The O-Shot – An Instant Cure For Anorgasmia & Incontinence?

If you haven’t yet heard of the O-shot, you will.

It’s the next “quick fix solution” to women’s sexual dysfunctions.

The O-shot is an injection into your vaginal and clitoral tissue which claims to heal incontinence and provide you with better orgasms.

At first glance, it’s rather cutting edge that an MD would discover, create, and sell to the public a simple and effective solution to women’s sexual problems.

Yet here’s where I needed to question the procedure, as I’m never one to get excited about invasive procedures.

I went to my medical colleagues to ask their insights and here’s a summary of what they shared with me:

  • They were turned off by the marketing and sales ploys of the website, however, they did say that there was validity to some of the ideas
  • They shared was that PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) therapy is known to assist in auto-immune issues related to the vulva. So this in of itself is exciting as it currently is one of the few known treatments for vulvar lichen sclerosus.
  • They also were not attracted to use the procedure for issues that could be resolved with proper posture and pelvic exercise.
  • One procedure is $1500USD and it’s not covered by insurance. For vulvar lichen sclerosus, it may take more than one shot to facilitate healing as it’s not guaranteed to work with the first shot (it could take 2-4 shots).

The question that begs to be asked is: what are the long-term effects of such a procedure? It has not been around long enough for us to know.

I’m an advocate for sexual sovereignty. A woman has the right to choose for herself what she will do or not do with her body. All I ask is that we get multiple opinions before jumping into a surgical solution.

We are conditioned, in our fast-paced culture, to want a quick solution to everything. Yet in my two decades of working with women’s psycho-sexual well-being, I know that some answers are not meant to come quickly.

Healing has its own timing.

And sometimes (most times) it must involve all of us: mind/heart/body/essence.

Personally, injections into my vagina and clitoris do not sound pleasant at all (even if they do apply a topical analgesic) and I would explore many other options before saying yes to anything surgical.

Would you be willing to invest in yourself through considering new perceptions about yourself along with incorporating some basic lifestyle changes and simple practices in order to create a lifetime of vibrant sexual health?

After working with thousands of women world-wide (from late teens up into the 60s and 70s), I’ve witnessed that investing a little time into oneself leads to the successful rejuvenation our sexual wellbeing.

Women with nerve issues have been able to innervate and create new pathways of pleasure while re-patterning nerves from sending pain signals to pleasurable ones.

Women suffering from vaginal dryness or low libido have been able completely rejuvenate and reignite themselves sexually.

Women who never orgasmed before are experiencing full-body orgasms.

All of this because they claim for themselves their sexual birthright.

It’s clear to me that the women who were treated with the O-shot also suffer from psychological stress. For example, being in a horrible relationship will shut anyone down, no matter what the age.

Simply injecting a solution and avoiding her core issue, forces a woman to remain in a situation that is contributing to the problem in the first place.

Sexual dysfunction is not purely an imbalance of the body, it is equally one of the mind and heart.

Distress in our psyche translates into distress in our body, leading us into “fight or flight” mode which is not conducive to having great sex.

If we continuously promote quick fixes to women’s sexual problems without acknowledging their lives as a whole, we are hurting women.

We are not machines that need to be snipped, stitched, poked, and filled with chemicals.

We are deep instinctual beings that posses an erotic genius.

Professionals who claim to be working for the sensual/sexual wellbeing of women must empower women to recognize their innate instinctual intelligence and show how their body and especially their yoni never, ever lies.

If we are dry, uninterested, sore, etc there is almost always an emotional link.

Hormones don’t just operate separate of our being-ness. They are profoundly influenced by our state of being.

If we feel stressed, we induce the stress response in our endocrine system.

Stress can cause vaginal dryness in women in their young 20s. Stress can cause incontinence even in children.

Injecting women may appear to be innovative and genius, but upon a deeper may not always be the best solution.

