New Years 2017

Here’s a FREE TRAINING VIDEO for you as a gift for starting 2017!

It’s a New Year & it’s time for our resolutions, right?

But if you’re like me, the normal positive affirmations, lists, and rituals can feel like more add-ons to my already full to-do list.

Instead, I prefer to go into a dominant ‘feeling state’, this is a creative sensation that sets the rudder for my day, month and year!

And I want to share how I do this with you.

Watch my short video training on getting yourself into a dominant, creative feeling state.

Definitely leave me a comment, I want to KNOW what is your feeling state and how was your experience of this little practice.

Of course, feel free to do this practice daily,  and if you enjoy it, share the love with your friends.

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  1. Paola
    Paola says:

    Last but not least😀😀. I wanted love but the felt sense is to be Sovereign n integrate everything.
    Beautiful Saida !!!!

  2. Monique
    Monique says:

    Dear Saida,

    Thank you so much for sharing this beauty and for all your succulent thoughts. They are always lovely reminders to ground and empty.
    My words are sparkling joy and after a few days practicing I feel this energy more and more.

  3. Zoie
    Zoie says:

    Hi Saida,
    A big heartfelt THANK YOU! Such a beautiful practice.
    The sense and word that first came was power. It was very surprising to me, and my initial reaction was to reject it. However, as I continued with the movements I felt a tingling in the base of my spine and yoni and it grew in intensity and started traveling up the spine. It was euphoric… At the end of the practice the sense/words changed to loving empowerment. I’m dedicating 2017 to loving empowerment <3 Namaste

  4. Annie
    Annie says:

    Ahhhh…Ease. Of awakened Feminine Energy! Yesss!
    Saida Beauty, I’m deliciously moving in my breathing body as I type this, note of sheer appreciation for you and the grace of you moving in this potently gorgeous video, and in this moment now…and to each of the women who are here too…Yummm…YAY…here we go! Here we ARE…:)

  5. Kate
    Kate says:

    Thank you Saida! It took a while for my felt sense to emerge clearly enough for me to know deeply and fully that this was ‘it’, but it’s absolutely with me now and I’m bathing my cells and Being in REPLENISHMENT! So grateful for this!

  6. Karen Maple
    Karen Maple says:

    Thank you for this! My word is confidence. I feel it as a strength running up my center, and my spine straightens and chest comes out a little. Feels like the solid, structure I need to hold me up so that my receptivity and creativity have a strong container in which to flow and move. Yum!!

    I will a renewed and supportive confidence into my experience this year.

  7. Jodie
    Jodie says:

    Lovely, thank you Saida. My word is harmonious-pleasure. For me it’s cultivating a sense of contentment and happiness with where I am and even taking that further to finding the juiciness of each moment.

  8. Shaina
    Shaina says:

    Beautiful practice! Thanks for sharing. The word that came up for me in the practice was “Softness”. I am cultivating the the quality of Softness for 2017. The other word that I already chose for my year is Authenticity, and I think the two words pair beautifully…. may my Authenticity flow from a place of Softness.

  9. Nicole
    Nicole says:

    “Rejuvenation” of my body in physical health, my mind in being open to all possibility and my soul in pursuing my dreams.

    • Saida Desilets
      Saida Desilets says:

      Yes Angie! Powerful! Starting each day, reconnecting throughout the day, and dropping into it before sleep…

  10. Catherine
    Catherine says:

    I loved this practice! Thank You Saida!
    I wish to invoke TRUST.
    I WILL invoke TRUST within this body, heart and mind this New Year, and onward x

  11. Miet
    Miet says:

    Thank you for this lovely practice video. It’s really precious.
    I will do it again in the morning.

    “Safety” in my own creativitiy
    and from there on opening myself up to the world to share
    in renewed confidence

    Thank you


  12. Linda
    Linda says:

    Thank you so much from my heart for one more generous support and inspiration dear Saida. it means a lot to me to find practices for the cultivation of that felt sense, connecting body and soul, as i often feel dissociated from my body. this one is perfect for me, felt such a joy and juiciness. i am including it into my daily practice and hope that this felt sense will stabilize and help me to remember my self over the day. i am so grateful. send you many good wishes and blessings!

