Yoni-Pulse: Do you have one?

7 Insights to Awaken Your Arousal Cues.

Have you felt your own yoni-pulse lately? The deep, persistent throbbing within you that reminds you life is not only about to-do lists and end results?

May be you have never felt your own molten heat filling your core and wonder what all the fuss is about?

Or worse, you used to feel this primal resonance, yet now it is elusive and random at best.

Whatever the case, most of us are actually conditioned out of noticing our own arousal cues from a very young age… it is literally socialized out of us!

Finding Your Yoni-Pulse

Within every woman lives a deep secret, a secret that is measurable by modern instruments, yet its true purpose is hardly understood.

This secret is not of your mind.

Or even your heart. Although both are involved in it.

It is of your Yoni. Your genitals.

More specifically, it is related to the health and expression of your pelvic nerve.

There has been a correlation between strong yoni-pulses, a literal pulsing or throbbing inside our yoni, and stronger, consistent communication with our brain via our pelvic nerve.

Erotically, this means we have greater ease in accessing our deep pleasure.

Yet if all women are born with this pulse, so why do most  women suffer from its disappearing act?

“Don’t touch yourself like that, it’s dirty! Bad girl!”

How can something that feels so good, be so wrong? Is our wiring all mixed up?


It is the adults who are all mixed up and unfortunately, this trend of ‘socializing young girls to be proper’ is literally turning down or completing shutting down this primal and essential communication between our yoni and our brain.

Mixed messages of feeling something is delicious and being told that it is bad is very damaging to our delicate and intrinsic nature.

Our yoni’s were not just designed to be a birthing canal and place for sexual interaction, they were also perfectly designed to give us accurate ‘readings’ of the world around us.

Women who have not lost this connection or those who reconnect with it say the same: they constantly get clear messages from their yoni’s on a daily basis.

They know when something is delicious and enlivening because their yoni pulses with more certainty and vigor.

They equally know when something is off as their yoni’s pulse becomes almost still and indistinguishable.

So what are we doing when we program little girls away from listening to their own deep inner guidance?

We are creating a world where women feel lost, disconnected, lifeless, numb, and unsure of themselves.

I want to feel my yoni-pulse please!

If we have lost touch with our deep instinctual wisdom, how can we reclaim it and reap the benefits of rekindling a profound trust in our own self?

1. Being Honest: The first step is to acknowledge that you are not fully attuned to your yoni-pulse.

2. Pay Attention & Notice: Make a choice to pay attention to your yoni in different situations. Sometimes you may notice her pulsing at the oddest moments. Do not discount her! Simply acknowledge to yourself that you are indeed ‘turned on’ and breathe into it.

3. Let Go Of stories: Don’t worry about justifying your turn-on, instead focus on actually feeling your turn-on and perhaps even amplifying it.

4. Allow Yourself To BE: Know that you don’t actually have to do anything about your turn-on, sometimes the greatest gift is just to be turned on.

5. Explore Slowly: Spend time exploring your yoni in an un-rushed, non-goal oriented way. In fact, the more you can relax and enjoy yourself, even to the point of just simply holding your yoni or a point inside of her, you will start to feel an exquisite pulse and even perhaps, a delicious tingle that will rise up your finger into your hand and arm.

6, Relax Profoundly: I cannot stress enough the importance of your ability to melt, soften, and relax completely. If you are not sure how to do this, start simply with the idea of melting open your pelvic floor. Once you think you have it, melt even more.

7. Positive Affirmation: Affirm your turn-on and its wisdom as often as you can. The more you do, the more you will feel and the more you will learn to trust this deep compass within you.

By awakening our yoni-pulse and reclaiming its exquisite pleasure and wisdom, we activate the center in our brain responsible for our self-esteem and courage and enter a world of transcendent beauty and creativity.

If it feels delicious to explore the genius within your pelvis, you may want to explore the Jade Egg practice, revealed in my book.

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  1. Dawn DiMola
    Dawn DiMola says:

    I’ve been reconnecting with my inner self after being disconnected from her. For years I couldn’t really understand what you meant by the mind, heart, and yoni connection. I never felt it., only once when doing kidney rejuvenation practice. So by not experiencing this I could never really understand the whole yoni journal thing. I didn’t understand what you meant. A the past few weeks I started JEM program again. This time I am going slow. I am not forcing anything and I am not goal oriented like I was before. Two nights ago all of the sudden out of nowhere I FELT HER. I felt so happy I started to cry tears of joy. I am feeling, listening and acknowledging her often now. She is speaking to me. I can hear her, I really can! I feel so grateful!!! I am super excited to continue this journey.

    • Saida Desilets
      Saida Desilets says:

      WOW Dawn!!! YES!!!! I love this. Our journey back home into ourselves has it’s own timing… which can conflict with our own agendas and plans. I’m very happy you kept choosing this for yourself and that you have made this exquisite connection with yourself.

  2. Stéphanie
    Stéphanie says:

    Hello! I love your site. I just wanted to add that I have started to notice these past weeks that my yoni has started to send me signals (and/or I have started to listen!) when I am eating refined sugar or too much sweet foods! It feels uncomfortable and itchy, just for a few minutes. I have started to listen to her signals – I have acknowledged that my yoni is indeed communicating with me!! Strange but true…

  3. Latrice
    Latrice says:

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  4. Durga Sharan
    Durga Sharan says:

    Wohaa…. I thought this pulse was actually WRONG!!! Imagine! Me! What’s my excuse? LOL!
    Whenever it drove me crazy, I’d just shovel the jade egg in and go to sleep, waking up totally yoni pulse free. Hmmm.
    But then again, if I’d listen to my yoni, I’d have to take a young lover. Pity I can not imagine myself cheating on my man. Is there something wrong with me? For wanting this, while being in a relationship with a caring man? 🙁

    • Saida
      Saida says:

      Durga (love your name!),

      There is NOTHING wrong with you at all.

