practices, Saida guides me to get into my body and feel safe to enjoy being in my body. With her tools and practices, and her loving support, I have been able to build a thriving relationship with my sexuality and yoni.

“Now I’m fulfilling my own needs, giving my yoni the love and attention she needs. When I practice using Saida’s program, I feel deeply alive, I feel like my body is a field of energy that is pleasure, that is divine, not an object to judge. I feel worthy and whole. I feel a profound level of self-respect. These practices are the most powerful way I know of to connect with and live from my divine feminine essence.

“My boyfriend describes my energy after I’ve been practicing with her program as being like fields of flowers, sunshine, and happiness, and he says he gets energy just by hugging me.

“I don’t see any other way to really heal our aloneness, feelings of unworthiness, codependency, and compulsions around sexuality, without building this beautiful relationship with our sexuality where we are loving ourselves into wholeness. Our sexuality is at our core, and if we don’t love our core selves, we will never feel whole and lovable. I don’t believe I could have come into loving the core of my being and experiencing this incredible thriving I feel now without Jade Egg Mastery.”

~ Lily Romane Shank, Massage & Shiatsu Therapist, in Minneapolis, Minnesota


This is one of the best long term investments you will ever make for your health and wellbeing as a woman.


a bunch of random, experimental exercises pulled from some books or various sources on the internet.


is that you will get a tried and true system based on actual research, confirmed by Dr. Rachel Abrams, Dr. Christiane Northrup, Dr. Kendall Ritz, & Dr. Debra Wickman as well as through the study I lead to attain my Ph.D., and my own living practice of working with over tens of thousands of women world wide.


and will be available to answer questions through our online FORUMS. 

Plus, you’ll have LIFE-TIME ACCESS to the course, along with all upgrades and additions at no extra cost.

Remember, you can TEST DRIVE THE COURSE for a month, risk-free.

The JADE EGG MASTERY PROGRAM is a program that will change your relationship to your sensuality/sexuality and pleasure forever.


No one will ever give you permission or the time to say YES to yourself. Waiting for the world or politics or religion to make it okay for you to claim your sovereignty means it may never happen in our lifetime.

It’s up to YOU to give yourself permission to prioritize your pleasure.

What I offer isn’t a course, it’s an invitation to a new way of living. If we don’t design our own life, someone else will.

By embarking in this program, you get to discover what it means, on your own terms, to be an embodied, enlivened, expressed woman in this world.

If it feels delicious to you to start fully exploring and expressing your full orgasmic potential, say-










I would love to see you have the depth and breadth of pleasure you deserve,

so REGISTER BELOW & I will see you in the program!