Are Jade Eggs Dangerous? Why I Agree With An Ob-Gyn To Use Caution

You’re excited.

You’ve discovered the Jade Egg and you’re intrigued by all it promises to deliver: pelvic health, vaginal awakening, healing, better orgasms, and much, much more.

According to Regina Hall on the Conan show and Gwyneth Paltrow with her GOOP site, the Jade Egg is the bomb, right?


Now there’s the sobering voice of a doctor clearly challenging its validity along with a follow-up news report clearly in support of debunking the use of Jade Egg.

What to do? What’s real? Who do we believe?

“I read the post on GOOP and all I can tell you is it is the biggest load of garbage I have read on your site since vaginal steaming…  So let me give you some free advice, don’t use vaginal jade eggs.” – Dr. Jen Gunter

Are We Being Deceived?

I received many distressed messages from clients insisting I read and comment on a recent article from Dr. Jen Gunter in reaction to Gwyneth Paltrow’s promotion of the Jade Egg via GOOP as well as to respond to the claims on The Young Turks debunking report.

As the founder of the Modern Jade Egg movement, I’ve been a strong spokesperson for the Jade Egg for nearly two decades and an advocate for women’s sexual sovereignty and erotic genius.

The recent rise of what I like to call the McEgg movement—hype-filled, glamorized, and possibly dangerous ideas and practices about the use of the Jade Egg (see Regina Hall on Conan’s late night show on the Yoni Egg)—has lead me to consistently speak out against this misreporting (see McEgg Movement Video & Clarifying The Myths About The Jade Egg video) in attempts to provide women with grounded and true information.

Although Dr. Jen Gunter clearly takes a stand against the use of a Jade Egg, I would have to agree with her wholeheartedly as I found some of her points quite valid.

In fact, it makes sense that sensible, mainstream people would react to the ‘woo-woo’ promises that are dished out by the McEgg movement since it equally offends me to hear such outrageous claims.

How The Modern Jade Egg Movement Began:

Before I go into why I agree, and add my two cents on this matter, it’s important to give you the inside scoop as to how all of this began:

The beginning, for me, happened in 1995 when I discovered the Egg practice through the writings of Mantak Chia in his book Healing Love Through The Tao – Cultivating Female Sexual Energy (note: back then it wasn’t Jade, but Obsidian that was being used and promoted). 

Being already professionally trained in somatic awareness, movement and alternative medicine assisted me in accepting the Taoist concepts that Chia presented. However, when I attempted to do the practice as described in this book, my body completely rejected it—imagine my egg flying across the room like a highspeed torpedo! (I found out later that his book was written predominantly by a company of male practitioners—go figure!)

Fast-forward: By 2002 I had developed & shared my own body of work and was invited by Mantak Chia to his Tao Garden retreat center in Thailand where he encouraged me to share my insights and innovations as well as to contribute to The Multi-Orgasmic Woman book co-written by Dr. Rachel Abrams & Mantak Chia. It was also during that same period that I authored a Jade Egg Exercise booklet that Chia still uses and sells to this day.

What I failed to realize at the time, was that my work had succeeded in influencing this lineage. Unfortunately, my methods were not properly understood and are still currently being mis-taught and mis-used. (This is why I was dumbfounded to discover that many ‘Jade Egg teachers’ appeared to be copying my work on YouTube & various online courses. They were, in reality, not copying me, but being trained in a degraded version of my method through Chia’s school—mystery solved!)

In 2006, I published my book, Emergence of the Sensual Woman, outlining my philosophy as well as sharing over 60 unique Jade Egg practices.

By 2008, I had succeeded in completing my dissertation on the impact of the Jade Egg practice and my Désilets Method on the psycho-sexual well-being of women.

It revealed the importance for any practitioner—doctor, psychologist, counselor, therapist, or teacher—to have practical knowledge of both the “Functional” and “Meaning” models of sexuality since both have implicit impact on the well-being of the women they are serving.

I also discovered a statistically significant result that was unexpected: Real, positive, lasting transformation would occur even when a woman didn’t do any of the techniques!

This showed me that clearly something other than the ‘practical techniques’ (the functional model) were having impact on women, therefore, I dedicated the rest of my life’s work to understanding and refining the delicate balance of our psycho-sexual nature (the meaning model).

Now it’s 2017 and the McEgg movement has reached new heights—and a doctor finally speaks up against it.