My final point of outrage is how potential practitioners are recruited: all that’s required is to be willing to pay to learn the techniques and buy the equipment while swearing that you are radical enough to be scrutinized and put down for your leading-edge desire to help women.

I’m outraged because the criteria has little to do with helping women and everything to do with ensuring that the trademark will be respected.

Women deserve to be treated by people who have their concerns at hand, not just their immediate concerns, but the long-term affect of any therapy or procedure recommended to them.

This very procedure is only exists because of lack of knowledge in the average woman. She watches daytime TV and sees a doctor being interviewed and promoted as having a genius solution.

He’s a doctor, we should trust him, right?


Not all doctors know and understand female sexuality for what it truly is. This is why doctors still get away with doing labiaplasty and other unnecessary procedures that are based on cashing in on women’s insecurities.

I’m not sure about you, but no one will have access to my precious body unless they have full reverence and desire to truly empower me.

If you are interested in learning what’s really going on inside your beautiful body and how to personally create a lifetime of pleasure and delight for yourself, then I’d recommend starting with my book, The Emergence of the Sensual Woman.

How do you feel about cutting edge procedures that are invasive to your genitals? How do you feel about giving your power to authority and trust them above your own innate erotic genius? Your opinion matters. Leave me your thoughts below and we can continue this discussion.



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  1. Xell
    Xell says:

    “Sexual dysfunction is not purely an imbalance of the body, it is equally one of the mind.” So very, very true.
    Brilliant article, Saida.

  2. Natalie
    Natalie says:

    Saida, thank you for this information. I’m repulsed by the idea of this “treatment.” Yuck. When I am certified and practicing as a nutrition/health coach, I know I’ll want to refer as many women as possible to your site. Hope that’s okay.

  3. Paula
    Paula says:

    Hi Saida, it’s a bit like a breast mammogram – put a man’s genitals between two metal slabs and xray 4 times and they will soon find another way to do this!! Thank you for bringing this out into the light – I am sharing this on facebook to enable more women to have choice to be self responsible. Paulax

  4. Claire Magdalena
    Claire Magdalena says:

    I too have never heard of this. but no surprise. (And owie, it sounds like it would hurt!) Such a quick fix society and the big pharma dudes are happy to comply (and drive demand) I mean Viagra was an accident and it’s rocked their bottom line $$. I think the silver lining here is that there’s even awareness of low sexual desire as being an okay “problem” women are having (um, can you say over-masculinized?) which shows some advancing in society that its even ok for women to want/experience sexual/sensual pleasure and not be considered “impure” or “heathen.” The parameters of acceptable have been so narrow and repressed, this shows some loosening of the moral straitjacket, perhaps. Though this is not the route I would hope ANY woman would take, I think there is a battlalion of overworked women who would just LOVE to take a “make me feel sexy” pill. Again, not condoning, just seeing the stretch and stress women are under and the perception that its SO hard to regain sexual mojo after its been lost (or never had) I hope you speak/teach to this more. xo.

  5. Joanie
    Joanie says:

    Gosh I absolutely love reading your articles and watching your videos. You speak from your heart with such passion. Talking about sexual pleasure is such a taboo subject subject in our society and when/if brought up is never really addressed fully in a loving manner..And so getting to the core issues of why some woman don’t like sex (or say they don’t) and/or don’t feel sexual/sexy. They don’t love themselves. And isn’t that where it truly starts. So many times we think we need someone else to love us so we can feel loved. And we can’t look at ourselves in the mirror and say “I love you” and really mean it. Until that happens will we be able to embrace who we truly are and embrace our sexual being.
    Thank you having a safe place for woman to start to opening up to loving themselves fully.

  6. Dawn
    Dawn says:

    The thought of this bought tears to my eyes i have experienced spinal injections for pain that was excruciating enough i can not imagine the pain of this precious area. As you say Saida,there is much more than a O Shot needed If it even works.To help the absence of orgasm and any simple pleasure, it starts with the mind and self love. These things i have learned from you and still learning
    It would seem to be a desperate measure to partake in such a thing. It makes me squirm just thinking about it.
    Thank you Saida for bring this to the fore and watching over our precious bodies .

