The Wisdom Hidden Behind Our Desire

Have you ever experienced desire so intensely it actually hurts?

Does your desire keep eluding you and you don’t trust you can actually have your desire?

Or maybe your desire is something you’re not really receptive to and so never make time for it?

Whatever the case, I feel strongly that our desire is but the tip of a phenomenal iceberg, pointing to something much more profound about ourselves than we consciously allow ourselves to be aware of.

It’s vital to understand our desire, so that it doesn’t get hijacked by the billion dollar industries that are currently exceptionally skilled at doing just that.

Watch this month’s Delicious Tip and claim the beauty of your desire:



In my world, EVERY DAY is a reason to celebrate love, loving ourselves and loving others.

Be sure to leave me your thoughts on desire below, as this is bound to be a very delicious discussion and your contribution is very welcome.

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6 replies
  1. Anne
    Anne says:

    Hi Saida, thank you for this inspiring video. I realize that my willingness and trust are very low and often in everyday life I force myself in predetermined paths or I do not act at all. I would like to be more receptive and feel alive. Thank you for explaining so well how this is related to be willing and trustful. Often I am not, neither by myself and with other people. What if what I desire will not turn out in a good experience? What if I desire something that than is wrong to me and makes me suffer? I try to do the right choices and follow a good path, but I feel disconnected with me and others. I am doing things, but without curiosity and without fullfillment.

    • Saida Desilets
      Saida Desilets says:

      Ah Anne… Desire is so innate to our experience and yet, so foreign at times due to our social conditioning around it AND the fact that it gets hijacked by many industries. I hope you’re inspired to look deeper into your own true desires.

  2. Kathleen
    Kathleen says:

    Thankyou Saida – wonderful! Watching the journey unfold with curiosity and adventure… aware there is so much more, and is not a destination in itself.

  3. Karin Grand
    Karin Grand says:

    Beautiful ideas and radiant delivery 😉
    I connect very deeply with what you are talking about. In the midst of experimenting with and EXPERIENCING exactly this. I have often chased my desires only to realise that, when I finally get what I’m chasing, it doesn’t feel as fulfilling as I imagined. Something is missing inside and I had too fixed an idea about, what it would be like along the way. Every day I’m giving more and more of what I desire to myself – often just as an emotional gesture. The choice of kindness, gentleness and patience. It gives me such peace and joy inside, and it attracts to my big wonder who and what I desire more and more all the time. But then comes the new challenge. After I “get what I want”: to STAY open, curious and trusting about the next step instead of trying to hold on. There is always more to learn.. The great thing about it is, that when I can actually stay in the moment and not rush over the things I have to resolve on the way to my desire, the changes come out of the blue and in a BIGGER and more natural way, than I could ever imagine or plan for myself. Some times when I feel myself starting to close to this mystery I take a walk outside, look up in the sky (for a while), open my arms and say “show me what I don’t see”… Sounds crazy, but it’s so liberating and it works. Sometimes right in the moment. We don’t know it all.. That’s the beauty of life. Thank you for this magical and passionate video Saida.


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