Transforming Challenges Into Pearls Of Wisdom


Any excuse to celebrate life is a good one in my books.

Are you like me? Do you enjoy reviewing your year & dreaming into the next one?

What kind of year have you had?

More importantly, where are you at inside yourself now that you are integrating it?

And would you love to join me in creating the best year ever for 2016?

Being intentional, gleaning wisdom from our challenges, and using the three key pieces to stay on track are all part of this month’s Delicious Tip Video:

Now it’s your turn!

Leave me a comment below with the following:

1. Your greatest challenge of 2015 & the pearl of wisdom you got from it

2. Something you would LOVE to have in your life, and more importantly, WHY you would love this.

3. One thing you are going to do now to simplify your life for 2016.

And thank you. For you. For being here. For rocking it was an impeccable, gorgeous, and amazing person in the world.

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51 replies
  1. Cherry
    Cherry says:

    Biggest challenge: depression connected to being in a relationship
    Pearl: The penny has finally dropped that I need to love me, as I am!
    What I want for this year: To love me!
    Why: Because from there all will grow beautifully – career, relationships, spirituality, health, vitality, sensuality
    One thing to simplify: I want a routine to my day so I am not paralysed by my mind!

    Thank you Saida, your gift is immense!!! I’m reading Emergence of the Sensual Woman and it is making beautiful sense – literally! xxx

  2. Veronique
    Veronique says:

    Greatest challenge was becoming “homeless”. The pearl in this is, living very close 2 nature. Dry, kitchen, shower, sleeping in a tent, now for 7 years. Directly on Pacha Mama.
    I would love 2 have a flourishing business, because I want to be able to support myself abundantlyrics in every way.
    I’m going to Love to say no & speak up in the moment.

    Thnx 4 yr awesome video

  3. Louise
    Louise says:

    Honestly, 2015 was a year of inner work, frustration and darkness, as I worked on simply loving my husband, as he is … and becoming aware of some stuff about myself that I am uncomfortable with. 2015 was probably the hardest year of my life to date, as well. My Mum also died at the beginning of October, both a painful full stop on my relationship with her, and a blessed and peaceful release for her.

    The temptation is to simply bury my discomfort … but my inner wisdom, and a lot of my resources, suggest that becoming more comfortable with my discomfort is a more useful alternative to allow myself to move forwards more positively in new and unfamiliar ways.

    The highlights were my two year old grandson continuing to enjoy my uke music, and hearing him start to string sentences together; and the joy that came with the birth of our second grandson, watching my younger son becoming a Daddy, and his wife becoming a Mummy. Our grandchildren have been born into good families. That is very satisfying.

    I have shed stuff this last year as well, sloughing off things that no longer serve me, and interests that are no longer of interest. But a lot of physical decluttering needs to be done, a big challenge for me being the letting go of the past; from those things that gave me both pain and joy in the past.

    Two days into the New Year I am at last inspired to dream my 2016 into existence. Tap, tap, tap on my computer, adding to my 2016 Manifesto as pieces of inspiration pop into my head during my day.

    The Pearl of Wisdom has come in joining the dots between the challenge of Becoming More Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable and the role of Consciously Giving Myself More Pleasure as a buffer to that discomfort, and to shore up my self-worth. It has never occurred to me before that this balancing relationship between Pleasure and Discomfort existed, but it is now right in my face. I have never ‘seen it’ so clearly before.

    What I would love in my life and why? More satisfaction in our marital relationship, because he is a good man, and we both deserve it. Why be married superficially.

    Simplifying 2016? Removing the physical reminders that are pulling me back into re-experiencing the past, so I no longer live amongst its leftovers. Disempower my anxiety about the future by being more grateful for my present moment with all it brings. Making more room for the Present.

