Erotic Genius:

What Is It And Do We all Have One?

…the gravitational attraction between one naked body and another is but a small reflection of the more ongoing and insistent eros between our body and the earth.”—David Abram

The word Erotic is titillating.

It can make us blush, our hearts beat a little faster, yearn for our lover, or run in the other direction as quickly as possible.

No matter what the case, it is always enlivening, in some form or another.

And that’s the point. Eros, and therefore, the erotic, is at the core of what invigorates life. Without it, it is said the world would be barren.

Yet we live in a world that pretends it isn’t intimately linked to the fabric of life in the most sensual, pleasureful ways imaginable.

Rather we tolerate a world that enslaves our wildness, leaving us with only bland conformity at best and sexploitation-consumerism at worst.

Then add the word Genius into the mix and things gets confusing.

What does our Genius have to do with our Erotic nature?

“In ancient Rome, our genius was [originally] known as the individual instance of a universal (non-specific) divine nature that is present in everyone [and everything]. It was considered to be the guiding spirit of a person. By the time of Augustus, the word began to acquire its secondary meaning of “inspiration, talent.” —Wikipedia

Our Erotic Genius is our guiding essence which is directly linked to enlivening us.

To the external world, it’s perceived and received as a form of our inspiration and talent.

Yet internally, it’s the part of us that irrevocably connects us intimately with life itself.

It’s sole purpose is to fuel us with enough ingenuity, talent and gusto so that we may birth our gifts into the world shamelessly.

And yes, we all possess this unassuming current that is literally giving us both the juice and the guidance to thrive day in and day out.

So why is that that few of us tap into this natural resource, only briefly glimpsing its grace in random ‘Ah-ha’ moments or moments of pleasure so intense all we can do is cry?

What Does It Have To Do With Sex?

Everything. And nothing.

This is where things get interesting.

We are sexual beings, there’s no getting around it, no matter how hard some of us may try.

It doesn’t matter what we look like, how successful we are or not, whether we are partnered or not, whether we love sex or hate it, our Erotic Genius™ cares not for such things.

It is concerned only with keeping us alive and purring, if we will let it.

So let me say this again: You are a sexual being, but you’ve forgotten that.

This means whether or not we ‘do’ something about our sexuality, we still innately are running this life-enhancing current.

Sometimes its turned down to a mere trickle, leaving us imagining that we are numb or dead to pleasure.

Sometimes its turned up so intensely it may feel like our very body cannot sustain the force of such profound pleasure.

And this happens whether or not we engage in the act of sex.

The truth is, when we do consciously engage in the act of sex and allow our own Erotic Genius™ the freedom to lead, we come back home to ourselves.

We reclaim the sacred from the profane.

We reclaim our birthright.

The 5 Levels Of Erotic Genius

Eroticism reveals to us another world, inside this world. The senses become servants of the imagination, and let us see the invisible and hear the inaudible. —Octavio Paz

So what does this mean for us in our day to day lives?

Just as our body, emotions, mind, and spirit have a natural maturity process, so does our sexuality.

There are 5 distinct levels to our the sexual evolution:

Level 1: Erotic Innocence

This is from pre-birth to puberty.

It’s how we discover our body & get oriented to the World. We literally make sense of the World through our sensuality.

This level is influenced by our parents/siblings/caregivers.

Level 2: Erotic Activation

This is puberty.

It’s where we get familiar with the potency of our sexuality and where we are subject to strong hormonal impulses.

At this stage, we’re strongly influenced by friends, media, & our community.

Level 3: Erotic Exploration

This is where we ‘do’ sex.

We start to explore what is possible, what we like and don’t like.

Learning the ‘how-tos’ of sex & relating.

We are influenced by experts, books, & media, “mainstream” accessible sex education.

Level 4: Erotic Expansion

This is where we heal the schism between psyche with our sexuality.

We explore heart-centered, meditative sexuality along with our erotic edges.

We model ourselves with existing ‘matrices’.

In this we are influenced by established ‘alternative’ sex ed. books, teachers & schools.

Level 5: Erotic Wisdom

This is where we are ‘sexual BE-ings’, where our sexuality is no longer confined to genital activation, it becomes cellular.

We experience deep, sexual gnosis.

We become Omni-Orgasmic—activated in full body and by life itself.

Here we are self-generated, self-created, self-validated, and self-referenced.

Integrated Sexuality

Consider each of these levels as necessary as the next, if we miss one, we’ll inevitably return to it in order to cultivate an integrated sexuality.

The problem is when we attempt to abide to a pre-ordained ‘right timing’ for each level, making any reenactment seem ‘out of place’ when done ‘out of schedule’.

Yet these levels are not hierarchical, but dynamic and cyclical. In truth, we born Omni- orgasmic and our life journey is about returning to this inherent state while enjoying exploring the gifts of each level from new-found perspectives.

In a World where the erotic is pre-fabricated, pre-packaged, and pre-determined, where there’s disturbingly no time given to cultivating our relationship with this aspect of ourselves, we find little recognition of the true nature of Eros as a liaison between our biology and the Earth herself.

Now, more than any other time in history, our evolutionary journey is in our hands.

Each step we take, we have the choice to listen to and align with our innate Erotic Genius.

This is not an act of frivolousness, but a revolutionary act of courage wherein we each ignite ourselves and live true to our full potential, discovering the profound wisdom that lives within our erotic nature.

If you’d love to explore your own inborn Erotic Genius, I recommend starting with my book: Emergence of the Sensual Woman

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  1. Jes
    Jes says:

    I received my Jade egg about a week ago. This has been fabulous for me, as a women in my mid 50’s and really opening up much more to my body I greatly appreciate both my precious egg and your book. Thank you Saida

  2. Anita
    Anita says:

    Thank you for this information! I can almost feel this connection reestablishing itself. Currently working with other women who have trauma history. I hope to bring them to a place where they can know this as their birthright!!!