The Dangers of the McEgg Movement:

It’s her thoughts (in blue italics) I’d like to address:

But hey, you aren’t one to let facts get in the way of profiting from snake oil.

Agreed. I’ve been warning women for years about the snake oil aspects of the McEgg movement.

My issue begins with the very start of your post on jade eggs specifically that “queens and concubines used them to stay in shape for emperors.” Nothing says female empowerment more than the only reason to do this is for your man!

Agreed. This is not female empowerment. In fact, there’s no real evidence of the truth of this statement. I too was told the same story nearly 20 years ago and I’ve attempted for years to find accurate sources to these claims and haven’t found anything that was legitimate. But the real question is: why do we need the mystical history of concubines to make this a valid choice for ourselves?

And then the claim that they can balance hormones is, quite simply, biologically impossible.

Agreed. The Jade Egg cannot possibly do this. However, what Dr. Gunter doesn’t know, since it’s not available in the McEgg information, is that there are practices and meditations that assist our body to function much better, and possibly even slow down or reverse the aging process:

“Other studies find that taking a class that offers training in mindfulness or meditation is linked to improved telomere maintenance.” – Elizabeth Blackburn, PhD & Elissa Epel, PhD, The Telomeres Effect

Personally, I’ve had some incredible results with my own body and that of my clients, especially women suffering menopausal and post-menopausal symptoms that have been able to completely rejuvenate their sexual health.

Pelvic floor exercises can help with incontinence and even give stronger orgasms for some women, but they cannot change hormones.

Agreed. It is NOT the McEgg information and practices that can do this. In fact, the use of the Jade Egg alone will not do this. However, I currently work with an Ob-Gyn and we are tracking real, substantial changes in women’s genitals with proper use of my method.

“It’s much less effective for women to exercise their pelvic floors well without feedback from an object inside the vagina. The Jade Egg provides this, and much more. Women who in the past were reluctant to touch or view their genitals, push past those barriers and witness their bodies change as they tune into sensations and responses elicited by the Jade Egg Practice. With connection like this, healing follows—both physical and psychological. Intentional focus brings about physical change.” Debra Wickman, MD, FACOG

If the word for womb is yoni I hate to break it to you, but the uterus and vagina are different structures. If you are using the Sanskrit, while I admit I am no language scholar, it seems that yoni means the entire female reproductive tract and you should say that.

Agreed. It’s part of the mainstream to use the word VAGINA to mean the entire female reproductive organ, just as it’s part of the New-Age Goddess movement to use the word Yoni without a clear distinction of what is meant when using this word.

As a psychologist who specializes in the psycho-sexual well-being of women, I hold a different opinion on the use of alternative words to describe our genitals. How we define things does make an impact and if a woman has a trauma association with her genitals, it can be of incredible impact for her to claim, for herself, a new name that is not associated with trauma, but with her choice to love and heal herself.

Terminology aside, the vulva, vagina, cervix, and uterus are not intuition repositories and neither are they sources of “power” or “wisdom.” If fact, I find that assertion insulting. Do you really mean a woman who does not have a uterus is less effective? Is a woman without a vagina less intelligent?  Is a woman who had a vulvectomy due to cancer less creative?

Here is where Dr. Gunter reveals her wisdom and her limitation. It is true to say that her points are valid in terms of inclusivity of all women, no matter what their physical conditions may be.

However, to discard a woman’s body as the seat of her wisdom is also indicative of an industry that fails to make the link between the body and the psyche. Yet many ailments that affect women’s sexual health often have a psycho-somatic piece to them and this must be taken into consideration, not belittled.

I’ve seen too many incredible transformations when women stop seeing themselves as fragmented, but rather redefine themselves as whole: body/mind/heart/spirit.

As for the recommendation that women sleep with a jade egg in their vaginas I would like to point out that jade is porous which could allow bacteria to get inside and so the egg could act like a fomite. This is not good, in case you were wondering. It could be a risk factor for bacterial vaginosis or even the potentially deadly toxic shock syndrome.

This is a very serious issue and allegation. If we are to consider this TSS argument, then why do we still have a tampon industry? Women wear tampons 24/7, sometimes over a period of days or even a week once every month! This is a lot of internal wear, yet few people are taking a strong stand to end the use of Tampons world-wide. Tampon use, in this light, should then be eradicated completely to make sure that no woman suffer from TSS. But, the tampon industry is alive and well.

