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4 Stages From Domesticated to Wild

You become blocked from your inherent genius when you are domesticated. But as the desire to go beyond the confines of your limited life urges you forward, you hesitate… You’ve been sold lies that it’s not safe to be wild. Are those lies true? You’ve been told it’s not okay to leave the land of […]

3 Signs You’re Domesticated (And How To Rewild Yourself)

Thousands of women around the world have told me again and again that for much of their lives they looked to outside “experts” for answers. They thought these people (most often men) must know more – and better – than they do. But of course! Isn’t that the way it is for a reason? There […]

Vaginal Glue Stick?!

“Natural compound of amino acids and oil in a lipstick that is applied to the labia minora which causes them to cling together in a manner strong enough to retain menstrual fluid in the vestibule above the labia minora where the vaginal opening and urethra exit.”  “Think of it as potty training the period, cleaner, […]

Your Body, Your Sexuality, Your Choice

Women’s issues are on the forefront of change around the globe, which is very exciting! We are confronting establishments and ideals and taking a stand for our bodies. Yet on a micro-level, in my field of work around the psycho-sexual nature of women, there’s evidence the same revolution is needed. I’ve been witnessing doctors making uncontested, […]

Toxic Shock Syndrome & The Jade Egg

Toxic Shock Syndrome is serious. Having a medical doctor make false allegations wherein Jade Egg use is suppose to be life-threatening is also serious. In this short video, I get to the point: Why Jade Eggs Are Safe. And… I share a more important point: Women are not things, they are BE-ings. We must start […]

Why Doctors & Research Say Jade Eggs Are Safe, Gwyneth Paltrow!

The word is out! Jade Eggs are dangerous and can cause TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome). Basically, beware – using a jade egg could kill you! Or at least that was the unsubstantiated allegations written by ONE gynecologist on her blog who writes, “Nothing here is…medical advice…or the practice of medicine.” Dr. Jen Gunter made these […]

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