  4. Siri
    Siri says:

    The greatest challenge for me in 2015 has been meeting very up front with a lot of my darkness. Recognizing all the self hatred. Seeing my feeling outside in social settings, even when being alone. My feeling wrong and that “the others know how to do it”. Feeling that I am faking it, so that nobody will find out. Finally really taking in my doubts about friendships with other women, how to do it, how to maintain it, how to be myself. Admitting that being with other people after a while I start experiencing that they have a better life than me, I feel jealous and worthless, and judge this in me, that can´t just be with other people and appreciate and stay with myself. I had a very clear point of time – July 2014 – where I was sitting in meditation and I said to my darkness, my ego, my fear: Bring it on. I am ready to embrace you. I want to hear everything. I want to see everything clearly. For the first time in my life I want to stop running away from all of this. Stop trying to deny that all this exists in me. I connected with the sense of being a Mother to it all. Of being this huge warmth and love, that cared and loved immensely every little ugly “child”. Every feeling of self hatred, wrongness etc. And it feels as though the darkness has come in overwhelming buckets, enthusiastic to be met. At times I have forgotten to be the Mother, and have just been sucked into the experience, of Oh my god, it feels like there is always pain. But as I get still right now and reflect back, I sense the huge power in the invitation. In stopping to run. The freedom in not being afraid to meet it. The curiosity and interest as I turn to look directly at it, instead of looking away, pretending it is not there. This is the pearl – the Motherness, the fearlessness. The honesty.

    I would love to have more erotic sensuality in my life, because I experience it brings genuine joy and ease, love and gratitude. Because connecting with the body and senses take away some of the power of the mind, the disconnected mind. I would love to listen more to my body, as it is sending me signals of misuse, non caring.
    I would love to have more relaxing. I often run myself as a race horse, with the sole purpose to win, win, win – achieve, have succes, using the whip and the fear of not managing.
    To simplify I want to consider every agreement carefully, knowing that it is MY time, and I don´t have to do everything. I want to have half an hour every day which is connect to myself time. I struggle to decide one exercise/meditation to stay with. Maybe it is okay to have the clear frame: my half hour, and then see what my heart longs to do, to cultivate the inner listening.
    I find this online community very beautiful. I usually dont write, just read. Something called me to write this time. Maybe a genuine wish to integrate this, not to forget again.
    Thank you Saida for huge inspiration. Thank you women for sharing.
    Happy New Year.

  5. Heather
    Heather says:

    My greatest challenge this year was one of my biggest mentors attempting to quit sleeping pills which lead to her entering rehab and being suicidal and requesting my support during this crisis in her life, which was super stressful for me. The pearl of wisdom is that I realize my foundation in life is not built on other people, the universe and love is what supports me.
    For 2016 I would love to heed the call of my heart, womb, and yoni. A holy trinity. Why? Because I want to really enjoy my life.
    One thing I will do to simplify my life?
    Let go and come back home to myself and resource my present moment when I experience stress and strain in my body (which alerts me to when I’m in resistance to life or trying to control it).

  6. Beth
    Beth says:

    My biggest challenge this year was watching my father pass away. What i learned from it was to be impeccable in my communication. What i want this year is to be more connected to nature and to hone my listening skills. Why? That I am not so sure of…. It just feels like what I am called to do at this time. Much love and gratitude to you and anyone reading this. Happy New Year.

  7. Leah Sage
    Leah Sage says:

    1. my greatest challenging for 2015 was coming head-to-head to with the realisation that I didn’t fully love, trust and value myself. I thought I had these aspects well developed until life throw me challenge after challenge and asked me to step up in subtle and not so subtle ways this year. The wisdom I gained from this is that everything I’m desiring is an inside job!!! I need to stop externally validating myself, leaning on others and instead look deep inside for love, trust and value. Scary and confronting but ultimately empowering stuff!!! I realise that this is a process and an unravelling and I have to remember often to be gentle with myself.

    I would love to have more compassion in my life. Compassion for myself, compassion for others and from others. Why because the alternative (judgement, right and wrong) feels harsh, unproductive, non-supportive and totally outdated.

    To simplify my life I’m going to continue to create a space that is filled with only things that “spark joy” and continue saying NO to things that don’t support my higher self.

    Leah xx

    • Saida Desilets
      Saida Desilets says:

      That’s gorgeous Leah!

      Thank you for sharing so beautifully. I hope to see you in the New Year and to support you to realize more of what you would love in your life.