In this following FDA quote, please notice that TSS occurs 50% of the time in children, men and non-menstruating women:

TSS is a rare but potentially fatal disease caused by a bacterial toxin. Approximately half the cases of TSS reported today are associated with tampon use during menstruation, usually in young women. TSS also occurs in children, men, and non-menstruating women. Although scientists have recognized an association between TSS and tampon use, the exact connection remains unclear. Research conducted by the CDC suggested that use of some high absorbency tampons increased the risk of TSS in menstruating women. A few specific tampon designs and high absorbency tampon materials were also found to have some association with increased risk of TSS. These products and materials are no longer used in tampons sold in the U.S. Tampons made with rayon do not appear to have a higher risk of TSS than cotton tampons of similar absorbency.

FDA requires manufacturers to give information on the package labeling about the signs of TSS and how to minimize the risk. Women are encouraged to read this information before using tampons and to ask about TSS when getting a medical checkup. –

Perhaps, in light of Dr. Gunter’s argument, we can see that Jade has less absorbency than a tampon, minimizing the TSS risk. While proper use and hygiene would further reduce any threat.

For example, with all my students, I strongly advise not to use the Jade Egg during one’s menstrual cycle for both hygienic and pelvic health reasons. If going by the FDAs information, we can see that the dominant number of cases occurred with young women who were menstruating and using tampons (and probably leaving them in for too long).

Furthermore, using pure, untreated, unbleached, un-dyed Jade is important because of the potential toxicity of the dyes, bleaches and treatment methods (which is why I recommend only using a GIA certified source of real Nephrite Jade).

Over the past twenty years of both my personal practice and professionally working with women, I’ve never had any problems with Nephrite Jade. However, I do follow strict hygienic protocols and insist on making sure women know how to prepare the Jade Egg before use and what to do after each use.

I also teach a very unique method to this practice, one based on tried and tested methods (including writing my dissertation on it’s impact on women’s psycho-sexual well-being).

Personally, I have worn the Jade Egg all day long, every day for nearly two decades without a problem. In fact, it’s regular use and proper protocols lead to the resolution of my chronic bladder and yeast problems. So I’m actually healthier after consistent Jade Egg use.

I have my pelvic floor and genitals regularly examined by my Ob-Gyn as well as other professionals such as Osteopaths and Pelvic Pain specialists. All have agreed that I have an extraordinarily healthy pelvis and perfect sexual health. In fact, I was recently asked by an Ob-Gyn if she could use me as a ‘specimen’ for optimal pelvic and sexual health in a medical presentation at the World Conference on Sexual Health.

“In all of my years of practice, I have never seen any poor outcomes from women using a jade egg vaginally.  Given the inert quality of the stone, I think that the risk of TSS or other infection is negligible.”– Rachel Carlton Abrams, MD, MHS

I’ve shared this practice world-wide with tens of thousands of women who follow hygienic and technical protocols to ensure their proper use. No adverse effects have been reported to me.

Therefore, I would agree with Dr. Gunter than improper hygiene with any internal device is not a safe. I would have to add that improper use of any internal device would also adverse affects.

Regarding the suggestion to wear the jade egg while walking around, well, I would like to point out that your pelvic floor muscles are not meant to contract continuously. In fact, it is quite difficult to isolate your pelvic floor while walking so many women could actually clench other muscles to keep the egg inside. 

Agree 100%. Women should not be constantly contracting their pelvic floor. However, when the Jade Egg is used properly, a woman does not need to clench or squeeze to keep the Jade Egg in all day. It’s NOT actually her muscles that keep the Jade Egg in. I intend to release a medical study demonstrating what actually is happening when a woman practices properly by 2018.

Overenthusiastic Kegel exercises or incorrectly done Kegel exercises are a cause of pelvic pain and pain with sex in my practice.

Yes!!! Absolutely! In fact, Dr. Kegel never intended the ‘mainstream ideas’ of his exercises to be used as they are being used. My colleague Isa Herrera, MSTP, CSCS, pelvic pain specialist shares, “Women are exercising themselves into pelvic pain and dysfunction.” Sad, but true.

And the last statement with regards to Dr. Gunter’s letter to Gwyneth (which really should have been written to the author of the article because I doubt Gwyneth knew any better):

Kegel exercises are not just about the contraction, the relaxation phase is just as important.

