The Phenomenon Of The Jade Egg – Part 2

A Tiny Tool Of Transformation – Part 2

“I’m addicted to food, I have been most of my life, and I want to share that after using the Jade Egg, I no longer have an addictive relationship with food.”

“I’m 73 years old and I’ve lived without much libido, however, since introducing the Jade Egg into my life, I appreciate the necessity of living a turned-on life.”

“I’m a compulsive buyer, but when I wear my Jade Egg shopping, I notice that I don’t buy as much or anything at all.”

“When I fight with my partner about money, my Jade Egg immediately falls out. I’ve learned where in my life I give away my power.”

“Using the Jade Egg helped me clear decades of suppressed sexual trauma, I never knew I could feel this safe and sexually alive.”

This is only a small sample of the profound feedback I receive from women​,​ reveal​ing​ that there’s much more to the Jade Egg practice than pelvic tone and delicious orgasms.

Psycho-Sexual Beings

We are fundamentally psycho-sexual beings—our psyche/mind/emotions is deeply intertwined with our sexuality—one cannot exist without the other, no matter how much we may try and keep them separate from one another.

Our sexuality is more than the act of ‘doing’ something about it, it’s essentially a deep part of ‘who’ we are—To be fully expressed in our own sensual/sexual nature, we must equally have access to and be expressed in our emotional nature and vice-versa.

Consider this an inborn relationship between our earthly body and our sweet, mammalian inheritance, one that has the potential to birth our own unique genius into the world.

The 3 Unspoken Gifts Of Using A Jade Egg

We predominantly focus on the functional aspect of sexuality, looking at how ‘this or that’ technique can create ‘such & such’ results.

Yet the real gifts of using the Jade Egg silently await our notice, reflecting the ‘deeper meaning’ of our sexuality:

​1. Reconnection to self
​2. Healing of the psycho-sexual
3. Emotional & sexual evolution

Reconnection To Self

My personal practice, academic research, and teaching tens of thousands of women world-wide, has shown me the inseparable nature of our sensual/sexual self with our deep hearts and intelligent minds.

Time and time again, I’ve witnessed how soft, alive, and glowing a woman becomes when she comes home to herself along with how much more effective and creative she is in the World.

Our womb is our inner sanctum, a place to access our wisdom, our power, our inborn genius.

We all come from this magical, profound place, yet we rarely treat her with the respect she deserves.

In fact, most of us use our wombs as psychic garbage cans, stuffing her with the emotions that we’re unwilling to feel or face.

It’s for this reason that it’s crucial to enter the Jade Egg practice with reverence, knowing that we are fundamentally engaging in both re-patterning our personal relationship with our sexual core and re-patterning the actual cellular memory of this area of our body.

This re-patterning cannot happen purely through talk therapy or visualizations, we must be willing to touch our beautiful body with love and openness.

It is through this quiet act of reconnection with our own inner guidance that we suddenly feel the love and acceptance we’ve always sought for externally and recognize that we belong to ourselves.

Through this shift in perception, we become part of a world-wide sisterhood that communicates not through words, but though the silent, pulsing aliveness that is transmitted & received by all wombs.

This is no small feat and it is the seed of birthing our greatness into the World.

Healing The Psycho-Sexual Self

Because sexual healing or the need for it is so prevalent in our modern world, it is clear that for most of us, it is a part of becoming an initiated woman.

Using the Jade Egg has profound impact on healing, both physically and psychologically, but it is not the actual Jade Egg that is doing the healing.

It is the symbolism that we assign to the Jade Egg (along with our conscious practice) that acts as an anchor for our choice to reconnect with ourselves, to honor ourselves, and to celebrate ourselves as sensual/sexual being.

Therefore, every time we think of the Jade Egg or consciously use it, we are activating this choice and giving ourselves the opportunity to unveil the true intelligence of our Erotic Genius™.

Our traumas hold within them a doorway into our most potent gifts. When we love ourselves back into wholeness and allow the slowest part of us to set the pace of our lives, true healing unfolds naturally.

