Conscious Hedonism

What is your relationship with pleasure as a daily practice?

Do you hold your pleasure in a great state of reverence?

Or is it something you are still sometimes feeling guilty or shame about?

Hedonism tends to have a bad rap, but it’s roots are quite astonishing!

In this new delicious tip video, I explore what Conscious Hedonism really is, where it comes from and what the true meaning behind enjoying pleasure.

Your opinion matters to me. Be sure to leave me your thoughts below so we can continue to explore the true meaning of hedonism in our lives.

In reverence to your pleasure,


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  1. Nig
    Nig says:

    Thanks for the interesting video on the origins of hedonism.
    Also interesting how all comments seem to be from women, I almost feel like an intruder ?.
    Please keep up the good work on your website.

  2. Carolina
    Carolina says:

    Wow! I had some emails behind i hadn’t time to read and between them was one of yours linked to this video. When I`ve read “conscious hedonism” i´ve freaked out. This week I have been thinking about all this… How open I am to receive pleasure… I´ve been feeling guilty as well for some things… But I assume that life provides me everything to enjoy, to live, to grow… We decide what to do with it, and how to feel about that. Should we be sorry for walking on the grass?

    Pleasure and guilt, my capacity of receiving wonderful things in life… were my thoughts these last days, and your email shocked me when I saw the video´s subject… Universe is so wonderful… It just provided me more information about what concerns me right now…

    Thanks a lot. I get every time inspired by you.

  3. Sangita
    Sangita says:

    Lovely Saida,
    Thank you for your message on the value of pleasure!
    I need the reminder since we are so programmed for quite the opposite…
    The loveliest aspect is that to feel and enjoy pleasure I need to be present in “this”moment…..i love it!,,
    Thank you again for reminding me LOVE. Sangita

  4. Cassandra
    Cassandra says:

    Thank you Saida for the reminder to tap into our pleasure on a daily basis. I resonate with living a life of pleasure or should I say a life of conscious hedonsim. I think I prefer the word pleasure over hedonsim for the reasons you stated about it having this negative connotation. Hmmm something for me to ponder.
    Loved the beautiful view!

  5. Anita
    Anita says:

    Thank you! I especially loved learning the origin of the word. It helps so much to go back to the original intention.
    I wish I could say pleasure is a priority. It is becoming so, but not quite yet. I still have a lot of “should’s” in my head that I let take over. Working on it! Thanks again for the reminder.

  6. Kundalini
    Kundalini says:

    Thank you for the video. I’m quite familiar with the positive aspects of hedonism, but you seemed to be alluding to another, perhaps negative, aspect or definition of hedonism which I am not familiar with. Would you please enlighten me?

    • Saida Desilets
      Saida Desilets says:

      Hedonism is commonly associated with swingers clubs, sex parties, etc. It’s unfortunate, but that’s modern marketing for you. The same goes for ‘Tantra’. The porn industry has taken that word and over-used it so that there is a strong ‘sexual-performance’ orientation associated with that word. 🙂

  7. nirmoha
    nirmoha says:

    I was recently questioning the meaning of hedonism and always understood it as the pursuit of pleasure more so for self indulgence & self gratification purposes. A hedonist was someone who was frowned upon… the unconscious hedonist, that is. So I love the way you prefix it with consciousness and it automatically gives it a positive meaning. It takes all the shame and guilt out of our birthright to feel and ENJOY pleasure. For me it’s been a process of waking up my body and at times i feel immense pleasure and other times my body feels more numb, which dampens my pleasure potential… It’s an ongoing process of learning for me. And there’s nothing more delicious than feeling pleasure. And when I catch that note I haven’t been able to reach yet, I know there’s more and that the potential is endless.

  8. Rachael
    Rachael says:

    Thank you for your dedication to hedonism!! Boy life is so full I do my best to make pleasure a priority but it isn’t always easy to do. I so cherish your videos always reminding me how virtuous hedonism is, and you are such an exquisite example of this. I strive to be as well, always, and always love the support of your reminders.

    Thank you so much luscious Saida!! Such a gorgeous spot you are at, and I love especially your yummy beloved picking you up with animalistic sounds at the end and carrying you down the stairs!!! Yumm!!!


  9. vicky
    vicky says:

    Love this Yay I am at core playful, I love what you said it rocks and you rock. You suit your man. Sending you an ocean of love bombs xxx


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