Your Heart’s Yearning:

The Secret To Fulfilling The Longing In Your Heart.

Deep inside, you ache. Something is missing in your life and it hurts, yet you dare not utter its presence aloud.

You have moments of utter clarity of how your life could really be and just as quickly, you are filled with thoughts of impossibility and doom.

You have done everything you felt was “right” yet in quiet moments you cannot shake the feeling of deep dissatisfaction.

Laying awake at night, tossing and turning, you wonder why your life doesn’t feel complete even though you have made the best of it.

You are not crazy.

You are deeply alive.

And you are hearing one of the most important message of your life.

Your heart’s calling.

Our hearts yearning play a crucial role in the full realization of our own unique journey.

In this world where the illusions of happiness infuse our concrete, proof-seeking reality, there seems to be no room to acknowledge the tight ache that clutches at our heart.

Yet acknowledge it we must.

It hurts, yet this is not a random ache.

It is not silly and unworthy.

Quite contrary, this ache speaks to the whisper of our own soul-compass.

It is calling to us to pay attention through creating persistent, uncomfortable squeezes which are impossible to ignore.

3 Steps To Actualizing Our Yearning

Let’s for a moment put aside what we believe is right or wrong or even within our own realm of possibility and just feel our heart’s yearning fully.

Breathe into the ache.

What lives there?

What vision, taste, sensation lives there?

Can you hold it for a moment and simply acknowledge its raw beauty without poo-pooing it?

Can you let the ocean of emotion wash through you as you do?

This is the first step to actualizing this yearning.

It’s important to note that this isn’t a fleeting yearning, something inspired by mass media hypnosis, but rather it exists for itself, separate of our current reality.

It is the part of us that knows what we deserve to experience for the pure sake of being thoroughly human on a glorious journey of becoming who we already are.

The next step is to sit with the yearning.

Sit with it, give it your breath and hold it as precious and true.

See it clearly in your heart as fully existing.

Keep going, until you literally experience your yearning as fully realized.

This can take time, but its worth it.

Once you arrive at the moment where your yearning is realized, you will taste it as though it is real.

This is the magic moment we’ve all been waiting for: the moment of fulfillment.

Fulfillment isn’t external, it happens within the fires of our hearts.

The last step is to recognize that once we feel it has fully actualized itself in every fiber of our being, is to realize that you no longer need it to show up externally.

You are fulfilled. Complete.

And if it does show up in your life, you will recognize it, welcome it, and throw a party!

Living a worthy life begins by recognizing our habituated or pre-conditioned response of “believing” that we risk annihilation if we were to consider our hearts yearning and then saying yes to it anyways.

To cultivate the beauty of your heart’s yearning, I recommend starting with my book. Please like this article, share it, join the Succulence Revolution (sign up on page), & leave your thoughts on how you listen to your own heart’s calling below in the comment section.

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  1. Rachael
    Rachael says:

    How your words are so deeply touching and validating. I do sit with my yearnings, not always fully loving myself for having them… yet giving them room, trusting this is my deeper self who needs to claim for herself her deepest soul’s desires. It takes a rigorous inner strength to stand for living according to what my deepest yearnings are calling for, and not abandon them to succumb to others’ desires at times, yet I agree these yearnings are not to be ignored but embraced and loved into fulfillment, as how can we bring and cocreate fulfillment when we are not ourselves fulfilled?

  2. Arune
    Arune says:

    Is fulfillment a state of completeness or is it emptiness?

    A yearn that comes from emptiness, or a yearn that comes from completeness?

    Is there a difference between the two?

    What is complete beyond all forms?

    Is there a yearn beyond all yearns?

  3. Judy
    Judy says:

    You put to words the emptiness I have felt through the years. I’ve always believed that I need someone else in my life to ease this yearning; I need to complete me. Thankyou

  4. Marie-Lo
    Marie-Lo says:

    Wow, That is simple! I always thought I’d need somebody else for this fulfilment….especially my partner….I start to feel it can be there just within me. I am happy to receive your mail, thank you! And love!

  5. Leigh
    Leigh says:

    This is beautifully written lovely Saida & I immediately took a moment to breathe into my heart. Amazing how scary that is, even though its the epicenter of our physical being. It was profound. As I really sat with my heart the gasping ache softened to become a throbbing knowing. My heartache suddenly felt like heart expansion. Thank you. Xxx

    • Saida
      Saida says:

      Gorgeous, Leigh! I’m delighted. Thank you for sharing your experience, its very important we share about this. 🙂


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