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What is your pain or discomfort trying to tell you?

“He will leave me if we can’t have sex, but I’m in so much pain, I really can’t”. “I’m confused by my recurring issues with my vagina, it seems like there’s always something wrong and I really just want to relax and feel good.” “I feel ashamed by the changes in my body. I just […]

Gurus Aren’t Gods

Sexual Abuse in the [Un]Conscious Sexuality Movement More and more gurus are being called out for their sexual abuse and sexual misconduct. This is not actually surprising. What is surprising, however, is that we are repeatedly surprised by this fact. There’s something important about this behavior to point out because the most obvious path is […]

Your Client’s #MeToo Story – Are You Prepared?

With the rise and empowerment of women’s voices comes a shadow: the emergence of pain, anger, fear, confusion and numbness. Our clients trust us. Implicitly. Therefore it’s natural that we may be the first place where their voice comes forward. How prepared are we for this vulnerable and edgy conversation? As a professional who is […]