  7. Marion Delforge
    Marion Delforge says:

    Hello Saïda,
    Great you’re there to trace this terrorism on woman.
    It’s revolting of course
    It’s indecent to realize those doctors have no education
    An Orgasm Shot does’nt even exist and even if it’s alchemicaly possible it will certainly not arrive by torture or most sensible and sacred place.
    Sometimes I can be so sad about all this disturbance and for sure the only challenge we have is through education. So really thank you for the work you devote.
    I woul’d like to share on FB, but could’nt find a pg on Succulence Revolution.

    • Saida
      Saida says:

      Hi Marion, sharing here is great, but if you want to share the article, then you can find it posted on my Saida Desilets page. 🙂

      Thank you for your passionate words.

  8. Judy
    Judy says:

    I can’t imagine anyone paying to have someone inject with anything in that area for starters! (I had to get resewn after I had a badly done epesiotomy, and all I can say is wow, that really hurt) Secondly, it woon’t be long before unscrupulous people start making their own drug to inkect. This is JUST WRONG. The only fix I found was to take care of my self; mentally, emotionally, psychologically and physically

  9. Lu
    Lu says:

    Thank you Saida for the heads up!, Some where along medical history a belief proliferated alluding to the idea that women are literally “Disease”. So to some degree a percentage of doctors believe they are doing the right thing. Weird world view to a never ending story. Beliefs can be a blessing and a curse. Im inspired to include something about this in my developing prayer practice. May our shadow feminine shift from victim to victor..Blessings Beauty!

  10. Louiseds
    Louiseds says:

    Thankyou Saida, for putting this whole thing in perspective. This service and its associated machinery has been around for a while. I remember reading about it over a year ago. I don’t recall it being called the O-Shot at the time. It was more for decreasing the internal size and ‘toning’ the vagina (which of course are its functional characteristics). There was no mention of stem cells either, which is what might differentiate it from the product I saw. Who knows whether that is a fact or an “it may stimulate stem cells” claim in the fine print, or in the literature about the physiology of scar formation?

    I simply see it as clever marketing to make women feel inadequate in order to sell them the holy grail (over and over again) which will turn them into goddesses, albeit scarred goddesses. There is nothing quite like pain in the hip pocket, accompanied by physical pain, both forms of sacrifice, to make us appreciate the result, and to endorse it, in order to pay off the suffering we had to do in order to get the reward. The higher the cost, the better the result will be. This is the stuff of the Mythical Quest. It is Archetypal. “No pain, no gain”, is the modern day version of this.

    I will be Sharing this Blog post on Facebook. All women need to see your opinion on this, another form of mutilation of the feminine.

  11. Ann
    Ann says:

    Thank you Saida, for all your time And energy put into researching this! Indeed, it’s an easy catch for women not fully aware of the functioning of our magical bodies! You are a blessing to all woman! ( and men) 🙂

  12. Sandy
    Sandy says:


    Thanks for speaking up and expressing your thoughts. I appreciated this information as I had not heard of this before. You rock!!!

  13. Lila
    Lila says:

    Thank you for writing & speaking Truth Saida. Your work & writing inspires me…beautiful, brave & smart! Thank you for taking a stand!

  14. Jade Hom
    Jade Hom says:

    Thank you Saida for bringing this issue to light. I totally agree with you that our sexual nature is not separate from our being-ness and changing our perceptions is far more empowering than a quick fix.

    Time for women to stop blaming our bodies and buy into the wrongness of it when it’s actually communicating something very important about our relationships — our relationship to ourselves, to our body and spirit and our relationship to another are all reflected in our capacity for receiving pleasure.

