Delicious Tip: Unlimited Pleasure

Hello Pleasurista!

Did you know that sitting is actually ruining your pleasure potential?

In this month’s delicious tip, we explore the determential impact of being part of a ‘sitting culture’ and how we can transform our pelvis with a ridiculously simple breathing technique.

I’m not sure about you, but I haven’t yet reached my limit for pleasure… and I love the idea that it could be an unlimited experience!

Are you ready to ignite more of your pleasure potential?

If you got something delightful out of this video, let your friends enjoy it too and share a comment on what happened as you explored this simple breathing technique.

Deep, sensual breathing,



ps. This month is my b’day and I’d love to know how these monthly tips are working for you as well what the most profound insight you have received from me on our Succulent Journey together.

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