Over-Mothering – A Sign Of Lack Of Receiving?


Our mother is our first profound relationship—whether or not we liked how it turned out.

Our Mother, without words, showed us what it meant to be a woman in the World.

If you are a mother, you are currently doing the same with your children…

Being a mother is a very profound and powerful influence in how we create our culture as human beings… never doubt that!

In this month’s Delicious Tip, you get to meet my amazing mother (while she’s gardening) as we explore different questions around mothering.

Do you over-mother? Hint: We do this to cover up the vulnerability of letting go and deeply receiving.

Please leave me your comments below the video, especially about the results of the challenges I offer you to take on this month.

Celebrating all Mother’s around the world,







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  1. Mariana Mendoza
    Mariana Mendoza says:

    Hi Saida! I´ve been reading your monthly tips by e-mail since like two years ago and it´s always really recomforting to read them. I´ve just saw this video and I´ve got too many questions that actually, all of them srtuggles in one: “how?” I mean, what do I can do to learn how to receive and open or expand my heart and body to the “succulent life” ? I want to give and conduce a better and more benefic way to all my floating emotions.

    • Saida
      Saida says:

      I LOVE your question Mariana! Perhaps an article addressing it could be useful… for now, the simplest way is to notice when life offers you something, anything, and to take a moment to breathe in and take it in, even if you choose not to accept in the next moment.

  2. Vivian
    Vivian says:

    I so appreciate the tips. I have a 15 1/2 year old teenage boy and my 90 year old mother just moved in. Talk about a sandwich! I still struggle with self-care and have been healing my codependence for years. This tip awakens me.
    I love you Saida. I met you at Red Live last year. You were my most favorite thing about it !!

  3. Janine
    Janine says:

    This came as a timely reminder. I love idiosyncratic events! I broke down today after feeling so unsupported, tired of supporting others, having too much responsibility and seeing others have the support they need or ask for. I feel on this Mothers Day I was there for my Mum and my daughter but felt no one was there for me….it was a day of realisation. Thanks for popping into my inbox at the right time 🙂

  4. Cassandra
    Cassandra says:

    Thank you Saida for this video! In the past I have had the tendency to “over -mother” and it’s because I didn’t know how to effectively ask for what I wanted. I didn’t want to be seen as vulnerable. Vulnerable was like a 4 letter word to me. Now I embrace asking and receiving.

  5. Jayne
    Jayne says:

    Beautiful clip. I loved seeing you and your mom together. She is equally gorgeous and there seems a natural effortless love between the two of you. Thank you so much it has made my day.

  6. Martina Gijsbers
    Martina Gijsbers says:

    Dear Saida, How, beautiful to see you’re mother and the love between you to. For me its was not like that and sometimes that feels painful but most of it is already falling in to place. I have two beautiful daughters and I am happy to say that I can feel we are all just passing trough, making the most out of live. In the same time I love to make live as fulfilling as possible. But how to do that is for everybody different. So I like to ‘work’ with the principle of female essence which is also in men. When I write this I feel truly happy and connected with this profound knowing that the female essence does not have to come from you’re physical mother. I actually found more in myself and ‘my practice’, which you are a big part of! 😉 thnxx for bringing empowered feminine to me and in the world! Martina.

  7. Ahden
    Ahden says:

    I am and have been for the past year a Pleasure Tribe member. I love this video. I have a client now that is
    transitioning from mother to an adult type of relatonship with her two adult children. I am telling her about this video. She still over mothers and I am going to start a part of her sessions on recieving. Thank you Saida this is great. I always love your input.

    • Saida
      Saida says:

      My pleasure Ahden… and my point can also be applied to those of us who don’t have children, yet we also over-mother: our partner, our friends, etc.

  8. Majbrit
    Majbrit says:

    Dear Saida
    Thank you so much for putting this out there. I just realized the other day, that I grew up being told quite consistently “it’s not a playground around here”…which is probably one of the reasons, it was awkward to me, if my mom and I on rare occasions, would burst out laughing uncontrollably. I felt I had to hide my joyfulness.
    Love Majbrit

  9. Aleksandra (Ále) Maria
    Aleksandra (Ále) Maria says:

    Thank you for this inspirational and beautiful video Saida.
    This so rings true for me, it is easier to give than to be vulnerable.
    Creating space in my heart to move that energy so receptivity can come in.
    Much Love


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