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Breaking the Bonds of Shame

Breaking the Bonds of Shame – Creating More Confidence For Ourselves If you are are a Brené Brown fan, then you are part of a small percentage of people who are willing to have a look a the impact of shame in your life. However, for most of us, shame is not something we willingly […]

A Simple Remedy For Holiday Burn-Out

Have you felt completely overwhelmed with meeting the demands of work, family and creating a beautiful life for yourself? Maybe you’ve been under a stressful dead-line and unpredicted things have created delays, causing you to push and overwork in order to keep your business thriving? Or perhaps it’s been so long since you’ve been relaxed […]

Why I Wrote About Desire

We all come from desire and, whether we acknowledge it or not, desire will remain an integral and intimate part of our lives. Yet despite its intrinsic power and influence, desire still remains one of the most misunderstood parts of being a human being. And although no one is exempt from its impact, few of […]