Sensuality. Wisdom. A Fully Lived Life.

Would You Love To Accentuate, Deepen, & Enliven Your Sensual Self?

Our natural wildness is something worthy to come home to and to more fully understand and embrace.

It is the part of us that keeps us feeling alive, creative, free, and vibrantly healthy.

Yet it is also the most misunderstood and misused part of our life.

Our sensuality is the bridge between our innermost self and the outer world.

Contrary to popular thought, our sensuality isn’t just a vehicle for better sex, but is the essential part of our Inherent Genius that serves both to feed our soul and to guide us perfectly as we move through the World.

The Sensual Wisdom Series is a dedicated immersion where we explore, delight in, and exalt our deep, sensual, Feminine wildness.

What’s Involved In the Sensual Wisdom Series?

Join Saida and a featured guest for 5 unique 6 hour IMMERSION trainings where together we explore a greater spectrum of our sensual selves.

A variety of essential feminine topics are offered to give you the opportunity to touch the edges of your own untapped erotic wisdom while providing you with the safe, loving, and embodied instruction needed for real transformation to take place.

Menu of Topics

Let Me Ask You…

Are you curious about how to more profoundly melt into your feminine receptivity?

Perhaps expanding your sensuality is something you’d love, but it’s not felt safe to do so?

Maybe you struggle with having lost your libido or pelvic health post giving birth?

Or maybe you’re wondering how to handle the ‘challenges’ of menopause with grace?

Or maybe you struggle with self-loathing and body-image issues and feel shut down sexually ?

Are  you curious about what an oxytocin-infused state feels like?

Would you love to feel confident about speaking about sex and sensuality to your children?

Do you find it difficult to surrender deeply to pleasure?

You can change this!

IMAGINE feeling shameless, creative, and inspired sensually and sexually?

IMAGINE learning ways to trust and adore your female body?

IMAGINE being invited into your own wildness, your beautiful sensuality through connecting with embodied wisdom?

IMAGINE discovering how your deep receptive nature is a source of healing and magical magnetism.

IMAGINE gathering for a LIVE coaching call once per week with a passionate community of women?

IMAGINE having guided experiences of sexual practices that enhance your vitality in simple, step-by-step ways?

IMAGINE meeting some of the amazing people who inspire me & learning directly from them?


These are unique stand-alone day-long immersions that will enhance your sensual life in ways you haven’t yet dreamed of.

You can also choose to join all 5 of the Day-long immersions, even if they have already happened, you’ll receive the entire REPLAY of each of the days you may have missed.

Whatever the case, if you are ready to SPICE UP your WORLD & desire more consistent, compassionate, & insightful support, then this Summer of Sensuality program is for you.

Shameless Surrender: Shame has profound influence on our wellbeing, our sensual/sexual expression and experience, and the shaping of how we relate to our own body. Saida will share why being shameless is both inherent and necessary as well as encouraging you to deepening your capacity to surrender.
Your Yoni Never Lies: Together with Dr. Debra Wickman, Saida explores how your yoni never lies, how you can decipher her messages and how to take appropriate action to ensure that you are living at your fullest pleasure and potential. Dr. Debra will share her depth of wisdom about sexual imbalances, prolapses, and the intimate nature of your sexuality and heart.
Sexy Menopause – The Power Stage Of Life: Dr. Debra Wickman explores with Saida the myths and facts of menopause and how to handle ‘the changes’ that may occur during this powerful feminine initiation with ease, grace and pleasure. Topics will include: vaginal dryness, loss of libido, loss of energy, etc. Important for all ages to know.
Oxytocin In Relationship & Parenting: Along with Nekole Shapiro, we take a deeper look at what Oxytocin really is, why it’s important to have a daily experience of it and how you can self-induce these states to increase your pleasure and vitality. We’ll also look at how to talk about sex with kids and how to create conscious community that is both sex-positive and emotionally mature. A must for living feeling more relaxed and expressed in a stress-addicted world.
Sensual Confidence: In this session, Saida and Jena la Flamme courageously explore the taboo topic of being sexy and feeling sexy, no matter your size or your current relationship to your body. We cover how to feel more at home in your skin, how to love and enjoy your body, and how being turned on has the capacity to “turn on” your metabolism and transform your body and your relationship with food.

Sensual Wisdom Series

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Note: Sessions will be recorded and made available to this membership group as they become available.