    • Saida
      Saida says:

      Hi Anita!

      I love to hear from you and love the work you are doing. One of the key components I’ve see that helps to somatic re-patterning is the heart-yoni connection & a reconnection with life itself. Love to support what you are doing with women.

  3. Sandy
    Sandy says:

    Saida, enjoyed your insight and thoughts. I like your definition of Erotic Genius as our guiding essence which is directly linked to enlivening us. I want to be enlivened. I also really liked your statement …”this is not an act of frivolousness, but a revolutionary act of courage where in we ignite ourselves and live true to our full potential, discovering profound wisdom that lives within our erotic nature.”

      • Sandy
        Sandy says:

        This is all new for me. I’m on vacation, having fun, being adventurous , and being me. When I get home I plan to work with the egg to help me enliven the woman I am…to connect the two….outside and inside. I think they have been split for a long time…any other suggestions are most welcome.

        • Saida
          Saida says:

          Hi Sandy,

          Great to see how much fun you are having! You may want to watch my 3 myths videos as a place to start and have a read through my book. 🙂

  4. Majbrit
    Majbrit says:

    Dear Saida
    Wonderful article, thank you for sharing. It’s all great and especially about the stages are inspiring and food for thought.
    Love Majbrit

  5. sangita
    sangita says:

    i did love what you wrote,particularly the last phase that applies more to me since i am 60 plus.I have been this juiciness in my life ,in little things,a sensuality like feeling the pleasure to breath,taste a morsel….
    I notice that i feel like this when i am more present and i do not when i am lost in my mind.
    Being present and meditation in any form really helps me to reconnect with my sensual nature.
    Love what you wrote about this phase ,before i used to be so focused on being with a man and now it does not feel essential as it did before.It feels so freeing to be my Erotic Genious!
    Thank you Saida for describing this so beautifully! love. Sangita

  6. Little Joe
    Little Joe says:

    It all makes so much sense. What is in your teachings should be passed from a generation to another since childhood but that’s in a Wonderland where young adults would have access to all required to be balanced and well in this world. Thank you for your contribution to my happiness.

  7. Naomi
    Naomi says:

    Dearest Saida,
    Thank you for writing about this.
    2 days ago I had the joy of experiencing a moment of my true, deep erotic wisdom. I lay on the bed and I truly *knew* who and what I was, and the confidence and self knowledge that I felt were like nothing I have experienced before. I feel incredibly powerful, in a deep, centered, “this is ME” way.
    Orgasms in all parts of my body (kneecaps and hands and throat and everywhere else!) were part of the lead up to that knowing, but not all of it. It seemed like the energy moving through my body opened me up to the knowing.
    So in the 2 days since then, I have been observing my life, and while I fully mentally understand your statement:
    “Here we are self-generated, self-created, self-validated, and self-referenced”,
    interestingly, I feel like I need to cycle back to expansion phase in order to allow the wisdom to settle in, it feels at the moment like I can’t correlate the wisdom with my day to day life.
    I’m not sure am being clear, mostly because I am trying to make sense of it myself! But what is lovely for me is that idea that life is going to be a cycle through the different levels with new richness and lessons all the time.
    Thank you for the perfectly timed article!
    Love Naomi xxx

  8. Patricia
    Patricia says:

    I so appreciate you and your teachings and am recommending you to friends and clients. The stages is great information and will be helpful for me to be patient with myself in this process. I am enjoying the jade egg practice and your teaching with the PT and am interested in your book after reading this article. Thank you

  9. Morgan
    Morgan says:

    Thanks Saida, loved your article especially the idea of erotic genius and the five stages. I would like to gift you my book “Peace and Harmony: Re-envisioning Sexuality Education for your comments, can you email me your postal address? Morgan

  10. Ramoda
    Ramoda says:

    I am a 29 yr old man with Cerebral Palsy, I am always with a caregiver or parent because of my physical challenges. You , with your article here and my moms openness to explore ways for me to open my erotic centers by educating me to what is possible…I am grateful. Mahalo. (I cannot read or write so it all has to be read to me and I dictate my response, my mom wrote this as dictated by me.)

    • Saida
      Saida says:

      Hi Ramoda,

      Thank you for writing.

      I’m delighted to hear this! And I’d love to hear back from you as your discover your own Erotic Genius!

  11. F
    F says:

    Was totally going to say what Maia said – first we owned land (creating challenges socially) but to add owning words and ideas is scary like orwell’s 1984 erotic genius as a concept an idea does not belong to one person… An invented word for a product like coca cola ok… Glad the ideas are explored and people are entering the debate…

    • Saida
      Saida says:

      The true discussion isn’t meant to be about TMs, but about your own Erotic Genius, how we relate to her, how much are we willing to be informed by her, etc. 🙂

  12. Tippy
    Tippy says:

    I found the developmental levels to be helpful, as well as your point that they are not linear and hierarchical, they are cyclical. As someone who is cycling through a phase of research that has left me feeling confused, hurt AND enlightened, strong and free, I appreciated your insights.

  13. maia conty
    maia conty says:

    Wait a second…are you TM-ing the word Erotic Genius? That seems so…..unerotic. I know it makes sense in some crazy economic driven world where we are driven to feel we need to own, therefore ‘profit’, on our ideas. But, oh my goodness, can’t we liberate ourselves from this paradigm? Our sexuality if free, our ideas come to us free, our breath is free, what if we free ourselves from ‘business’ – the commodification of our brilliance!


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