ABSOLUTELY!!! I’ve been teaching for nearly two decades the importance of softening and melting open. Thank you for saying such a vital piece of information, Dr. Gunter!

So Now What?

Let’s not throw the baby out with the bath water.

Yes, we do have the escalating insanity of the McEgg movement where practitioners/yoni egg sellers are profiting from the genuine interest that modern women have in taking care of their pleasure and sexual well-being.

And, we are (thankfully) having it debunked.

Dr. Gunter makes very valid points, so pay attention to them!

And Gwyneth Paltrow probably didn’t know any better when she or her team approved of this article; most likely there was good intention behind the desire to publish (and sell) information on the Jade Egg.

Yet the way this incident was handled speaks volumes to the state of sexual sovereignty in this country (and around the world).

We must never override a woman’s sexual sovereignty. This means treating women as intelligent, whole beings and giving them sound information.

It’s time for us, as a whole, to upgrade the conversation about sexuality, women, and empowerment without either making it into a joke or a freak show.

It’s time for any one who considers themselves an influencer in the Women’s Empowerment movement to join the conversation and contribute this upgrading without having to be condescending to one another, in other words, leading by example.

What Are Our Next Steps?

Be open to the idea that each human being is sexually sovereign, despite being socially conditioned out of knowing this for themselves and discouraged from taking personal responsibility for their sexual well-being.

Set industry standards: I’m glad that articles, like Dr. Gunter’s, are being written as a reflection of the complete lack of standards in the current field of Jade Egg training, pointing to the rising need for exceptionally grounded and high standards of education if we are to provide true, lasting, positive transformation for all women.

Currently I’m qualifying my first 8 Ambassadors in my Désilets Method. It’s a rigorous year-long training (not just reading a book or doing a few weekend workshops) designed to have embodied practitioners provide high quality education for women of all ages.

Do leading-edge medical research: I’ve teamed up with a leading Ob-Gyn to conduct quantitative as well as qualitative research to demonstrate the medical impact the Jade Egg when used properly (stay tuned!).

Respect yourself: I would applaud your desire to empower yourself and celebrate your curiosity and willingness to explore and discover for yourself new ideas and tools for your well-being.

Please leave me your comments below so we can, together, take this conversation deeper. If you liked this article, please share it so we can transform the misunderstandings into true empowerment.

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48 replies
  1. Brandie
    Brandie says:

    I SO appreciated this article and the middle ground you bring to these two different approaches and philosophies. I recently (and unfortunately) was duped into signing up for one of Kim Anami’s courses, which pushes only misinformation, conspiracy theories, and dangerous advice. It’s unfortunate because that kind of ungrounded work will make all alternative, intuitive based practices seem “woo-woo,” when many of us know through experience that’s not the case. She said a lot of disturbing information through my time in her course, and even recommended people to not get preventative labs and mammograms done. Unfortunately that instagram-level knowledge seems to gain more momentum all the time, and she appears to block anyone who disagrees with her. The internet can definitely pose a challenge in looking for authentic information with solid roots versus those profiting off being inaccurate. Thanks for your perspective!

    • Saida Desilets
      Saida Desilets says:

      Hi Brandie, Thank you for taking the time to write to me. I really appreciate your honesty and courage to share as it is women like you who keep the ‘industry’ accountable and in integrity. I too wish there were better standards, which is why I created the Embodied PsychoSexual Method program for professionals. I’ve found that the majority of very good quality information gets drowned by loud marketing ploys. I have some degree of hope that women are savvy and can see what is real.

  2. Laneya Wiles
    Laneya Wiles says:

    Hi! I’ve purchased and read your book in the past. I see a million articles 100% saying yoni eggs are a joke and its history in ancient times a hoax. So, are you 100% saying Mantak Chia and his people made it all up? If so, what made you still continue to practice yoni egg use? Also, what is your stance on eggs made of Obsidian, like mine?

