Menopause: 5 Biggest Lies Exposed

If you believe sex and sensuality are over and a thing of youth, think again!

Menopause is not the end, but the beginning.

It is the beginning of the most sexual, sensual, expressed, and powerful time in a woman’s life. 

What was that?!

Isn’t it a time when our ovaries retire and our world recedes into loving grand-children and baking cookies for Bingo?

Thankfully, that is not the truth!

Menopause is our initiation into the power stage of our life. This doesn’t mean we suddenly gain power and rule over the world, but it does mean we are invited to claim our full sovereignty, and yes, sensuality!

What is in your way of being the most alive, juicy, pleasure-full woman now?

For the most part, it’s you.

You would believe yourself insane if the way in which you regard yourself and what you believe to be true didn’t fully realize itself.

So, how do you regard yourself? Do you see yourself as old? Drying up? Unsexy? Undesirable? Because if you do, this will be what you ‘act as true’ in your life.

What would happen to your reality if you suddenly chose to regard yourself as beautiful? Juicy and vibrant? Full of pleasure yet to be explored and experienced? Notice how those statements feel in your body.

If you don’t have the best self-image and deepest self-love, its not your fault!!! There is a multi-billion dollar industry which shameless publishes ‘studies’ that ‘prove’ that menopause is a ‘disease’, causing us to age and become sexless, thus, convincing us we need their drugs in order to be healthy.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

In order to more fully comprehend this radical shift of perspective, we must first be willing to die to a few ideas we believe to be truths:

Lie #1: Ovaries stop working after menopause.

Fact: Ovaries of healthy women continue to function for the duration of their life!

Lie #2: Estrogen levels go down with menopause, thus, we must take hormones to supplement our body.

Fact: With all the toxins and poisons we are exposed to on a regular basis (as well as the ones we consciously ingest) contribute to over-loading our Liver. When our Liver no longer properly regulates our estrogen levels, we can actually end up with too much estrogen!

Lie #3: Our ovaries are our only source of estrogen & progesterone.

Fact: Actually, along with our ovaries, our adrenal glands and body fat also produce these hormones.

Lie #4: Hot flashes are due to estrogen deficiency and are relieved by hormone therapy.

Fact: Hot flashes are more closely related to life-style choices than to estrogen levels. They actually occur at any age and funnily, do not exist in women who live away from pollution, who eat a diet of whole foods, and who exercise regularly.

Lie #5: Vaginal Dryness is due to insufficient estrogen and caused by menopause.

Fact: Dryness can occur at any time in a woman’s life and is not directly related to an estrogen problem. The more active women are sexually, the less prone to dryness they are. “If you don’t use it, you lose it” 

So does that all mean? It means GREAT NEWS!!!

Menopause is a time when ‘enough is enough.’

For one, if we have spent most of our life abusing our body and not providing her with the best food, rest, and exercise, then now is not too late to start! What could you do today towards delighting in your body?

If we have ignored or dishonored our emotions for the majority of our life, they will definitely make their presence known, if not consciously, then unconsciously through the creation of a ‘dis-ease’ or injury or ‘dis-function’.

Menopause offers us the chance to review our lives and make new, powerful, juicy choices that will not only honor our deepest truth, but fully express them shamelessly.

If we have never claimed our passion, we will be invited to do so lest we start to dry up and die to the Mystery of Life itself.

What makes you purr from the inside out? 

What have you always longed for and have’t yet said yes to? 

The more we activate our passion, the more pleasure we will feel, and the more pleasure we feel, the more healthy and gorgeous we become.

Having taught thousands of women world-wide, I have been honored to witness those in their 50s, 60s, 70s, and yes, even 80s reclaim their body and their succulence. It is never too late to transform our body into its true potential of unlimited pleasure and beauty and health. A great way to begin reclaiming your sensuality and aliveness is starting with my book: Emergence of the Sensual Woman, Click to buy now.

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  1. jenny taylor
    jenny taylor says:

    Refreshing piece. Menopause ‘diagnosed’ for me a few months ago, at 43. Once you know you sit and wait for symptoms.

    Bit of a blow, but all I know is that I’ve had 10 years of heavy periods, and wonder if I’m not so much in it as almost over it!?The only time I’ve had flushes is when I’ve been really run down or stressed. Otherwise symptomless, save for easily overheating in bed. But that’s nothing recent. I think nature transitions us through life gradually for the most part. Look at the seasons.

    In this country (England) doctors treat this tranition as a disease which has to be ‘treated’ – with HRT – which is great news for the drug companies.

    I think I’m gonna handle this one for myself with the help of items like this. After all, I got through puberty without patches or pills!

  2. Sheila
    Sheila says:

    a holy man once spoke of the deception of menopause. women all over the world giving birth in their 50’s and 60’s. who have strong bones and have a healthy sexual desire. he spoke the truth. this article is on the same track. and despite the thousands of articles that feed the deception, I’ll take this one as truth over all their deception.

    • Jenny
      Jenny says:

      I agree. Well said. 👌😊 I don’t believe in the “ageing” myth as it’s sold to us, and that includes all this rubbish about menopause. If you believe something to be true (the job of media to program us), then so it is true.
      Great article Saida.

      • Saida Desilets
        Saida Desilets says:

        Thank you Jenny! The newest research now is showing that our very beliefs about aging, once shifted, can give us an extra 8 years of life! WOW!

  3. Jan
    Jan says:

    I feel like my life is about to change because of your teaching. I’m in my early 50’s and have not had intercourse with my husband in at least 10 years (too painful). Have felt that something had to change (but it was too much effort) and I believe your info might just be what we so desperately need! Thank you.

  4. Aliesha
    Aliesha says:

    Thank you a thousand times over for this wonderful article!!! I am currently going through menopause and feel it is the “end” rather than a beginning. There are so many lies out there and it makes you feel dis-empowered. I was beginning to feel that I was becoming a dried up prune who will get enormously fat and my life would be over. I am over joyed to come across this article, thank toy!!!


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