Are You Challenged By Being A Succulent Woman In Today’s Barren World?

You’ve made the choice to make pleasure important, yet everywhere you turn, you feel criticized, or worse, shunned for your new found sensual playfulness.

As you explore what it means to express your sensual self more fully, you keep wondering if its actually safe and appropriate to do so.

Since choosing to embrace more of your femininity, you find yourself wondering how to make that work in harmony with being independent, self-sufficient and successful in the world.

You are painfully aware that the more powerful your embodiment of your succulent self is, the more your partner shuts down and shies away.

This tension is natural and an essential part of our blossoming as women. It is the tension created when our old paradigms begin to die in the face of new, emerging possibilities.

Embarking on the journey of being a Succulent Woman is a potent choice that will invite everything that is not congruent with this new choice to emerge.

This is why this choice isn’t frivolous or for the feint of heart, but one that requires us to tap into our courage and dedication to living a fulfilling life.

What does it means to be a Succulent Woman?

Being Succulent isn’t just being sexually open and turned-on, although that does play a part in awakening our own beauty and radiance.

Being Succulent involves saying a full yes to our inherent Erotic Genius™ ​,​ our vulnerable & authentic heart, and our inborn wildness.

It’s our journey back to ourselves.

And back to our elegant dance with life itself.

It is a development and refinement of our sensual/sexual Mastery along with enjoying the maturation journey of open-hearted living.

How this unfolds for each of us is unique, yet asks of us the same commitment: Loving ourselves back into wholeness with delight, grace, and resiliency.

The Challenges Of Succulence

We live in a time where heart-breaking atrocities reside side by side with the unveiling of our most beautiful gifts.

It’s the paradox that can slow us down or even stop us in our tracks.

How dare we have pleasure when there is so much suffering? How dare we not?

Succulence isn’t here to be misused, abused, or sold as a commodity. It is here to rekindle within us the very essence of what it means to be fully alive.

Our succulence can threaten societies who benefit from stripping away the beauty and juiciness out of every living thing, which is why Succulent Living is more essential than ever: We must reclaim what is innately ours.

The Don’ts of Succulence

Succulent women don’t create hierarchy in their body, they understand that every fiber of their existence is precious and vibrantly alive.

We don’t abuse our magnetism in order to manipulate people or situations as we understand that there is a gracious and elegant way of having our needs met in the World.

Furthermore, we don’t abandon ourselves in exchange for external ideals, and if we do, we are quick to return to our own sovereignty.

The Do’s of Succulence

Succulent women live from the inside out, looking inwardly for guidance, inspiration, and turn-on and willingly sharing this radiance outwardly.

We fill ourselves so that what we offer others comes from a place of substance and abundance, rather than depletion and scarcity.

We never betray ourselves for the sake of love, sexuality, safety or belonging as we understand that living a self-betrayed life is like drinking from a poisoned well.

As Succulent women, we take delight in what emerges moment to moment. This capacity not only makes us far more present to what is real, but also makes us powerful change-makers in the World.

That is gorgeous about being a Succulent Woman is for every life-giving choice we make, we then can more generously offer the World the gifts of our innate genius.

If living as a Succulent Woman is something you would like to make into reality, I recommend starting with my book: Emergence of the Sensual Woman.

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  1. Frank McGinness
    Frank McGinness says:

    I’m an activist for body autonomy an inherent right for “Intact Genitals are a Human Right”. AKA Intactivists are hurt directly and indirectly from FORCED (it’s all about power over others) genital cutting/mutilation, which exists grounded in brainwashing lies. Ergo intactivists are truth seekers having experienced the lies in social conditioning. These are point for point, the same “limiting forces of violence, oppression, condemnation, commercialization, destruction”, quoting Maia Conty above who continues, “Actually – I come to think that our Radiant Succulence and Self-Ownership is the remedy that is needed!” Yes! equally in agreement, these are intactivist points as well. Radiant Succulence, as Saida said above is freedom being true to your erotic wild self. This is living in truth, so creates truth around you, especially in identifying the liars of oppression, for they will make it plain. This Self-ownership is Body Autonomy, is the remedy for US all. Thanks Saida for being the authentic you.

    Unfortunately, cutting off part of someone is a net limiter in all things, even in Being. “Circumcision is nothing more than ruining what a man is supposed to feel, experience, and be.” – A Man Circumcised as an Adult / from Heartland Area Intact. Please also see “In memory of the Sexually Mutilated Child”. RIP dear friend Jonathon Conte and Kevin Cagle (suicides) see Intaction.