  8. Elena
    Elena says:

    My goal this year is to continue to learn to live my truth, speak my truth. I spent so many years pleasing others, afraid to ‘rock the boat’ with my husband and others. Being in relationships that don’t serve me. I am still trying to figure out what to do with my marriage, but for now, there’ll be no more compromising of my needs.

    Also, Saida, thanks to you, I came to a profound realization that my pleasure is not optional. Rather, it’s vital for my well-being. So, I’m not compromising my pleasure (of any kind) either.

    This year I am all about asserting myself as a strong, independent (emotionally and financially) woman and never making compromises with my thruth.

    Happy holidays, beautiful ladies!

  9. Elke
    Elke says:

    My biggest challenge and reward was learning about and healing past trauma of which I had no memory. The dicovery was harrowing. The healing taught me so my about how disconnected from my physical body I was while at the same time being energetically quite aware. Now, at 51 years old, I am finally free to grow into a life of fully experiencing.
    For 2016 I desire to find my vocation and a fulfilling love relationship. Why? Because I want to live fully, freely. I want to bring my love and beauty to others and receive emotional and financial support for doing so.

  10. Savon
    Savon says:

    The toughest thing I went through this year was one of my older sister getting her wings and observing all my relationships with friends, family and a lover change. I found myself wanting. And the Universe lined things up to where I learned to want myself. This is how I came to take part in what you offer Saida. So what I want for myself is to continue to grow in my feminine power that I can manifest all the other material things I desire. My ocean is the choice of happiness. My oars, is this question/s: Are you compromising yourself? Am I getting the bubbly guts warning signal? Why do I want to continue to grow in my feminine power? Because that is my magic, EVERYTHING else will fall right into place. I have witnessed bits and pieces of my power. I desire to be fully grounded in it.
    Thank you Saida

  11. jeca
    jeca says:

    challenge, more then one-I was left by my partner after 12 years ,lost my best friend and uncle…well, wisdom or just seeing(read -feeling)mine – emotional depending on the others . Now ,as I write this,I see: wisdom is yet to come-connect with my inner self again(step by step).So that would be my wish for 2016,I don’t know how but “how” will come anyway. Why-I want to feel good by myself as much as I want to feel good being with others,to be more in present feeling free inside released from fear of loss.Making life more simple? I don’t know,some advice?
    Oh,the victory dance,you were great.I haven’t thought about anything,I simply needed to laugh and dance( 4 times) immediately while I was watching the video.It was so funny,thank you for that

    • Saida Desilets
      Saida Desilets says:

      LOL! Jeca! I’m delighted we could laugh and dance together!! I LOVE THAT!!!! You are courageous. To have loss and to find strength in it is huge. How isn’t that important (it becomes obvious one step at a time) when we are dedicated to our WHY. Simple? Well, what is one thing you do that takes away your time and energy? Can you do less of that?

      • jeca
        jeca says:

        well, if to much thinking is “action”, this reaction of mine on your video (funny dancing), shows me-that this is for me the easiest way to stop for the moment and feel good instantly (“baby steps” ,but it’s enough at this point). When will you dance again(I’m just kidding).
        My love-to you

        • Saida Desilets
          Saida Desilets says:

          LOL! I dance daily, for no reason at all other than it feels sooooo good. I love it that this is your way of shifting into feeling good.

  12. Mira
    Mira says:

    Wow. This definitely made me reflect. Because I realize I’m not holding on to my rudder tight. I deeply deeply desire to create a baby – a healthy healthy happy baby this year. Yet this past month I’ve been drinking and staying up late – “fun” in the name of health and relaxation. I’m invited to a party this week – meant to be shots after shots of alcohol and loads of fun. But is this holding on to my rudder? No. Absolutely not. I think my answer is there. So simple. My desire is much stronger than a night of fun. That said – how can I make my life pleasurable if I’m not letting loose? But not with alcohol and bad food and little sleep, I feel that strongly. What I actually desire is lots and lots of hiking in the woods. And I haven’t been giving myself that.

