How To Handle Sexual Violence & Bullying

It’s sad to say that we still have an abundance of sexual violence and bullying in our World.

Because this isn’t changing over night and because we must continue to thrive in this World, I’ve chosen to share some of my more embodied and practical tips on how to thrive in a World that still does not exercise respect of another person’s sovereign space—their body.

This was a LIVE FB video, it’s raw, dynamic, and I encourage you to join in on the conversation by leaving me your comments below the video.

NOTE: This presentation is 1 hour long.


If you this video was helpful, please share it with as many people as you can. The more we each take responsibility for our sexual sovereignty, the more we contribute to changing the global consensus on how we view sexuality and femininity in general.

Also, your voice matters, so don’t forget to leave me a comment below.

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6 replies
  1. Jenny
    Jenny says:

    How do you distinguish between fear and the feeling being aware of danger. When can you trust that the fear is your guidance or animal instinct and when is it just a case of needing to reclaim your sovereignty?

    • Saida Desilets
      Saida Desilets says:

      Hi Jenny, you ask a fantastic question! The issue with fear is that it often causes people to FREEZE. And freezing is the worse possible action to take when there is danger at hand. So how do we overcome this reaction? For me, it’s a social conditioning issue. If we were NOT conditioned to always be nice and polite, we’d definitely scream and scratch and punch and hiss and growl when we felt threatened by unavoidable danger. For example, because I wasn’t conditioned to be NICE if anyone EVER disrespected my personal space, I was known to punch & break noses, scream, scratch, etc to make clear that they were not welcome in my space. My father encouraged this behavior from a very young age (maybe as young as 3???). But this is NOT the case with most of us. I recommend that you join a self-defense group (with other women) and learn about your personal space, using your voice powerfully and shamelessly (this skill alone has kept me safe from harm), using your body (if you must, you know you can), etc to ensure that you feel fully capable of handling any situation. This way, you reprogram your fear response into one where you are still alerted to a possible danger, but instead of freezing, you take strong action to ensure your own safety. Does this make sense? Sovereign people are not always polite. 😉

  2. Ishrat
    Ishrat says:

    I was taught to fear as a child when I was not feeling fearful. I was taught to not retaliate for fear of backlash. Now that fear that lodged in my body, interfering so much in my daily life. Thanks so much for all the wisdom you’ve shared. It’s so liberating just to listen to it.


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