The O-Shot – An Instant Cure For Anorgasmia & Incontinence?

If you haven’t yet heard of the O-shot, you will.

It’s the next “quick fix solution” to women’s sexual dysfunctions.

The O-shot is an injection into your vaginal and clitoral tissue which claims to heal incontinence and provide you with better orgasms.

At first glance, it’s rather cutting edge that an MD would discover, create, and sell to the public a simple and effective solution to women’s sexual problems.

Yet here’s where I needed to question the procedure, as I’m never one to get excited about invasive procedures.

I went to my medical colleagues to ask their insights and here’s a summary of what they shared with me:

  • They were turned off by the marketing and sales ploys of the website, however, they did say that there was validity to some of the ideas
  • They shared was that PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) therapy is known to assist in auto-immune issues related to the vulva. So this in of itself is exciting as it currently is one of the few known treatments for vulvar lichen sclerosus.
  • They also were not attracted to use the procedure for issues that could be resolved with proper posture and pelvic exercise.
  • One procedure is $1500USD and it’s not covered by insurance. For vulvar lichen sclerosus, it may take more than one shot to facilitate healing as it’s not guaranteed to work with the first shot (it could take 2-4 shots).

The question that begs to be asked is: what are the long-term effects of such a procedure? It has not been around long enough for us to know.

I’m an advocate for sexual sovereignty. A woman has the right to choose for herself what she will do or not do with her body. All I ask is that we get multiple opinions before jumping into a surgical solution.

We are conditioned, in our fast-paced culture, to want a quick solution to everything. Yet in my two decades of working with women’s psycho-sexual well-being, I know that some answers are not meant to come quickly.

Healing has its own timing.

And sometimes (most times) it must involve all of us: mind/heart/body/essence.

Personally, injections into my vagina and clitoris do not sound pleasant at all (even if they do apply a topical analgesic) and I would explore many other options before saying yes to anything surgical.

Would you be willing to invest in yourself through considering new perceptions about yourself along with incorporating some basic lifestyle changes and simple practices in order to create a lifetime of vibrant sexual health?

After working with thousands of women world-wide (from late teens up into the 60s and 70s), I’ve witnessed that investing a little time into oneself leads to the successful rejuvenation our sexual wellbeing.

Women with nerve issues have been able to innervate and create new pathways of pleasure while re-patterning nerves from sending pain signals to pleasurable ones.

Women suffering from vaginal dryness or low libido have been able completely rejuvenate and reignite themselves sexually.

Women who never orgasmed before are experiencing full-body orgasms.

All of this because they claim for themselves their sexual birthright.

It’s clear to me that the women who were treated with the O-shot also suffer from psychological stress. For example, being in a horrible relationship will shut anyone down, no matter what the age.

Simply injecting a solution and avoiding her core issue, forces a woman to remain in a situation that is contributing to the problem in the first place.

Sexual dysfunction is not purely an imbalance of the body, it is equally one of the mind and heart.

Distress in our psyche translates into distress in our body, leading us into “fight or flight” mode which is not conducive to having great sex.

If we continuously promote quick fixes to women’s sexual problems without acknowledging their lives as a whole, we are hurting women.

We are not machines that need to be snipped, stitched, poked, and filled with chemicals.

We are deep instinctual beings that posses an erotic genius.

Professionals who claim to be working for the sensual/sexual wellbeing of women must empower women to recognize their innate instinctual intelligence and show how their body and especially their yoni never, ever lies.

If we are dry, uninterested, sore, etc there is almost always an emotional link.

Hormones don’t just operate separate of our being-ness. They are profoundly influenced by our state of being.

If we feel stressed, we induce the stress response in our endocrine system.

Stress can cause vaginal dryness in women in their young 20s. Stress can cause incontinence even in children.

Injecting women may appear to be innovative and genius, but upon a deeper may not always be the best solution.

My final point of outrage is how potential practitioners are recruited: all that’s required is to be willing to pay to learn the techniques and buy the equipment while swearing that you are radical enough to be scrutinized and put down for your leading-edge desire to help women.

I’m outraged because the criteria has little to do with helping women and everything to do with ensuring that the trademark will be respected.

Women deserve to be treated by people who have their concerns at hand, not just their immediate concerns, but the long-term affect of any therapy or procedure recommended to them.

This very procedure is only exists because of lack of knowledge in the average woman. She watches daytime TV and sees a doctor being interviewed and promoted as having a genius solution.

He’s a doctor, we should trust him, right?


Not all doctors know and understand female sexuality for what it truly is. This is why doctors still get away with doing labiaplasty and other unnecessary procedures that are based on cashing in on women’s insecurities.

I’m not sure about you, but no one will have access to my precious body unless they have full reverence and desire to truly empower me.

If you are interested in learning what’s really going on inside your beautiful body and how to personally create a lifetime of pleasure and delight for yourself, then I’d recommend starting with my book, The Emergence of the Sensual Woman.

How do you feel about cutting edge procedures that are invasive to your genitals? How do you feel about giving your power to authority and trust them above your own innate erotic genius? Your opinion matters. Leave me your thoughts below and we can continue this discussion.