Desire Song of Eros

The presence of Eros is a sign of vitality and life, yet for many of us, we have a complicated relationship with it.

In this video (below) I explore the importance of this desire song, what can get in the way of it, and why we want to unlock this potent power within us.

I’d love to know your thoughts on your own turn on and desire! On January 8th, I’m hosting an exclusive, first-time, in-depth exploration of this particular desire song. If understanding, harnessing and enjoying this part of your life is important to you, please come join us. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER (If the timing isn’t right, we will be recording this training and giving all participants access to the replay).

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  1. Liza Sjamila Pijper
    Liza Sjamila Pijper says:

    I found out when you write 2019 with a marker on a piece of paper and you turn it around. You see Eros!
    Just try it!
    2019 for me is the year of Eros! 💜

  2. kathleen
    kathleen says:

    Thank you Saida. So powerful. I realised a part of me was feeling threatened. By an ex lover of many years impending visit. Feeling responsible. For his. Turn on. I was grappling with this. But couldnt name it. So simple and powerful. Realising i was getting smaller and smaller.

  3. Hope
    Hope says:

    Dear Saida,
    So beautiful and so important; as always!!
    Thank you once again for bringing up the point that we are only responsible for our own arousal and Not for anyone else’s!
    xoxo and of course, thanks for being you

  4. Noemi
    Noemi says:

    You nailed it, dear Saida. I feel instinctively it is how you say. And it pains me so to see people around me feel disconected from eros and abuse it, because of trauma and conditioning. I am totaly with you. Thank you for being so brave and spreading awareness. 😍


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