    I am grateful to a number of challenges this year – oddly enough, women whose names start with J – one who tried to block my career path, and another who raised feelings of jealousy in me I did not know I had. A year later, I am closer to my man and in the job I of my dreams, but I had to fight for both. I still feel challenged around sugar – but even this has much improved.
    So yes – my deepest desire for 2016 to get pregnant and have a healthy vibrant pregnancy this year so let me let go of everything that doesn’t allow me to hold on to that rudder and hold on fast!

    ps – Saida this morning I did some of your kidney breathing and ovary breathing meditations. *love*

    • Saida Desilets
      Saida Desilets says:

      Beautiful Mira, I’m struck by your beautiful authentic share. Isn’t it gorgeous when we can just SEE what we are choosing and the actions that come from that… and how simple it is to see if it’s truly in alignment or not? Thank you for sharing such a clear example of that! Maybe we did those practices at the same time!!

  13. Iliana Brightwolf
    Iliana Brightwolf says:

    Thank you for this wonderful video! It is eerily synchronous with my experience this past year, which started out as one of the most challenging of my life, ended as the most miraculous of my life.
    1) The biggest challenge I had was prioritising self-care, which I began to do and take seriously. It took several tries but eventually I began to experience changes. I began to try new things as well, and take risks. Then, I realised, I was only half-awake. I was only living a tiny portion of the joy and expression and pleasure I am capable of, and I began in earnest to pursue and figure out what that looked like. The biggest challenge throughout all of this was to not listen to the voice inside me that told me it was no use – that there was nothing ‘out there’ for me and that this was just the way ‘life is’. Thank god I didn’t listen to that voice. Because soon, miracles began to happen. Big, kaleidoscopic, explosive miracles, and EVERYTHING has changed. Realising I was no longer willing to accept an unfulfilling sex life, and taking responsibility for that, is what lead me to your blog and the jade egg.
    2) Something I would love to have in my life? I JUST wrote a blog post about this. I want, by the end of 2016, to be prospering and supporting myself through BEING myself. I don’t yet know what that looks like, but I do know what it FEELS like: Fizzy, explosive, kinetic, mystical, crackling, thunderous, creative, WILD magic… Soaring, adventurous, expansive, boundless, inspiring freedom… Radical, uncompromising, righteous, illuminating, fiercely protective, maternal self-love, self-celebration and self-honour… Sizzling, blistering, molten, magnetic, electrifying, sorcerous, cosmic sexual fulfilment … succulent, sensual, sacred, nourishing, deeply satisfying sensory ecstacy… Unifying, deeply loving, caring, playful, sustaining connection to nature, myself, other humans, and the Mystery at the heart of existence… I want to dissolve in a sea of beauty and pleasure.
    3) I am going to simplify my life by following what feels good, and putting my Intuition, inner child and Higher Self in the driving seat – not my ego. It can sit on the back-seat, in a baby safety seat!!!

    Thank you for having the courage to be yourself Saida, and sharing your passion. It really helped me this year, you feel like a dear friend xxxxx

    • Saida Desilets
      Saida Desilets says:

      Sweet Iliana! WOW! Such a powerful share. So much clarity. I love it!!! I love your KNOWING of the SENSATIONS… that to me is the quickest way to magnetize things into my life AND already enjoying them before they even show up!

  14. Monica
    Monica says:

    I look back on 2015 and the highlight was meeting an amazing man who helped reawaken my sexuality in many ways after a long 6 year dry spell. He, in fact, told me about jade eggs. Alas, while I knew he wasn’t monogamous, this weekend he wanted to see me on Sunday afternoon after spending Saturday night with someone else. For the first time, I refused him because I realized I want more from him or from someone else. I do love him, but feel very deeply that there is more for us to explore and want more time with him; we need to transform what we have and build on it or let it go. In 2016, I intend to move more into my goddessness and with time off next week, will reflect more deeply on what that means to me. Thank you!

  15. Miet
    Miet says:

    Hi Saida,
    You look more unburdened if I may say, lighter.

