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Secrets To Our Turn-on:

How Our Female Cycle & Brain Rhythms Affect Our Libido. One moment you are so horny that even the furniture looks exciting and you start doing a lap-dance for your couch. In the next days, you are bursting with irritability and wish the world would go away and stop demanding of your time and energy. […]

Single & Lovin’ It:

7 Secrets To A Sensually Fulfilling Single Life. You are single, lonely and wondering when Partner Right is going to come along and sweep you off to ‘happily ever after.’ To make matters worse, all your friends are getting married, but somehow, you haven’t managed to even get a boyfriend, never mind a date. Desperate, […]

The 2nd Clitoris:

A 3-Part Secret That Every Woman Must Know. By now most of us are hopefully well aware of the 8000 nerve endings in the glans of our clitoris. That secret part of us, that with touch or simply a thought, will start pulsing and deliciously reverberating pleasure throughout our whole body. The part of us […]

Sexual Anorexia

Why Do Over 62.5 Million Women Suffer From It? You are with your partner, you care for them, but you haven’t had sex in months… Actually, it has been YEARS since you have desired sex and intimacy… To make matters worse, every time your partner initiates sex, your whole body freezes in terror. Headaches, yeast […]

Why Focus On Pleasure…

When The World Is Hurting?! How could I possibly focus on pleasure when there is so much pain and suffering in the World? That feels completely juvenile!  Everyday I hear of another disaster or another hardship that people in the world are suffering from, I honestly can’t make time for such petty things as personal […]

The Bad Boy Syndrome:

Why All Women Need To Go Through It. You have wonderful guy friends, but when it comes to sexual attraction, its the bad boy that you want. But the bad boy doesn’t know what the sweet ones do, and unavoidably, he breaks your heart though treating you like a doormat. You notice that you are […]

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