Toxic Shock Syndrome is serious.

Having a medical doctor make false allegations wherein Jade Egg use is suppose to be life-threatening is also serious.

In this short video, I get to the point: Why Jade Eggs Are Safe.

And… I share a more important point: Women are not things, they are BE-ings.

We must start to treat ourselves as intelligent and start to truly claim our own power, using professionals for support, but not giving them God-like status.

Watch this short video on my insights for the TSS and the Jade Egg issue and what this recent controversy actually reveals about our society and our treatment of women:

If this video was helpful, please share it with as many women as possible.

NOTE: Currently there is an official study being lead by the world’s leading vaginal microbiome researcher on the long term (over 2 months) use of nephrite jade egg and the Désilets Method and it’s impact on the vaginal microbiome. We will update this article with the results once they are available to the public (I am not part of the study due to possible bias).

Please be sure to leave my your thoughts, especially about how you are treated by those in positions of authority and the steps you take to claim your power in those situations.

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