New Years 2017

Here’s a FREE TRAINING VIDEO for you as a gift for starting 2017!

It’s a New Year & it’s time for our resolutions, right?

But if you’re like me, the normal positive affirmations, lists, and rituals can feel like more add-ons to my already full to-do list.

Instead, I prefer to go into a dominant ‘feeling state’, this is a creative sensation that sets the rudder for my day, month and year!

And I want to share how I do this with you.

Watch my short video training on getting yourself into a dominant, creative feeling state.

Definitely leave me a comment, I want to KNOW what is your feeling state and how was your experience of this little practice.

Of course, feel free to do this practice daily,  and if you enjoy it, share the love with your friends.

How To Handle Sexual Violence & Bullying

It’s sad to say that we still have an abundance of sexual violence and bullying in our World.

Because this isn’t changing over night and because we must continue to thrive in this World, I’ve chosen to share some of my more embodied and practical tips on how to thrive in a World that still does not exercise respect of another person’s sovereign space—their body.

This was a LIVE FB video, it’s raw, dynamic, and I encourage you to join in on the conversation by leaving me your comments below the video.

NOTE: This presentation is 1 hour long.


If you this video was helpful, please share it with as many people as you can. The more we each take responsibility for our sexual sovereignty, the more we contribute to changing the global consensus on how we view sexuality and femininity in general.

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Can Yoni Egg Cause Pelvic Pain?

Yoni eggs are on the rise in popularity, so much so that they’ve made late night TV.

Yet along with this amazing evidence that more and more women desire to claim their pleasure and sexual vitality comes the sad fact that this profound practice is being diluted into “drive-thru Jade Egg practice” aka the McEgg movement.

Watch my latest interview with pelvic pain specialist Isa Herrera where we discuss the dangers of improper practice:


If you enjoyed this video please share it and leave me your thoughts – together we are transforming the World.

Saying ‘No’ With Grace

Have you ever been on a date where you want to say ‘no’, but feel awkward about it or afraid it may hurt your date’s feelings?

Perhaps you find yourself being more accommodating than what feels in integrity with yourself, yet you are unsure how to set clear boundaries with others?

Or maybe you are giving off confusing messages (feeling one thing and saying another) and having to deal with the outcome of being misunderstood?

Whatever the case, it’s never that easy to say ‘no’, especially when we’ve been socialized to be sweet, pleasant, and accommodating.

Yet ‘no’ is powerful and points to our deeper ‘yes’.

Watch this raw, unedited share of my own experience saying ‘no’:

The best part is continuing this conversation. How do you feel after hearing my thoughts? What are your own concerns about this subject? Please leave me your comments below.

I Dare You To Trust…

Do you have difficulty trusting? Yourself? Others? In life?

Maybe you’ve trusted before, only to experience heart-breaking betrayal?

Or perhaps trust, like a foreign country, sounds interesting, but you’ve never known it yourself.

Whatever the case, trust is an inborn trait of all living beings [think babies].

Without it, we’d never survive.

Yet how can we trust when those we’ve loved have broken this precious bond?

When, from birth, the very structure that socialized us simultaneously tore from us our innate connection with life?

When our own body betrays us—through desire or lack thereof?

Yet trust we must as it’s the sole vehicle that carries us out from the weight of our conditioning.

Lucky for us, trust is actually a choice.

The question that begs to be asked is: will we make that choice?

Within each of us, lives our own inherent genius.

The part of us that’s not only profoundly connected with life itself, but which equally understands that which yearns to be born, touched, and expressed within us.

She cannot be tamed or destroyed.

Rather, she is profoundly patient, awaiting the moment we finally come back home to ourselves.

In a world that entraps our desires, how do we distinguish that which returns us to ourselves?

Society. Religion. Politics. Family. And yes, even the so-called “Goddess Movement” have all contributed to the continued illusion that we are not enough exactly as we are.

You were born sovereign—whole unto yourself—and whether or not you know and act as such, you remain sovereign.

If there is an illness in women, it’s the forgetting of our own sovereignty. Instead, we habitually and unquestionably assign our power to everyone and everything else.

Here’s the deal, no one has the power to rescue you…

Heal you…

Awaken you…

Or free you.

… but yourself.

In the moment you choose, shift happens.

The key is to hold your power within yourself as you graciously thank whomever has been present to witness the birth of yourself.

I’ve seen, time and time again, women who assign their radiance to a teacher, leader, lover, and yes, even to the Jade Egg: where any positive or transformational results are simultaneously celebrated and disowned.

Over and over again, we refuse ourselves.

So how than can we trust?

Trust is a radical choice.

The only choice, the choice to come back home to yourself; no matter how messy, shutdown, confused, or empowered we believe ourselves to be.

So I dare you to trust.

To trust in the inherent genius of YOU.

The time is NOW.

You’re the one you’ve been yearning for.

Now it’s your turn.

How do you relate to trust? Are you willing to come home to yourself and rebuild the most essential trust of all? Join the conversation and let me know, in the comments below, if you accept my dare to trust yourself and why {or why not?}.

Are Your Stories Running Your Life?

We are all amazing story-tellers…

Just listen and you’ll hear stories being told everywhere: In coffee shops, on the News, in Magazines, in Facebook and so on.

Stories are fascinating and they energize us, but they can also keep us from meeting life fully in this moment.

They can also keep us from living our true radiance and from daring into our desires.

In this month’s Delicious Tip, I explore with you the impact of our ‘retelling’ of our story and invite you to become more engaged in being an active CREATRIX in your life.

Leave me your thoughts below, I LOVE your opinion!