    1/ My biggest challenge or struggle last year was the “sudden” loss of my boyfriend who died in my presence. The gift or pearl in it was knowing him and his talented soul…, knowing he felt safe with me and protected.
    I know this because he comes every three months at night in my sleep lying next to me,with his arm around me,for a long while, all calm and in peace sending me his love and giving me strength. Mostly when I’m sliding into lonelyness and in a state of complete powerlessness and having no clue what so ever about
    who I am anymore and how to handle my life.
    So for that I am really gratefull to him.

    2/ What I would love in my life and Why;
    the ability to be myself completely at any time and place
    without the feeling of being locked in and caved in my own self.
    Despite my situation of being dependent of others against my will
    I would love to refind my strength to be in my own center and ground
    and radiate/express my very own energy and core of being.
    Not me and the universe being separated, not the impossibility or incapacity to reconnect with people around me…
    but like how I was before; open for exchanging and sharing in the flow of the universe and of it all.
    the Why? not being able to be one’s self makes sick
    or even wanting to die because it’s unbearable.

    3/How to simplify things in my life?….
    hmmm…. Laying next to me any fear,doubt,restrictions,
    fatalism, barriers,obstacles of others, what some try to push upon me
    same goes for trying to fill in my agenda or take over the rudder of my own ship (me,my life course). Dealing with my anger and frustration against abuse of power, abuse of generosity… not becoming self-destructive if experiences are being blocked or stripped.

    Now finding the ‘how’……and learning how to trust people again.

    thank you.


    • Saida Desilets
      Saida Desilets says:

      Ah Miet! Sweet to hear from you!! What powerful gift you received. WOW. So your rudder is AUTHENTICITY and your ocean is the FABRIC OF LIFE. And to simplify… seems a bit complicated. What is ONE thing you can actively do to make your life easier? And HOW will become very obvious, when your WHY is powerful enough.

  16. Kimberly Dean
    Kimberly Dean says:

    Thank you Saida! 2015 has been a year of huge change and it’s taught me to speak my truth even if it comes as a shock to others, it has also allowed me to focus on self-acceptance & make peace with being different.

    My 2016 focus to simplify my life by listening and honouring how I feel about what is happening in the moment. Previously I tended to override how I felt. I think this will help me complete my tertiary studies whilst actually enjoying the new knowledge.

    Thank you!

  17. Peneleapaí Aloha
    Peneleapaí Aloha says:

    Aloha Saida.
    U kno i remember when i kept getting your emails and finally 1 day decided to check out what was in them (thinking i’d delete it after that) .. I was so impress’d and pleased, that to this day, after a lot of quality training and retreats with great Teachers apparently 🙂 I am so glad that I kept our contact. (Did u receive my query/panic about my JadeEgg btw??)
    1. Biggest challenge this year = I was down for 7 months with an AutoImmune illness. Wow. I can’t even begin to write about it. The pearl was……….. literally a PEARL (concentrated awesomeness) of wisdom & grace in true deep inner PEACE/silence. Since my passion is healing and especially spiritual, somatic-sexual healing for all age ranges, this was a vital piece that i “had” in my head but hadn’t truly been activated in spirit/ at soul level. I can only see that there is such a wealth to be unraveled, explored, learned, and experienced after that..
    2. What i deeply WANT is … well, I did say that no matter what, i must manifest a visit to either Bali, or Hawai’i (or both!!) .. WHY was because the energy and life force in those places resonate with me. I’ve been Irish in Ireland for about 2 decades now. Fear has been holding me here. In my most lucid moments I see that there is of course nothing holding me anywhere (there’s children involved etc.) but being conscious of the longstanding fear patterns hardened into my psyche, (de-armouring to do here i feel, yippee!) it takes some magnificent force to inspire it all to melt for good …
    the other thing that I become more conscious of is a desire for a home. I’ve just been renting in Ireland and having babies. Even tho I perform and facilitate healing workshops, and get to travel, I acknowledge that it is another way of distracting me till I’ve cornered myself into a limiting small place, instead of the expansive ever-evolving place I originally felt this work to be!
    3. How to simplify is the question I have no easy answer for. There’s a cluttering thing going on. My Mother just had a major stroke. Navigating around her home among the thousands of dresses and held-onto stuff, to make way for home-help is something. But coming home to my own clutter of old creative materials, puppet making stuff, dance costumes, workshop photocopies, books, children’s stuff etc.. I always feel like i can easily simplify. And then i watch myself ‘simply’ not do it. (I tidy every day, and get spurts to do more as needed).. People observe that I am trying to keep a house and a home together for not just myself, but for my four children, and a couple of partners who are not physically present. I do feel handicapped and overwhelmed with it at times, but there’s a perennial feeling of “aw I can get to it no problem”. I own that it has all been my choices brought me to this place. So i look forward to simplifying this scenario at the appropriate price, soul wise, and material wise.
    Big mahalo nui loa Sister. Thank you for continuing to grace our circle with your love and wisdom. X