    How powerful can we be when we change our relationship to ourselves and our bodies? How powerful can we be when we can empower ourselves so much that authority figures can no longer manipulate us into buying into such a dis-empowering narrative about our bodies?

    Thank you Saida for sharing your awareness, juiciness, and deep wisdom!

  15. Hope
    Hope says:

    Saida, thank you so much for writing such an excellent piece and letting women (and men) know! I am both sickened and horrified. Women being pulled into believing that this could possibly be an answer, when, as you wrote, every woman has a thriving body capable of full feelings – only she sometimes needs healing, release or loving. This reminds me of the years of clients coming in and telling me about hysterectomies and other surgeries in their sexual and reproductive systems that were not needed, and when They realized this…and about doctors who came up with answers that were complete violations of a woman’s body. It feels like a woman as an object and not a beautiful being. What’s an O-shot? Like a jello shot? Cool and fun? Not!

  16. Aleksandra
    Aleksandra says:

    Hi Saida,
    I read and felt your article. I like the knowledge and wisdom you have about the feminine temple. What I see when I read things like that (the O-shot) is another hyper masculine way of wanting to “fix” something that is already perfect. I think as women there will be some that will be drawn to it and there will be other (like me) who will just cringe at an idea of having needle and scar tissue in/near my yoni.
    The main journey of the feminine is reconnecting with what is sacred within, and that demands slowing down and recognizing your own rhythms and your ebb and flow. So. I think this is very much another way that distracts women from what is essentially feminine. The choice is within each person. Thank you for writing.

    • Saida Desilets
      Saida Desilets says:

      Yes Aleksandra, the choice is for each of us, but when we put all our trust in ‘authorities’ and don’t question ourselves about what is true for us, are we really making a choice or is it being made for us? We are powerful, wise, and deep beings who occasionally forget that this is true.

  17. KQ
    KQ says:

    I hadn’t heard of this (yay), but appreciate the reminder that we need to keep informing one another, woman to woman, that we can heal so much just by deepening our connection to our bodies and our sexuality. Thank you so much, Saida, for your passionate work on this front! xoxoxo!

  18. Jeanette
    Jeanette says:

    Hi,I gave up power to authority.I live with regret from that decision everyday.I believe the new cutting edge procedures only benefit surgeons and or pharmaceutical company’s.I also agree with you about not all doctors know and understand female sexuality.The doctors don’t tell you about possible side effects and or long term effects from the procedures.

  19. Saida
    Saida says:

    Hi M!

    Birth control… I could, but my feeling about it is that whatever a woman choose to take, she needs to be 100% in alignment with it, and therefore, in congruence with her experience.

  20. Delinda
    Delinda says:

    Thank you so much for puttin this out there to educate women! As a professional practitioner of Holistic Pelvic Care ™, this injection technique is appalling. How can creating more scar tissue in the clitoris and vagina with regular needle sticks ever cure scar tissue growth? How can subjecting our precious yonis to invasive procedures ever really help us to rewire the nervous tissue that will allow the sensation and blood flow to return to that area? Thanks so much for your work for women’s radiance and empowerment.

  21. Majbrit
    Majbrit says:

    Wau!!! I haven’t heard about it before and I certainly don’t feel attracted. I believe it will keep women even further away from connecting with their body and it’s such a shame. I’m happy you raised the issue.

  22. vicky
    vicky says:

    Saida you are a treasure supplying this information, I agree with you, I dont want this for me or my child when she grows up. I will tell all my friends and female family members. I absolutely cannot think of anything worse, I had a low libido and a terrible sex life then fate brought my path to cross with yours, and now I have a great sex life, I am pure radiance and have an ever increasing libido all the natural way. with love eternally vicky xxxx

    • Saida
      Saida says:

      Oh Vicky!