  2. Sandy
    Sandy says:

    Thanks so much Saida. I so enjoyed your article. The section, Succulent Woman really spoke to me…saying “a full yes to our inherent Erotic Genius, our vulnerable and authentic heart, and our inborn wildness.” Also, “How this enfolds for each of us is unique,yet asks the same commitment, Loving ourselves back to wholeness with delight, grace, and resiliency.” I feel I am working on this.
    I really resonate with this statement…”As Succulent women, we take delight in what emerges moment to moment. This capacity not only makes us far more present to what is real but also makes us powerful change makers in the world”.! Amen to that Saida and well said.

  3. Maia Conty
    Maia Conty says:

    Wonderful article, Saida. Very powerful. Would love to see you post it on the FB site, and then we could all engage with it. I agree with you, claiming and shining our succulence is so incredibly important in the face of old and new limiting forces of violence, oppression, condemnation, commercialization, destruction. Actually – I come to think that our Radiant Succulence and Self-Ownership is the remedy that is needed! May we have the courage to shine our light fully, and to do this together as a large body of women – we are so very powerful in our togetherness…..

    • Saida
      Saida says:

      Maia, interesting point. Maybe I’ll just bring up the question, and watch the discussion unfold. Thank you! We ARE powerful. <3

  4. Tangie king
    Tangie king says:

    Wonderful share ! I desire to live, walk, breathe being a succulent woman! I did purchase your book and when done with the queens code , I plan on reading ;)) I have started and found it very informational. Thank you for talking to me at red live after the jade egg practice ! You helped me to sort out what was going on for me . That experience turned on the whole tree of Christmas lights for me ;). ThNk you sweetheart for all you are giving to this world !!

  5. Marie-Louise
    Marie-Louise says:

    Dear Saida, I still feel I am just in the beginning of my journey, thank you for creating a path with understanding for all the different aspects of choosing a succulent life. It feels so encouraging!!! big hug and love, Marie-Louise.

  6. Sangita
    Sangita says:

    Beloved Saida,
    i really loved what you wrote and feel it true to my bones.
    Thank you for your loving reminders. Sangita

  7. Annette
    Annette says:

    Oh my! This was so right on time for me!! For the last couple of weeks, I had been feeling like a total outcast here, that I was wondering what was wrong with me. It has not been easy, yet sooooo worth it and needed! Thank you so much for the reminder.

  8. Shivani St George
    Shivani St George says:

    I love this! Reading it gave me the chills. I resonated with it as it can sometimes feel selfish to stay focused on my own succulence while so many people in the world are suffering. However, I know that by staying succulent, I can then bring my fullness and strength to others in a way that I can’t if I am not. Beautiful article.

  9. julie
    julie says:

    Although I know there are many roads to understanding this, I didn’t have a clue until I started OMing (Orgasmic Meditation). That broke things open for me and I am so very grateful for it. Saida, you are always an inspiration and it’s a joy to read and share your words. Thank you~

  10. Cat
    Cat says:

    Great to see this subject addressed, and to realise that it’s not just me that feels up against it so often, and that it’s just a natural part of this change in the way we’re living! Thank you for this wonderful reminder, and for the encouragement to keep living my truth no matter what seems to want to hold me back!

    • Saida
      Saida says:

      Ah Cat, it is true! The inertia already in place is huge, but Succulence is actually much, much bigger… limitless really!

  11. Connie
    Connie says:

    Beautiful, so true. It really takes courage and love to let this beautiful suculent women inside me to be alive. Thanks

  12. Giselle
    Giselle says:

    Thank you Saida for reminding us what it is to be WOMAN, how we need to show up in the world and be truly ourselves, quite a challenge, your words give me strength. Blessings and love, Giselle

  13. Pam
    Pam says:

    … just the information I needed today! I think you’ve touched on a central issue for many, many women … certainly for me.

  14. Jane Bishop
    Jane Bishop says:

    I think this is the most important thing to learn Saida, so thank you for the article. Coming back to our our wholeness and being alive in the awareness of that in each moment. For sure, it can be difficult when as women, we have so many demands on our time, we are natural givers and carers, so all the more reason to take time to come home to ourselves. It is not about a practice, it is a way of thinking and being, sometimes we just need to be reminded of it!

    • Saida
      Saida says:

      Yes Jane!

      I’m’ so happy to hear from you and I know you are true, living-breathing example of walking the Succulent Path consciously!


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