  13. Anne Louise Ørskov
    Anne Louise Ørskov says:

    I struggle with truly understanding the meaning of “felt sense”.
    And doing the practice I felt blocked.
    Writing this the thought comes that I would love to dedicate this year to remove blockages and hurdles inside of me.
    So the positive word might be:

    But would still love if you could explain ‘felt sense’ in other words so that I might get a deeper understanding of what you want me to do. (english is not my first language so I think this is why I struggle)


    • Saida Desilets
      Saida Desilets says:

      Ah! Sweet AL… I’m delighted with your question. Thank you!!!

      A FELT-SENSE is what it sounds like, but if English isn’t your first language, then it would be confusing so I apologize for that and I’m happy to explain further.

      When you do the practice, the moves are less important than allowing yourself, all of you, to partake in the movement and the breathing. This form of practice is a way to bring your mind-body together. This gentle way of doing a movement meditation allows for your awareness to start becoming clear and focused on the here and now.

      How do you feel as you breathe? Emotionally? Physically? Sensually?

      When I use the word FELT-SENSE it’s to evoke the experience that you are immersing yourself in a FEELING state. For example: I’m breathing and moving and just being with the simplicity of noticing that I’m alive right now. Then I start to become aware of the pleasure of my breathing and the connection I’m starting to sense with my body. Then I notice a particular quality of emotion that arises: love, peace, calm, joy, etc And I allow myself to relax into that emotional state… and let it expand so that all of me is feeling the joy. The JOY, in this case, would end up being my felt-sense since I’m both feeling joy emotionally AND feeling joy throughout my body.

      Let me know if that helps or if you require further clarification! Enjoy playing with this (when we are too serious and trying to do it right, it doesn’t work). 🙂

      • Trish
        Trish says:

        Thank you for this wonderful explanation, Saida. And, thank you to Al for asking the question. This is very helpful to me. My felt sense would be FREE & RELEASED. Thank you, also, for sharing this wonderful video, Saida.

  14. Cat
    Cat says:

    Hmmmmm…. Feeling Lushious in my whole Being!!! <3 ; )
    I suppose, Succulent! 🙂 & Joy was in there too…
    So Happy to Cultivate All of those!! :*

  15. Naomi
    Naomi says:

    Such a beautiful practice Saida, thank you. My felt sense was receptivity and a sense of being open and alive to the world in ways that I have not experienced before.

  16. Monica Fernández
    Monica Fernández says:

    Thank you Saida for this video! My felt sense is a joyful sensuality!!! Yes, I want to cultivate it this year!

  17. Glinller
    Glinller says:

    Thank you! So much beautiful Saida! For that delightful gift and wisdom….My Words are keep to embracing my divine feminine empowerment, with more heart openness, devotion, love, passion, peace, oneness in all I do, to fulfill my 2017….And beyond♡

  18. Miche
    Miche says:

    Connected. To my succulent self and to people as they flow in and out of my day or week. I so want to remain connected and integrate.

  19. Veronica
    Veronica says:

    J O Y … being joy, living joy, laughing, sharing joy, showing joy, feeling with joy, supporting with joy, shining, expressing, having fun, I’m 43 and led a life of fear of judgement- there’s no joy in that, just pain and boring seriousness.. Joy joy joy all the way! It’s time:-)

  20. S
    S says:

    Dear Goddess of Light & Delight,

    ” I am enliven, and swim in an endless sea of ecstasy and sensual pleasure in all moments as, I perform my great work for all to see, and experience. ”

    In appreciation for your profound awakeness !

  21. Edwige francine
    Edwige francine says:

    Thanks a lot for your generous so wonderful authentic sharing.I Iove it. My word is blissful love. I wish you the happiest and fullfilling New Year 2017


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