I’ve witnessed women transform themselves over and over again through taking the time to engage in this conscious practice of activating their sensual/sexual self while softening open their heart and mind.

Emotional Sexual Evolution

Evolution is now in our hands, we cannot afford to wait another 100,000 years for humans to understand their intimate relationship with life, hence the necessity for the third hidden gift of using the Jade Egg: An acceleration of our maturity process.

We all are where we are meant to be on our journey of life, and as each of us wakes up to our own genius, we naturally become curious about harnessing this inborn resource.

The practice of the Jade Egg can be empty, deceptive, and lead to nowhere when it’s done purely as a physical practice and/or one that is meant to “awaken you spiritually” as an end result.

The key to using the Jade Egg for evolutionary acceleration is to come to it understanding that we are the ones creating the change within us. A change the demands our immediate attention, our willingness to die to how we believe things should be, as well as our willingness to reveal the depth of our own magnificence.

Our journey is not meant to be depicted by others, it is meant to be informed by the living, breathing Erotic Genius™ we all innately possess.

It is through the conscious and correct use of the Jade Egg that we are able to benefit not only physically with more radiant sexual health and pleasure, but equally psychologically with renewed emotional resilience and transparency ​, all of which are key to offering our genius to the World.​​​

If you’d love to deepen your journey through the Art of Succulent Living and using a Jade Egg, I recommend starting with my book: Emergence of the Sensual Woman.

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38 replies
  1. Bonnie
    Bonnie says:

    Hi! I have had a Jade egg practice for 6 mos or so! My question is this, how do I release the ‘trauma’ that it brings up? Today, I used my Rose Quartz..and after awhile, my uterus became heavy and cramping. I’ve now had it all day! Thank you

    • Saida Desilets
      Saida Desilets says:

      Hi Bonnie, how is your uterus today? Are you training in my method? If yes, what are you doing specifically? This will help me help you. I don’t advise using any type of Quartz.

  2. Isabel
    Isabel says:

    Hi Saida. Recently, I had interest in the practice of Yoni Eggs and like many women, I have many doubts. I have 52 years old and have dryness vaginal as consequence of menopause, could have problems to enter the egg? I want to use the egg without drilling (undrilling), it is easy to extract it? Could you tell me where get an Jade egg in Barcelona, Spain?
    Thank you very much for all the help and advice that offer and many blessings.

    • Saida Desilets
      Saida Desilets says:

      Isabel, I apologize for the delayed response! I’ve been offline leading events 🙂

      I would have doubts too given all the misleading information out there on Jade eggs! AND… I’ve had many, many women who are in or entering their POWER stage of life (menopause) train with me with amazing results… including being able to restore vaginal health. Do you have my book or my course? It’s best to start with the sipping exercises and you will need a string… that way it is easy to remove the Jade Egg and you will be better able to train your vagina to press the Jade Egg out.

  3. katy
    katy says:

    beautiful, thank you. i am awaiting your book and my very first egg. very excited to try this. can you put a link into Part I of this article? i seem to have missed it!

  4. Augusta
    Augusta says:

    Hi, Saida, I never read such thing as the Jade Egg but I must confess that just imagining it within me it made me feel the yoni.
    Now where or how do I buy this Jade Egg or can it be used other made of others materials and do the same?
    Sorry if I may appear to be so naive in this matters but I really am.
    I’m in my latest fourties and my sexual life is nothing at all. I didn’t feel any will at all with my partner or with anybody else.
    It seems from a certain time I started looking at making love as if it was just like a “sin”.
    So I can’t feel any will at all to do anything.
    Can you help me on all this?
    Many thanks

    • Saida
      Saida says:

      Yes Augusta, I can help you.

      The jade egg can be found in my store, on my products page. CLICK HERE for my store.

      Take your time, one little step at a time… Definitely read my book, it will support you to see your sensual self from a different perspective. 🙂

  5. andigirl
    andigirl says:

    I was reading that I shouldn’t use the Jade Egg if I have an IUD. Do you know where I can find more information about that?