      I LOVE LOVE LOVE to hear this!!! Thank you for sharing. It’s so important that women hear from women like yourself so that they too know it’s possible for them. 🙂

  23. Jutta Friese
    Jutta Friese says:

    Dearest Saida, by reading your article I feel really touched by your wisdom and how much you care about women and their well being on every level. It is so wonderful that there is someone like you who is dedicated to this kind of work . With love Jutta

  24. Meg
    Meg says:

    Thank you, Saida, for speaking out about this procedure and for continuing to share your wisdom that empowers us as women to deeply love and adore ourselves. Thank you for teaching so many of us and for sharing the practices you have learned and refined so widely. I had never heard of the O-shot before, and it is dismaying and not surprising that someone would come up with this. Please keep doing what you are doing so that more and more girls and women of all ages can discover our natural birthright. I got your book many years ago and I look forward to the next one!

    • Saida
      Saida says:

      Hi Meg, Thank you for your words of encouragement… they mean a lot to me.

      I have a new eBook on the Jade Egg about to be released! Everyone on my list will be receiving a copy of it very soon!

  25. Johanna Alper
    Johanna Alper says:

    Saida – I’m so very Grateful that you are calling attention to this outrageous quick fix which can add to further violence against women. By the way, I love your Emergence of the Sensual Woman!

  26. Roksana
    Roksana says:

    Thank you Saida for bringing this issue to our attention. I wasn’t aware of O-shots at all. To me it is clear that it’s yet another invasive and unhealthy “solution” to women’s insecurities. My intuitive feeling is that long term results of this procedure will be horrendous… You’re so right that every physical symptom has an emotional background and to really resolve the issue we’ve got to pay attention and work with the body and emotions. I love your work. Thank you for doing what you’re doing.

  27. Rose-Marie
    Rose-Marie says:

    Hey Saida,

    Je suis profondément affectée par les informations que tu donnes. Pourtant, très souvent j’entends des gens qui prennent les solutions de facilité (chirurgie, médicaments chimiques…) et oublient de se repositionner dans leur VIE. Demander à son Être profond ce qui ne fonctionne plus ? investir un peu de temps pour changer quelque chose et trouver un nouvel équilibre… trop difficile pour beaucoup de gens. Pour beaucoup de femmes, il y a les enfants, les maris, le travail qui n’acceptent pas qu’elles ne soient pas PARFAITE en tous temps…
    Avant d’accepter un traitement ou une invation chirurgicale, je demande fermement, je choisis le praticien, je demande à mon corps ce qui est le mieux pour lui… cela demande parfois un peu de temps et avec les méthodes d’introspections et de travail intérieur, la réparation est souvent mieux qu’avant… 

    I am deeply affected by the information that you give. However, very often I hear people who take solutions ease (surgery, chemical medicines, etc) and forget to reposition themselves in their lives. Ask sound be deep what no longer works? invest a little time to change something and find a new balance… too difficult for many people. For many women, there are children, husbands, work which do not accept that they are not perfect at all times… Before accepting treatment or a surgical britih, I asked firmly, I choose the practitioner, I asked my body what is best for him… This requires sometimes a little time and with insights and internal working procedures, the repair is often better than before… 

    avec bonheur de te connaître,


  28. Cindy
    Cindy says:

    I am so glad you are both sexy sassy and badass sassy. I have heard of this and it actually makes me so sad and angry. We are trying to encourage pleasure and drop into our beautiful sacred body vessel for all it’s illuminated sensual gifts. Our society is on the quick fix more than ever. Thank you for writing this…

  29. Pam Furno
    Pam Furno says:

    I am thankful for this post today; I never would have even considered (I’m obviously a virgin to media driven trash)! You are enabling me to see the other side of things; I have MS and live on a limited budget so I couldn’t afford it even if my brain was on hiatus and I wanted a quick fix; its amazing how destructive to good ol Mother Nature. In thanks.

  30. Yvonne
    Yvonne says:

    I’m outraged too Saida and thank you for bringing this scandalous news to our attention. As you say, just tapping into womens’ insecurities in search of a quick buck.


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