    • Saida Desilets
      Saida Desilets says:

      Sweet Peneleapaí, Thank you for taking the time to share so gorgeously! Congrats on your pearl of wisdom – HUGE! And like you said, it will impact your own work in the world. As for your trip to Bali/Hawaii… choose it! “I’m going to Bali”. That’s it. And don’t worry about how or when. Just focus on the feeling of BEING in Bali (btw: I’m taking an intimate group there for a 10 day retreat very soon). And for your simplifying, just pick ONE thing: I’m packing up my workshop photocopies… just that. It will feel amazing to do one little thing. And let us know here. I don’t think I got your email about the Jade Egg. Please resend it. 🙂

      • Peneleapaí Aloha
        Peneleapaí Aloha says:

        Ahhh. Your precious pearl for us, Saida has inspired a wee initiative in the UK now here (may be looking for copies of your book and/or jade egg for future interested Sisters!) .. Thank you for your reply. I will do that. And let u know.
        Och, with regards email, where should i send it to? I thought I was writing to you (and so was opening up and being all excited about sharing my progress and then curiosity) but it was someone else, an assistant/ in an advisory role on email, we got into a bit of a tangle as I took her tone of ‘voice’ {electronically} and choice of words to me to come across a bit judgmental. Hmm.

        • Saida Desilets
          Saida Desilets says:

          Sweet Peneleapai, Maya is very sweet and I read her email and didn’t feel like it was badly written. For this STRICTLY for me, please indicate that in the subject line. I do my best to address most emails, but there are thousands that come in, so I trust Maya to represent my wisdom as best she can.

          You are always welcome here.

  18. Amanda Louise
    Amanda Louise says:

    My greatest challenge in the year 2015 was coming to terms with the fact that I really desire loving male companionship, but that for some reason I keep attracting unavailable (married or taken) men. I realize that it must be a blockage that comes from within. After so many years in turbulent relationships with abusive, addict men, perhaps the married men provided a sort of calmness and stability that I need at the core of my feminine being at an unconscious level. I must have sensed that stability that radiated from them despite the fact that they were all dishonest about their relationship status. Most of my relationships in the past have been roller coaster rides with little to no stability. Most of the people in my life, with a few exceptions, are involved in dysfunctional relationships that are marred by addiction, infidelity, lack of boundaries, or some combination of all 3. I need to do inner work and dissolve the blockage!!! I know that if I start eating healthier, exercising, dancing, and taking better care of my body/mind/spirit, things will flow easier! I am slowly working through your book and I am currently learning how to practice the inner smile 🙂
    I would LOVE to fall in love with a beautiful, mature, and stable man. I would also love it if we were highly sexually compatible, because I have a lot of catching up to do, haha! I want to be a good example for my daughter and show her that there are more options in life than dysfunctional, abusive relationships and loneliness. I want to provide her the most loving example of a relationship that I can! I am also at a crossroads with career choices, it would be wonderful to have a strong, wise, and supportive man to give me good advice, foot rubs, and a shoulder to lay my head on when I feel overwhelmed. I also have a lot to give, I am a nurturer by nature, and I am also very tactile, I love to touch and be touched. After 2 and a half years of celibacy, I definitely feel a starved for masculine hands on my body!
    To simplify my life, I would like to stop listening to all the fear and shame instilling advice a lot of family and friends give me. A lot of times I have followed faulty advice that did not resonate with my inner voice, and the reason has almost always been FEAR. Almost everytime I let myself cave into FEAR, I move backwards from progress and intensify my bad habits!!! I also want to cut down on junk entertainment, I get sucked into that sometimes too, especially when depressed.
    Thank you Saida for encouraging me to think about these questions 🙂 I realize a few more things that I wouldn’t have otherwise! God bless you! Sorry I wrote another novel, haha!