    • Saida
      Saida says:

      Hi Andrea, I’ve known women with IUDs successfully use the Jade Egg. It just requires more awareness while using the Jade Egg.

  6. Marie-Louise
    Marie-Louise says:

    Hi Saida, it’been a while…,but very motivating to read your article!! I am practising a while with the jade egg, and it has felt confusing for a while. I slowly start to understand and feel more and more that it is all about to reconnect with myself again and love myself. Sexual trauma was the course of forcing myself over and over concerning sexuality, and finally I have seen I was the one who was forcing. Pushing myself into orgasm instead of relaxing and surrendering.
    It feels like a very vulnerable process, but thankful to be in it. Thank you for all the input and inspiration! Love and :), Marie-Louise.

    • Saida
      Saida says:


      Your words have touched my heart, thank you.

      Yes… it is vulnerable, and gorgeous, and a great Mystery. None of us have it all figured out… but the more present we can be with what is true and alive right now along with what we would LOVE, we hold a spaciousness for our innate Erotic Genius to emerge.

      • Marie-Louise
        Marie-Louise says:

        Yes Saida! It is all about trusting your own being, your intuition, and it is to find back this path if it has been disturbed. I feel touched and gratefull, big 🙂 and hug!

  7. Paulette
    Paulette says:

    Hi Saida;

    I have had your book, egg, and DVD for about 2 years. I really like all of them, and use all of them periodically, depending on how busy my life is. I am 68 years old, and have a great libido, thanks in part to my active life, my nutrition, and your material. My question is this: when I first started using the egg, I could walk around for a couple of hours with it, no problem. With repeated use, I now have trouble keeping it inside once I stand up and walk around. What could be the reason for this? Thank you.

    • Saida
      Saida says:

      I’m not sure Paulette, except for maybe you are pushing it out? I used to be unable to hold my egg in too (in my mid-20s!)… but I found out I was pushing it out. You may want to test the strength of the different layers of your pelvic floor muscles by using your finger and squeezing each section of your finger (I use my middle one as its the longest). If your most outer muscles are weaker than your deeper muscles (like mine were) you will need to spend time training those while learning to relax your deeper ones. Let me know how it goes!

  8. Spanache
    Spanache says:

    Dear Saida,
    I am a woman in my mid seventies with a strong libido. Unfortunately my younger husband has lost all interest in sex and nothing seems to help. Would the jade egg be helpful in this case?
    I appreciate your input.

    • Saida
      Saida says:

      YES!!! AND CONGRATS!!!!!

      It is vital we keep ourselves purring and keep our pelvic area flowing with life… belly dancing is great, the jade egg is amazing, and anything else you can do that feels in alignment with you that expresses your passion is fantastic.

    • Peneleapaí Aloha
      Peneleapaí Aloha says:

      YES! Saida is right. The Yoni/Jade Egg will gently nurture back the love right to the very heart of u

      p.s. My partner is 20years younger than me, and we have had gaps of no sex.. The longest lasting about 9 months. I had a serious illness in that time and said to him, that i don’t blame him for not feeling attracted; he said it wasn’t that he wasn’t feeling attracted (he’s in his early 20s), he was concerned in his own sexuality.
      I realised i was being too centred on my own experience. It was true; here was a young man who wasn’t even getting erections (he’s a very very slim, can be prone to melancholia and deep thinking artistic man), he’d ask me if he wasn’t somehow harming himself by never ejaculating. He said perhaps he should just make himself ejaculate to keep the Qi flowing? Anyway, just wanted to share that, in response to your sharing. Although we rekindled our love and passion before my JadeEgg practise, I can truthfully say that Saida’s warm friendly presence has kept me loving myself, and since the JadeEgg entered my life, it’s my constant friend (except when i have my period) .. IT sounds funny, but .. like childbirth.. you won’t know what i’m on about until you experience it likewise. Goodluck on your journey, Sister!

      • Saida Desilets
        Saida Desilets says:

        Neurosis around ejaculation is the real issue. Ejaculation doesn’t harm a person. Learning to have a choice around it is great, but not at the cost of being neurotic.

