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Are Your Stories Running Your Life?

We are all amazing story-tellers… Just listen and you’ll hear stories being told everywhere: In coffee shops, on the News, in Magazines, in Facebook and so on. Stories are fascinating and they energize us, but they can also keep us from meeting life fully in this moment. They can also keep us from living our […]

The Wisdom Hidden Behind Our Desire

Have you ever experienced desire so intensely it actually hurts? Does your desire keep eluding you and you don’t trust you can actually have your desire? Or maybe your desire is something you’re not really receptive to and so never make time for it? Whatever the case, I feel strongly that our desire is but the […]

Why Belonging Is Crucial & How To Belong Without Selling Out

Belonging. It’s a biological imperative, designed to keep us alive. Although Modern human’s now can survive without relying on a tribe, we still are programmed to seek out belonging. So crucial is this imperative that we can do almost anything just to ensure that we belong. But what do we really belong to? A person? […]

Transforming Challenges Into Pearls Of Wisdom

HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!! Any excuse to celebrate life is a good one in my books. Are you like me? Do you enjoy reviewing your year & dreaming into the next one? What kind of year have you had? More importantly, where are you at inside yourself now that you are integrating it? And would you love […]

Considering A Surgical “Face-lift” For Your Lady-Parts? Think Again…

Do you ever feel uncomfortable about your own labia? Perhaps you’ve had an embarrassing ‘camel-toe’ moment? Or maybe you’ve compared yourself to pictures of other women from the internet or porn? This is completely normal! It’s true to say that learning to love and accept our body is definitely a modern Feminine challenge. AND… there […]

Do You Control & Divert Your Turn-On?

Do you believe you need to do something about your turn-on? Whether it’s taking “sexual action” or “shutting down”? What happens when you ache with desire? Guilt? Discomfort? Delight? Nothing? How we relate to our turn-on reveals how deeply enmeshed we are with our ‘domestication’ as women. Let me share a recent, intriguing experience I had […]

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