    • Saida Desilets
      Saida Desilets says:

      Hi Amanda, beautiful said. If I may, for the sake of supporting you make your choices are reality, let’s simply them:
      1. You are calling an a gourmet relationship, 2. You are now self-sourcing your own wisdom, 3. You are practicing self-love, nurturing, and connection and as a result having positive impact on your daughter. Awesome stuff!!!

  19. Karin
    Karin says:

    Thank you for posing these profound questions and for being so open!
    My greatest CHALLENGE in 2015 was falling in love and experiencing the vulnerability that came with it…I didn’t know how to handle my own feelings. Everything changed in an instant. The PEARL that came with it? … Love itself… To let my heart grow bigger out of love, even though it also hurt. Love comes with truth and truth has many layers to it. With each layer comes a new challenge… So that’s yet another PEARL. Uncovering my own truth layer by layer… Loving myself more in the process.
    I would LOVE to have even more wildness in 2016. Why? Because wildness is the thing that makes me feel most connected to myself and to the beautiful mystery that life is.
    I don’t know, how I can make my life more simple right now. It’s already more simple than it has been for years. I’ll give it some thought…

    • Saida Desilets
      Saida Desilets says:

      Thank you Karin for your beautiful share. What is your RUDDER? What is the thing that will keep you connected to your wildness in 2016?

      • Karin
        Karin says:

        Wauw. It’s really hard for me to answer right now. Because I got “beaten up” emotionally due to my wildness recently… It feels like so many people in my life get drawn to me at first for my wildness, and next thing that happens is, that they want to control it. Cool it down. Okay… So I have to be more quick to turn away from that. Right now, I feel my RUDDER is TRUTH. The feeling of deep resonance with my own inner being. This kind of TRUTH is connected to WILDNESS for me. The sea is CONNECTION. I’m searching for CONNECTION between my own inner truth and people, who are on the same wavelength. Who can receive me and visa versa. The oars are OPENNESS right now. I have to let go of the past and dare to be open again and believe that the possibility for connection is there. To search inward is easy for me. I like to be on my own and can feel very fulfilled like that. To open up is more difficult. Does this make any sense?

        • Saida Desilets
          Saida Desilets says:

          Yes, Karin, it all makes sense. What people desire and what you know to be true for yourself won’t always be a match, that is called LIFE. So learning this ability to stay true to yourself no matter what sounds AWESOME!!!

  20. Cindy
    Cindy says:

    My distraction for 2015 were limited beliefs especially around finances as I started my business. My NO is giving myself permission to pause, take the time I need to make sure what I say YES to is congruent to my WHY. My WHY is so amazing, passionate and transformational. I am here at this time in my life to help women heal so the Earth can begin a healing process. I loved this video! Thank you Saida❤️

  21. JuliAnne
    JuliAnne says:

    Saida, thank you for sharing this video and your wisdom. It inspired me to really feel into your questions. 2015 was one of my toughest years too. My greatest challenge this year was learning to speak my truth and to allow everyone else their own response to that. My pearl of wisdom is that this life is MY life and that the opinion that matters most in my life is my own. Something I would love to have in my life in 2016 is to finish the book I am working on now and to have it picked up by a major publisher. The reason I would love this is because I know that the story I am telling will complete my own healing around its history and will also heal many other women in reading it. Third, for 2016, I am simplifying my life by getting all my things (and my energy) into just one country! The stuff part will be done in the very first week of January. That is another piece of me getting clearer, and freer!

    Thank you, Saida, again for the invitation to share and for seeing me.

    Blessings to you this holiday season.


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