• Oxytocin

    With Dr. Saida Désilets & Nekole Shapiro

The Sensual Imperative In Life

Whether or not you are in a relationship or parenting, understanding what lies at the foundation of healthy bonding is essential for all conscious women.

Do you have a difficultly with feeling deeply connected with others?

Are you suffering from skin-hunger?

Maybe you’ve experienced bonding to the “wrong” people?

Together with Nekole Shapiro, we’ll explore the natural bonding or ‘love hormone’ oxytocin. We’ll look at why we need regular doses of oxytocin, how to self-induce oxytocin states, and how to create more delicious connections that nourish your self of self and vitality.


What Oxytocin really is and why high levels of this hormones is key to not only great relationships, but for enhancing your sensual/sexual life.

How to induce Oxytocin states both when with others and when you are alone (& why that is a skill that all empowered women need to have).

Instruction on specific practices that you can do for daily delicious well-being (with and without a Jade Egg).

Why Oxytocin is key for better, more fulfilling orgasms… and for re-patterning our old habits into a healthier, more vibrant lifestyle.

We’ll be alternating between sharing deep wisdom about your female body, learning and doing practices to enliven and heal her, giving you very specific Jade egg exercises for different results, and directly answering your questions and giving you one-on-one coaching.

I believe knowing how to be a deeply connected, receptive, and expressed woman is key to a life-time of pleasure.

This requires opening up to new ideas and new ways to enhance our current life-style.

And this means getting the right kind of support & learning to create incredible community!

This 6 hour VIDEO Immersion gives you the feeling of being LIVE with us, while being able to fit this deep learning into your already full schedule.

By learning together we get to expand what works, let go of what doesn’t, and get powerful imprints from those who are living and breathing this wisdom (and not just spouting theories).

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