Sexual Sovereignty?

Is It The Next Step In Our Sexual Evolution?

Deep inside yourself, you can feel it.

It can be the softest whisper or as powerful as newly unleashed lava.

However you sense it, your sexual evolution is happening right now. 

Even if you don’t believe in it or you feel trapped, lost, or simply bored out of your mind, within you is a force that will not be stopped.

It wakes you at night, it titillates you in random moments, and it catches you when you least expect it.

This is the fragrance of your sexual sovereignty.

These very words, when uttered aloud, can evoke curiosity, relief, and at times, confusion.

What is sexual sovereignty and could it possibly be part of our sexual evolution?

Whether or not we want to admit it, we are evolving sexually.

It may not look that way when we see how extensively we have converted sexuality into a commodity and how far away we have come from truly understanding this powerful human force.

Furthermore, the prevalence of world-wide sexual trauma and abuse hardly inspires us to grasp our own transformation.

Yet beneath all the turmoil and multi-trillion dollar pirating of our sexuality, there is a quiet evolution blossoming.

The root of the word evolution contains within it the idea of unfolding or development.

Therefore, sexual evolution is the natural unfolding or development of sexuality.

If we take this to heart and apply it to an individual, we can see that that each one of us has the potential for a deep unfolding or unveiling of our erotic nature.

It is equally important to note that today’s version of evolutionary sexuality has less to do with cryptic rituals, initiations, or highly specialized sexual postures and techniques and has more to do with accessing something deep within each of us.

This is where sexual sovereignty comes in.

It is the forgotten element of our nature that is often over-shadowed by our fixation on our pain, disappointment, regret, or what is commonly known as our sexual ‘wound-ology’—the focus on our sexual pain and trauma to the point of identifying ourselves with it.

Sexual sovereignty is the natural unfolding of our own erotic wisdom, including the concept of being a fully emotionally and sexually expressed adult.

What it’s not:

Sexual sovereignty isn’t an pre-determined idea or a posture we can assume.

Nor is it something we can bargain for, get from someone, lose to someone, or even purchase.

What it is:

Sexual sovereignty is what occurs when we begin to excavate the riches of our being, the gifts that have yet to be birthed, what has yet to be touched or even acknowledged, without the interference or influence of the external world while being in harmony with our deep erotic wisdom.

By fully claiming our sexuality and commanding an embodied authority of this aspect of our life, our sexuality frees itself from being ruled or formed by external opinions or behaviors, and instead, becomes self-validated, self-reflective and self-actualizing.

Key questions to reveal your sexual sovereignty:

1. Are you identified with your sexual trauma or abuse? If yes, are you willing to begin to explore that who you are is greater than the sum of that experience?

2. Have you spent time concentrating on what your ‘un-born’ or ‘un-expressed’ gifts may be? If not, why not?

3. Are you willing to explore, understand, and transform your past sexual imprints and begin to explore the possibility of self-defining your sensuality and sexuality?

It’s important to note that sexual sovereignty is a natural state of being which is inclusive of both our emotional/psychological self and our erotic intelligence.

It is our inherent sensuality that possess sexual clarity, integrity, and full expression along with emotional depth and responsibility.

As we face some of our biggest evolutionary choices—choices that will determine whether our species continues to thrive and prosper—affirming our own sexual sovereignty becomes an essential part to our contribution to planetary change.

If the concept of sexual sovereignty is something you would like to make into reality, I recommend starting with my book: Emergence of the Sensual Woman.

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  1. Rachael
    Rachael says:

    Yes yes yes! I really love your article, and resonate so much with your statement on learning to connect one’s emotional/psychological self with one’s erotic nature. This very thing has been one of the biggest journeys for me, that remains a big space for discovery…. I am holding space for a partner who is truly able hold that space with me and for me too. I am ready to dive deep… again. It has been a number of years since I have been able to.
    I always love your insights and words, thank you dearest Saida!

  2. Isabel
    Isabel says:

    Thanks for your article and the great book and CD, i’ve really enjoyed them. Every woman should feel safe and protected to express their sexuality and sensuality, lining up with this in ourselves would defiantly help humanity and the evolution of womankind. I know it can be tough from personal experiences also, but I know that we must never give up on our beauty, our power and the pleasures of being a woman. and that help is available in many forms, such as here. Thanks again.

    • Saida
      Saida says:

      Thank you Isabel! Yes, we must claim our own birthright and encourage others to do so as well through our living example. 🙂

  3. Anja
    Anja says:

    What is my sexuality and what does it mean to me? I have been so much influenced in so many ways. It is really something I have to redefine for myself. Thanks Saida for giving me this eye-opener.

  4. Naomi
    Naomi says:

    Thanks so much, Saida. over whelming to say the least but also how wonder full!
    (It was back to normal on “leave a comment” thanks again!!)

  5. Dharma
    Dharma says:

    Thank you Saida, for shareing your wisdom and findings. I both connecte with support, inspiration and love when I Read your letters. Love and gratetude

  6. Leigh
    Leigh says:

    Wow! Saida this resonates so deeply with me in this moment. I have been healing from old sexual ( yep the old woundology )traumas & pain for what seems like “too long” & my physical body suddenly feels healed & yet I don’t know what to do with this new healed, whole, state… And i feel a little like if im not experiencing trauma or healing from it…. what am I ??? ridiculous even saying that but It’s now clear that I need to spend the next part of my journey redefining my sensual self….. Thank you beautiful you


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