Saying ‘No’ With Grace

Have you ever been on a date where you want to say ‘no’, but feel awkward about it or afraid it may hurt your date’s feelings?

Perhaps you find yourself being more accommodating than what feels in integrity with yourself, yet you are unsure how to set clear boundaries with others?

Or maybe you are giving off confusing messages (feeling one thing and saying another) and having to deal with the outcome of being misunderstood?

Whatever the case, it’s never that easy to say ‘no’, especially when we’ve been socialized to be sweet, pleasant, and accommodating.

Yet ‘no’ is powerful and points to our deeper ‘yes’.

Watch this raw, unedited share of my own experience saying ‘no’:

The best part is continuing this conversation. How do you feel after hearing my thoughts? What are your own concerns about this subject? Please leave me your comments below.

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