      There is nothing wrong with having desire and yearning and there is nothing wrong with actualizing it if you do it from a place of honesty and integrity, so that you include your partner in your choices. Only you and your partner can know what will truly serve your relationship.

      • Durga Sharan
        Durga Sharan says:

        If only fear was not such a big factor! I used to be fearless, until few past years. It’s as if I have no energy left to be fearless and wild. Working on it 😉 Thank you for your reply! Good to know I am O-Kay! 😀

  5. Enter your name...
    Enter your name... says:

    Dear Saida

    Thank you again. This integration process/alignment is very important and something I desire. There is such power there, in the yoni centre, that incorporating this in myself is difficult. Just as you say we receive negative messages from society. One of the strongest negative messages is rejection thus integration with our hearts and minds is so important to integrate well with our partners and not experience mixtures of connect and disconnect. Any tips you have on this gratefully received. I am thinking in particular about your idea of women being yang emotionally and how we get that received positively by men and give to them in a mutually beneficial way just as much as how we awaken our yonis to receiving and guiding/regulating what is received to only be beneficial.

    Much love,


  6. Freya
    Freya says:

    Dear Saida so lovely to read your article and the comments of the women above. After one experience with a man I had started dating I really felt this for a day or two after. It felt like my heart was situated there and I could actually feel love from there like I would from my heart in my chest but MORE. I had decided before this that my body would make choices and lead me to my partner. It didn’t work out shortly after this not sure if because I became afraid at the intimacy and acted differently and therefore yoni guide still great just other things in the way or whether my yoni led me to someone incompatible – I don’t want that hurt to lead me to shut her down I want her back!!!!!!! Thank you for supporting yonis everywhere I can’t think if any thing else which needs such championing xxxxx

    • Saida
      Saida says:

      Aloha Freya,

      I deeply appreciate your revealed sharing and yes, there are parts of us that ‘get in the way’ so to speak… yet that too is beautiful if we are willing to stop and truly sense whether we are aligned in our mind-heart-yoni. A triple YES or triple NO is alignment, everything else is an invitation to slow down to find out what is it that we need to move forward with embodied integrity. Thank you for bringing up this point!

  7. Kate
    Kate says:

    As one whose life has been transformed by your teachings, I can testify to to on-going revelation of embodied joy which they have set in motion. THANK YOU – more than I can say! In particular I want to thank you for your encouragement of post menopausal women. The idea that dessication is our fate IS A COMPLETE AND HORRIBLE MYTH. Thanks to your ceaseless warm promptings, I have more sexual joy, health and aliveness in my life now than I ever had as a younger woman! I do still lose my yoni connection sometimes, but am getting better and better at spotting this – and the distress it causes – and turning things around fast!

    In profoundest gratitude,


  8. Steph
    Steph says:

    How timely! I have been noticing this pulse lately, and have been mildly curious about it. I never thought to receive it as guidance! That is beautiful. I look forward to connecting more deeply to my yoni pulse and receiving its sensual gifts. Thank you Saida!

  9. Marieke
    Marieke says:

    Hi Dear Saida,

    Great to read about the pulsing of our yoni. I sometimes feel a kind of pulsing, it feels like a heart beet deep in my womb. 2,5 years ago i went to your advanced course in Brussels and the week after it i felt it very strong. Now i feel it mostly when I am menstruating and when i am relaxed. Is this heart beet the same as the pulsing in your yoni?

    • Saida
      Saida says:

      Aloha Beautiful Marieke!

      Yes. A heart-beat/pulse is the same. It is sometimes hard to discern WHERE it is specifically, but the fact that you feel it is fantastic!! The more you pay attention and acknowledge it, the more you will feel it, and more importantly, the more you will be guided by its wisdom.

  10. Rachael
    Rachael says:

    I really love your yoni-pulse advice! It is very timely for me. It is interesting that I am learning how to be more self-ish in this way of learning how to value my pleasure as important and worthy of being chosen as important to the high quality and functioning of my health and life, and stand for my yoni being honored and cherished as a center of my life in balance with my heart and essence, and with the needs of my partner as well. Your succulence tips and advice really help me, especially this one, to value myself, my yoni, and pleasure in life as Divinely important as they truly are. It is not always about what is happening outside of me that is important in being able to cherish my own yoni delight… your exercises are so valuable in helping me reclaim my pleasure on my own. Thank you Saida <3

  11. Penny MacNeil
    Penny MacNeil says:

    I’ve noticed that feeling of arousal in certain situations many times, but never realized it was actually a compass. Beautiful. I woke early one morning, feeling that arousal and rubbed my hand briskly over my thymus gland, I can’t even describe what I felt. Your book and the practice are gems, I’m very grateful.

  12. Erika
    Erika says:

    Love you. love this. Love seeing you in my inbox on the regular and seeing your beautiful radiant face on your awesome revamped website! Happy New Year Sister.. scott and I send you both lots o love.. Sol too… xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

  13. Anandavana
    Anandavana says:

    Ah yes, during your workshop Saida, my yoni spoke to me of the grief and sadness around hearing the words “get your hands out of your pants” all too often. We are well on the path of healing that story thanks to your wisdom, now my yoni dances with happiness every time we connect 🙂

  14. Carol
    Carol says:

    I loved this writing of yours
    So much wisdom here!
    To make the connection between our yoni pulsing with life and excitement and our brains
    And you have inspired me to pay attention when I feel turned on and to affirm it!
    Thank you my dear
    Best article yet!!
    For me


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