    • Saida Desilets
      Saida Desilets says:

      Hi Laneya, I love all your honest and direct questions. I had no idea there were millions of articles with so much certainty, in either direction! LOL! I cannot speak for other teachers, so you best go straight to the source for those questions. I have a unique approached based on over 25+ years of personal practice as well as sharing not only with thousands of women world wide, but also with top specialists like Ob-Gyns, Pelvic Pain specialists, & Osteopaths, just to name a few. I do not agree with how this practice is taught in 99.9% of the cases. I have not been able to find any true scholarly sources of historical use. However, some traditions are only passed down orally, this does not mean they are not valid. As for my method, it brings in many sources of information from somatic awareness, meditation, vagal toning, actual medical evidence of my students being examined before and 6+ months after practice (with stunning results), psycho-sexuality, and more. Obsidian is glass, so it’s pretty safe in terms of porosity, but if you drop it, it could smash into a million pieces, making it a costly investment. Which is my I prefer GIA certified Nephrite Jade. Again, it’s more to do with HOW we practice, than the egg. In fact, I encourage many to NOT use the egg in the beginning.

  3. Paloma
    Paloma says:

    This seems a very interesting healing with Yoni egg, had never ever heard of it before. Though the concept is new, I shall read more on this before looking out to heal pelvic muscles.

    • Saida Desilets
      Saida Desilets says:

      Hi Paloma,

      Most ‘education’ available to the public is made up at best, and dangerous, at worse. So it’s very important that women get real information.

  4. Kristen Cochran
    Kristen Cochran says:

    Thank you for bringing incredible integrity, authenticity and supreme wisdom to such an important and delicate topic. You are an clear shining light.

      • Justine
        Justine says:

        We are putting porous eggs and wands in our vagina! People look up the chemical formula for “Quartz” it is associated with cancer and many other autoimmune diseases. No one told us that! People are putting Rose “Quartz” up their vaginas not knowing the serious risk of SiO2!!! People will tell you anything for money. Save your wombs and the rest of your body including your money everything is a scam these days!

        • Saida Desilets
          Saida Desilets says:

          Hi Justine! Thank you for sharing!! Do you have a link to the studies on Quartz please? I’d LOVE to see them. Together, we can bring truth to the light.

  5. Alia Metcalf
    Alia Metcalf says:

    I deeply appreciate your commitment to truth and integrity Saida. Thank you for being a voice of balance and grounded reason.

  6. Konstantina Avgi
    Konstantina Avgi says:

    Thank you so much for everything Saida! After the 1st workshop I did with you my life has changed completely for the better. I am so grateful for everything you have done to share your wonderful practises with women around the world. Hopefully this article will enlighten the “McEgg movement” and all the misinformation spread.

  7. Efrat Wolfson
    Efrat Wolfson says:

    beautiful article Saida!
    It’s so important to educate ourselves more and to make conscious choices rather than blindly follow the latest trend.
    I’m so proud to be one of your first ambassadors, to spread your deeper approach towards women’s sexual sovereignty.

  8. Tamara
    Tamara says:

    Thank you Saida, I have seen first hand the misuse and misinformation around the use of the egg. I introduce the Jade Egg in my self love workshops as a tool for self care. It is a powerful tool when used with care and awareness and when women are made aware of the sacred way it should be used it becomes a beautiful and gentle practice. Deep bow Saida thank you for your integrity.

  9. Savon
    Savon says:

    Hello. I am so new to this. This is my second year really exploring sacres sexuality, sexual sovereignty, sexuality within the context of spirituality. And I really don’t want it to be a McEgg experience. In fact reading The multtiorgasmic Woman let me know that I really am committing to a life long lifestyle practice. Its changing the way I relate to myself as well as the opposite. Even using the healing sounds gives me a tool to use to really work through my emotions. And now that I am ready to go deeper, Im saving my pennies for a Jade Egg, and your book.(I’ve worked w undrilled jasper for a year now). And to know that you are training ambassadors, I sure hope that I can grow into this level of commitment, knowledge and growth. For Im noticing the ladies around me are treating it w a McEgg kind of healing practice. And I want to be able to share w them in a loving way that they can actually have results from the practice that they don’t have to fudge because not only will their lives reflect the effects of the practice, people will notice as well.

  10. Adriana
    Adriana says:

    Great. Thank you for addressing these concerns, Saida. Sexual sovereignty. I love those words. So powerful and meaningful to me.

  11. Maneesha
    Maneesha says:

    Yes, grounded and high standards of education! This important topic and practice not as a “market selling tool” (in the sphere of “sex sells”) but as a conscious way of empowering women to step into their full potential and sovereignty. Thought by women who really know what they are talking about (wel educated and with a deep understanding out of their own experience). I deeply trust what you are doing Saida, thank you!

