Delicious Tip: Awakening Your Secret Gateway

Being the avid Jade Egg user that I am, I always have a giggle around Easter when the topic of ‘Easter Egg Hunting’ comes about… throws a whole new meaning to the event!

And as a passionate Jade Egg user, I am fascinated with all of the incredible ways in which it supports us to entrain our mind-body connection.

In this month’s delicious tip, I introduce to you a very precious and important part of your Feminine anatomy: your temple gates and why we need awaken them!

Even if you have never used a Jade Egg, this information can transform your pleasure in ways that you may have not yet dreamed of:

In the comments section below, I’d love to hear from you. What are your concerns or ah-ha’s about awakening your gateway?

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  1. jane
    jane says:

    Hi Saida! I love the empowering information you are sharing.
    Some questions about using the jade egg….do you need to string it? Can you use it without a string and if so is it possible that it may get stuck inside?

    • Saida
      Saida says:

      Thank you for asking! Typically with beginners, I do recommend using the string.
      Really, until you become comfortable with the sipping and removal, it may be a comfort to use the string.
      As you become more comfortable, you can go without. There are some advanced exercises for which I’d advise using the string.

      Now, in regards to it getting STUCK. This is the most anxiety-creating situation… which creates itself!
      There is a pelvic shelf, where the egg sometimes likes to rest. The key is to relax. It’s OKAY. Your body will let it go when it’s ready.
      If you’re panicking, it won’t budge. So email us and we’ll give you more specific instructions.

  2. Grith
    Grith says:

    Saida, I love watching your juicy tips and one of the reasons is your professionel presentation. Your content is always delivered in a sober, natural and respectful manner which just makes me relax. Having both an egg and your book I am progressing with babysteps but having your little extra tips in the form of video is really helpful.

    • Saida
      Saida says:

      Absolutely, it’s safe. Each woman must listen to her body’s response. However, I know many who are successfully using the egg with an IUD.

  3. Marielle
    Marielle says:

    I am waiting patiently for my egg! Our group’s order is in today….. once again, I am grateful for your grace and wisdom and for the most amazing Sacred Circle we experienced with you. I hope to see you again soon. Sending you love and light.

  4. Barbara
    Barbara says:

    Hi Saida , I’m using a red jasper egg for a few months now and I’m amazed how powerful it is . Lately I’m thinking of also getting me a jade egg . In your experience , is their another type of chrystal you would recommend to strenghten the roots of my femininity or it is just a matter of feeling which egg would suit me ?

    • Saida
      Saida says:

      Hi Barbara,
      We’ve had a discussion about this in our Succulent Women group on Facebook.
      I do have some opinions.

      IT all depends WHY you are using the egg in the first place. If the intention is pelvic health, then one thing to consider is hygiene… and most crystalline structures are POROUS. Thankfully, nephrite Jade doesn’t have a crystalline structure, it has fibers that are tightly woven together, so it is virtually NON-porous! Therefore, a very viable choice.

      On another level, Jade isn’t an ‘amplifying’ like other crystals. As for all the special eggs, we have created great mystery with them, but for pelvic health, there isn’t much difference. It may feel yummy if you are attracted to a certain stone, but in my experience all the different stones are a distraction from the task at hand… to reconnect with our deep, inner wisdom, to reconnect our heart with our yoni, and to clear our ‘stories’ so that we may experience the fullness of our beauty in the here and now.

      To learn more about Jade, be sure to watch my ‘Clarifying the Confusion about Jade’ video– Click here

    • Saida
      Saida says:

      Ruth, the biggest obstacle is our mind!
      So when we have the mind-body connection, and practice, it becomes easier.

  5. Vionnet
    Vionnet says:

    Hello Saida
    I do love what you teach and your tips.
    My question is: is there a solution for elderly women whose vagina is suffering from dryness and too thin walls and therefore are unable to practice your so efficient exercices
    without feeling painful burning?

    • Saida
      Saida says:

      Thank you for your kind words Vionnet!

      And Thank you for asking! Yes, I would suggest starting with
      the practices without the egg. OR, you can use coconut oil,
      as a lubricant. Remember, NEVER use anything internally that you wouldn’t eat. 🙂

      As you do the practices, make sure to do the warm-ups… they serve to connect you with
      your body as well as wake up the hormones… to get the breath, blood, hormones, and juices flowing.

      The warm-ups that really awaken juiciness area breast massage, and kidney & ovarian breathing.I do address these further in my book, The Emergence of the Sensual Woman (which can be found on Amazon). And there are some articles here on the blog about menopause.

      • Dawn
        Dawn says:

        i am pleased to hear your comments to Ruth about the dryness It sure does make pain and in my case also triggered of past unhappy times. i am using Premarin cream for this But i am wondering if using the coconut oil (which I do daily ) will be enough that I will eventually no longer need the premarin. I only us it for dryness.I shall practisethe breathing presently I am woorking on reverse kegels to strat the pysio for the vaginal prolapse. it takes a lng time to ge tit right . A we age there is somany extra things we need to do for our bodies. So glad Ruth commented

        • Saida
          Saida says:

          Hi Dawn,

          What I have found to be true for women is that we align to our own body, her truth, her needs, her healing, then we move forward… but I have also found that when we try and force our yoni’s into a pre-determined expectation/result, often it backfires on us.

          Keep loving yourself in the ways that make you feel delicious and I know you will deepen your relationship with your beautiful yoni.

  6. ml
    ml says:

    Saida, I have been using my jade egg for almost a year and am able to successful “sip” the egg inside. It was a wonderful practice getting to this point and very exciting for me the first time I made this happen.
    I use my jade egg each night and it has helped with both lubrication and minor incontinence. So thank you, Saida.

  7. Hope
    Hope says:

    Beautiful, Saida – teaching the world that a women has two sets of erotic lips! Thank you for introducing me to my jade egg.


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