Erotic Edges

Have you ever desired something that simultaneously turned you on AND scared you?

Are you skilled at intimacy & enjoy feeling ‘safe’ in your relationships, yet hesitate when it comes to exploring the mystery of the unknown?

You may be stifling your own Eros through avoiding exploring the space where your comfort zone meets your discomfort.

Our erotic edges hold deep wisdom, revealing what is happening in our unique and beautiful erotic mind.

In this month’s Delicious Tip, I invite you to discover what your erotic edge is and to become friendly with it.

I’d love to know what came up for you in naming your Erotic Edge & leaning into it?

Leave your thoughts in the comments section below (you don’t have to include WHAT your erotic edge is, if that’s not comfortable for you).

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  1. Joy
    Joy says:

    I signed up for pole dancing lessons, I feel it will be a way to explore my erotic edge, open up and free any sexual tension I have bottled up. Also give me an opportunity to express and celebrate my body.

  2. Me
    Me says:

    Dear Saida,
    Funny enough I left your Delicious Tip this time unopened until the end of the holiday but during my holiday I ran into an erotic edge. My husband offered me to give me a massage and I said yes. He started to undress me and turned me so that my back was towards him. I felt an enourmous fear coming over me, almost kicking my consciousnes out of my head so to say. At least I wasn’t in my pelvic with my attentioin or even in mij body. I noticed I got absent and tried to stay attend. Maybe leaning in as you put it? I couldn’t tell where the fear came from, but it surely helped to notice it and paying attention to what was going on. Eventually I succeeded feeling his fingers over my body again. I think I never noticed before I popped out of me when he was doing this, so this is a big step forward. I could tell him the next morning, how I had felt and also that I’d like to try this again and see what is happening. But, haha, I’m a litle scared and now a week has passed already.

      • Saida Desilets
        Saida Desilets says:

        That is not strange at all… our Erotic Mind is connected to what needs to be integrated and loved into wholeness, often the things we fantasize about can be ‘odd’ or even ‘scary’, but we do it because a part of us knows we need it to heal 🙂

    • Saida Desilets
      Saida Desilets says:

      That is so beautiful! Congrats!! On noticing, naming it, not shaming yourself or him, and of being willing to lean into it again! Fantastic!!

  3. Sahara
    Sahara says:

    My erotic edge is to dance, belly dance that is, in public, which means anywhere else but locked in my room. And I’m about to break that edge in few weeks, as I signed up for belly dance classes. Now I have opportunity to really be there and let myself shine.


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