  12. Amrita
    Amrita says:

    I’m appreciating your thoughtful address to the explosion of misinformation. Having known you for more than a decade, I’m very familiar with your research, your dedication, and your commitment to the “real” practices that make jade eggs a magical and wonderful contribution to women who are willing to learn to use them correctly.

  13. jennifer
    jennifer says:

    I really don’t give a hoot what others think about the egg. It has helped me immeasurably with post-menopausal urinary incontinence and re-awakened my pelvic pleasure centers. Enough said.
    Thank you, Saida!

  14. Justina Casuarina
    Justina Casuarina says:

    Saida. Thank you for writing this article. Having introduced your practices to hundreds of women Australia wide now, I have seen the powerful, lasting and transformational benefits that these practices can have when being presented from a a well grounded, embodied, and well educated source. Women’s relationship to their bodies change, and often much about their lives change too when women come home to themselves. Not just some women, ALL women. All ages and stages within the feminine life cycle. I am grateful that the opportunity has come for voices to be heard on the subject. To clear the myths, and set industry standards. I am looking forward to women having greater and easier
    access to the best information and guidance available to them to support their pelvic and sexual health and vitality.

  15. Karin Grand
    Karin Grand says:

    Thank you Saida. For providing us with the scientific knowledge you have accumulated around this topic through many years – and for linking it to embodied wisdom of the jade egg practices. I’m still exploring in my own rhythm, and it’s interesting to sense how counter-productive hype would be for having an authentic experience. When I hear all this buzz ( focusing on results and achievement rather than experience in both of the sides you refer too and comment on) I immediately feel like taking a step back, being in my own body and breathing deeply… Feels good!
    Thinking back to one of your pearls: “never move faster than the slowest part of you”… I think this works on the individual as well as the collective level.
    It will take a long time, I think, before an upbeat society that is also overly rational and thought driven will be able to tune into the real gift of the jade egg practices. The adjustment has to take place on so many levels.

    • Saida Desilets
      Saida Desilets says:

      I don’t mind people being doubtful and questioning, as this is how we weed through the BS. However, as leaders, we must be careful HOW we empower others. Making choices FOR THEM isn’t empowering. Overriding their innate intelligence isn’t empowering, telling them ‘this is how it is’ isn’t empowering. We are in an era where being responsible for our choices is more needed than ever. Thanks karin!

  16. Sabine
    Sabine says:

    Thank you Saïda,
    For your composed and wise reaction to this incident. Things can get so emotional and then it’s hard to keep track of what’s real, safe and healthy. As always it feels safe with you.

  17. Dr. Rachel Eppinga
    Dr. Rachel Eppinga says:

    Thank you. Beautiful response. We all must educate ourselves from multiple sides of the discussion when it comes to our precious bodies and how we choose to heal and care for ourselves. There is no black and white when it comes to our human beingness, body, mind, heart, spirit. There is SO much we do not know. We are as infinite and mysterious as the universe. Our empowerment as women and becoming sovereign requires we take personal responsibility for our choices and the information we decide to make truth. Two hands together Saida for this important discussion.

    • Saida Desilets
      Saida Desilets says:

      Absolutely Dr. Rachel! Thank goodness that there are many who are willing to keep this conversation going. For me, I see this as a positive, moving things forward with more clarity, admitting where (even I) make assumptions, and being willing to keep course-correcting. 🙂

  18. Emerald GreenForest
    Emerald GreenForest says:

    I learned more about my own body from Saida in a weekend than I had learned in nearly 50 years of living on the planet. I trust her wisdom and experience in this area and have been using the Jade egg myself for the last 3 years to very positive effect. Thank you Saida for not only bringing your wisdom but also your impeccable credentials to the conversation – in fact thank you for INITIATING the conversation so that more women can not only claim their sexual sovereignty but by extension can educate themselves and claim sovereignty over EVERY part of their physical body and it’s Divine design for well being, pleasure and joy.

  19. Sophia
    Sophia says:

    Great that you are speaking out! I’ve been practicing with my eggs for over thirty years and I love the WHOLE
    Practice from M. Chia And my own intuition. It’s like the yoga movement where one limb of eight was taken out of context of ITS whole. I hope women look deeper. Blessings

    • Saida Desilets
      Saida Desilets says:

      Sohpia! FANTASTIC!!! Thank you for lending your voice. Normalizing taking care of our bodies is a work in progress 😉


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