  9. Akki
    Akki says:

    Dear Saida,

    Thank you for sharing your insights! I find this article so precious, because (if I’ve understood right) of your warning not to use the Jade Egg for a purpose, a goal that must be achieved. I’ve tried several ways that should lead to personal development of the last 10 years and it is only in the last few month that I’ve learnt that it is all about curiousity after myself, about getting acquainted with myself, getting to know myself. And: loving every part of myself, also the ones I would rather eliminate. Sigh… Not easy… 😉
    Lots of Love!

  10. Chistina
    Chistina says:

    I believe this article is the answer to my inquiry, ‘What is my next step?’I am 59 and my rose quartz egg lies dormant in the drawer.I begin once again to reconnect with all of me and have just ordered your book. Thanks

  11. Audrey
    Audrey says:

    Hi Saida, I have had chronic fatigue for many years and have experienced sexual trauma in the past. I have not done any Jade Egg practice as I was under the impression that it is important to have a strong foundation ie energy and vitality before working with the sexual practices. Is that correct? Or is it ok to wear a Jade Egg and go at my own pace even if I feel run down?

    • Saida
      Saida says:

      Hi Audrey,

      It depends how you approach the practice. If you want to do it as a ‘martial arts’ (ovarian kung fu) which I don’t recommend, then yes, you must have a strong foundation. However, if you want to do it to RECONNECT with yourself and start to rebuild an intimate relationship with yourself, then you can start (slowly) using the Jade Egg. I do recommend you focus MORE on your adrenals and getting your energy back, but it won’t hurt you to connect with yourself.

  12. Grith
    Grith says:

    As usual a great article from you Saida. I particularly like how it focuses on the yin aspects. Making my way through your fabulous book and occasionally using my egg, this article is a great reminder why I should use my egg more regularly. I could do with some more softness openness self-acceptance and love 🙂 Thank you for being here for all of us and reminding us all the time of our potential.

  13. Rosslyn PIcton
    Rosslyn PIcton says:

    Hello Saida, I’ve just started reading this article on the transformation it (the Jade Egg) can bring to our overall well being (not just our sexual selves). I read the first letter from the ‘older’ woman, and was blown away. I am 51 and have not had much of a sexual life. And as I’ve entered Menopause my libido has all but disappeared! I long to feel that ‘aliveness’ again! I’ve also been emotionally depressed and thinking of going on an anti-depressant (just for awhile). Anyway, I just wanted to say Thank You to you for your wisdom and passion for what you bring to women of all ages. I definitely plan to purchase the jade egg in the next month. Again, Thank You!!!!

    • Saida
      Saida says:

      Hi Beauty,

      It is a SHIFT for sure! But I’ve met many menopausal & post-menopausal women who have more libido than ever! So don’t give up.

      Love yourself as you are right now, be willing to discover what your sweet self would TRULY love and take action in that direction.

    • Peneleapaí Aloha
      Peneleapaí Aloha says:

      Dearest Sister,
      You bring such loving wisdom in your experience. Please keep going, it sounds like the most interesting is to come. I have met many women who’ve literally become their juiciest after menopause! … In sharing our vulnerability and genuine experiences we gain strength and recognise our own truth again, . more love to us, more love to the world, more love to life xXx

  14. Lotus
    Lotus says:

    Hi Saida,
    this article is timely because I was just thinking to myself last night that I wanted to ask you about using eggs that are not made from nephrite jade, obsidian or rose quartz. I’ve been feeling drawn to using a moonstone egg (peach moonstone to be exact). I’ve learned so much from you over the past 6-7 years so I appreciate your insight on this. Now that the jade egg is growing in popularity there seems to be wide range of eggs out here but I know that all may not be compatible with the yoni.

    • Saida
      Saida says:

      Hi Lotus,

      Great name, btw!

      The main thing to be concerned with is whether the crystal is POROUS or NOT. If it is porous, it is NOT a viable ‘intimate’ tool 🙂

      There are far too many myths, etc about crystals and yonis, agreed.


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